The paint

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THE PAINT There was a boy who loves to paint, he can paint the nature and also a person. he was living by himself since his parents got divorce. then he decided to live far from them.his name was daryl, he has a white skin, tall and has a pretty face. he is always going to park because this is the place where he can draw many image and besides it is just across to his house. One time when he was finding a perfect view for his new painting he bumped a girl. he apologize immediately, then the girl smiled at him. after that he sit on the bench far from the people where he can see all the many beautiful views.then he decided to paint those pretty roses with a tree that falls a leaf. that tree was so big and has a purple leaves. the night comes and he pack his things. while he was walking he noticed the girl who he bumped before. the girl is still in the park while sitting on the bench and she looks like waiting for someone. the boy ignored her, and continue walking. the morning comes and he peep on the window, he check if there are many people on the park. but he got shocked when he saw the girl is still on the bench. he started to be curious on that girl. he go downstairs to open his shop. yes, he is selling his paintings. a later on, one costumer comes and notice his unfinished painting. it is the tree with a rose but the tree is not done yet. the leaves are not complete. but the costumer wants to buy it. "how much is this?" the costumer asked. "oh! sorry, its not done yet" daryl replied. "yes i know, but when are you going to finished it?". he asked again. " maybe later im going to park to finished it" daryl said. the costumer left and another costumer comes. she look at the paintings of daryl then she rolls her eyes. " what the heck is this?. do you call this a painting?!" she asked. " what are you talking about ma'am?" daryl asked. "does your painting has a meaning? because all i can see is just a simple image and its annoying me. i want a creative art that has a full of meaning and have an emotional message that can carry my heart." she explained. " im sorry ma'am but you can go now if you really dont appreciate my works. yes, im not a great artist but im still proud because i have a talent that i can show to many people. so if youre not interested on my works you may leave this shop now, and i also dont respect those costumer who doesnt appreciate my work, and it annoys me so much!" daryl said. "oh dear, you're so amazing hahaha!, how dare a person like you to talk me like that?! do you know this person in front of you?! did you know that i can close this disgusting shop forever?, in just one word? ok, if you really dont know me, i will introduce myself, i am just a famous person here on this town, because of my father who is a mayor here on purple town. so how dare you! or should i say how dare a beggar like you talk those words against me?!. are you an educated person?! oh sorry, i forgot that youre just a beggar here in this town!, right?!" she said. "ok ma'am im really sorry for not knowing you, and im not going to have my pride now, for the sake of this shop, so i want to ask if you have a conditions, or anything you want me to do, to stop you on closing this shop"-daryl "oh God! youre really amazing! hahaha! after you treat me like a someone else?! do you think that im going to forgive you? forgive your face!! stupid child!" "ma'am.... ok im sorry, im really really sorry, so please forgive me" daryl pleased the madame. "your so funny dear hahaha! goodbye to you and also goodbye to this nonsense shop"-madame the lady was going out to the shop but daryl stopped her and he down his knees at her. and he cries. "ma'am please i'm begging you *sob* i left my parents and i will not let to lose my shop also, this shop is my life, without this i dont have a home where i can sleep and eat, and without this i dont have my own place where i can sell my stuff" daryl pleased. "oh your so pity to look at. ok, fine i will forgive you, in just one condition, just promise me that you will give me your special art that has a full of meaning and has a message that i should be satisfied to ." "yes maam! i will *sob* i will do it!"

He stand up and wipe his tears the lady leaves the shop then daryl go quickly rushing to the park and he finnished the tree with roses the sun is going down but he is still in the park staring and thinking about his paint. "what is the meaning of these art?! *sigh* the lady is right my paintings are just nonsense stuff. " He look around to find a perfect view. " oh? Why that girl is always there huh? Hmmm she's pretty and simple and if your going to look at her clearly she looks like waiting for someone or should i say she is.... Waiting for her lover, but her lover is not always coming for her........... " " YES I KNEW IT!! THANK YOU GOD FOR HAVING THIS SMART BRAIN! " The boy took his stuff and start painting the girl. But there is another girl who came and talk to the girl and it looks like she is a friend of her and she is compeling the girl to go, but the girl looks like she doesn't want to go, but her friend is pleasing her to go. then a later on they leave the park together. Daryl pissed off because he is not yet done painting the girl. He go home and he looks like upset. " *sigh* i should go back there early in the morning and i hope she is there to finished it already" The morning comes then the boy is excitedly go to the park but first he peep on his window then he jump because of happiness because the girl was there. He go rushing to his stuff then go to the park. He saw the girl sitting on the bench again with a white dress then the girl saw him also then she looks surprised then she smile at him then daryl just ignore her because daryl doesn't want to smile with others but daryl looks like, he likes that girl. He go to his favorite spot, then he started painting the girl. A later on he noticed that the girl was carrying a paper and she looks like writing something on the paper. "Gosh what is she doing ? She need to act like she's waiting for someone but what is she doing right now??, oh God i need to finished this day before the lady goes back to my shop" The girl is still writing on the paper. Then daryl just let the girl carry the paper and he start to paint the girl. A later on the friend of the girl came again and she looks like she is scolding the girl, then a few minutes later they leave the park again. But daryl is a little bit happy because he already paint the girl but he needs to put some perfect background for the girl. After he go home he stare at the bench and he imagine the girl. "oh, what are you thinking daryl? She will never likes you, you looks like a beggar so don't ever try to talk to her" he said to himself then he go to his house then he take a bath then go to his bed. He lay on his bed and start to stare at the ceiling of his bedroom while thinking about the girl. "she looks so nice and simple and also humble, but why do i like her? I don't really know her and i know that she doesn't care about me, about my life and to my work also, *sigh* i shouldn't attract with that kind of girl, and i should finish my painting to gave it to the lady, and after that i need to forget that girl and focus on my own life, yes you're right!. Dont think about that kind of stuff"

The morning comes then after he go to the park he first take a bath and took his stuff then go. While he is walking on the park, he got shocked when he saw the girl wasn't in the bench, he wondered why the girl wasn't there. He continue walking and he look around his eyes but he didn't saw the girl. "maybe she's going here later, maybe i should wait her here" 3 hours of waiting the girl is still not yet coming until he saw the lady was going to enter his shop, he quickly run to his shop and talk to the lady. "oh ma'am im sorry my shop is not already open so you maybe go back here later hehehe" "hmmm where is the paint?" She lift her right eyebrow while signing her hand to gave her the paint. "oh the paint..... The paint was..... In the....... Uh....uhmmmm...." "where it is?!, i said it! You can't make a real art like what a real artist do!. Right?! " " oh no ma'am actually I've already have, but its not yet finished, i promise that i will finish it right now, so you should go back later" "hmm ok hahaa i will go back here... With my father! Hahaha" "no ma'am please, give me a one more chance and i will not let you disappointed i promise that to you" The lady roll her eyes at him and leave. Then daryl go back to the park. "why isn't she coming? " Then he saw a girl sitting on the bench where the girl is always sitting, he walk closer but the girl wasn't her. The girl was crying, then daryl recognize the face of the girl it was the friend of the girl. She is crying while holding a paper. Daryl wants to comfort her but he felt awkward on that. The girl shook her head and he saw daryl, the girl wiped her tears and she stand up then draw near to daryl. The girl gave the paper to daryl. "take this *sob* my friend wants to *sob* gave it to you *cry harder*" "whose friend? Wh-where is she?? " " my friend is... The person who is always sitting here in the bench, because she want to see a person that she like, she is always waiting here to see that guy, , since she is a high school student she like that person, because that guy has a talent that she attract so much, the guy loves to paint, his painting was so beautiful and my friend like it so much because of the creative image, he met that guy when she was walking here then she saw the guy up there on the upper view where the painters goes there. One time she go there and tried to draw the guy while he is painting and she want to gave it to him right.. Now, that's why im giving that to you " " Huh?! Wh-what are y-you talking about uh? I don't understand" "my friend is going here just to see you and that drawing was you and the one paper is her letter for you, so i hope you appreciate it, do you have any question i need to go now" "w-wait where is she? I want to see her, i want to talk to her" "sorry you can't do that" "but why?? I want to say that.... I like her too" "why?! Because you get pity on her huh??! " " no! Why will i?, actually i paint her, though its not finished i know it will be more beautiful if its done" "sorry, but............... my friend has passed away *cry out loud* and do you know that the other half of your paintings was bought by her?! she buy your paintings! *sob*" "but how?? I didn't see her on my shop even once" "she is paying other person just to buy your paintings and she will display it on her house, that's how he admires you *sob*" "what is the cause of her death *start to cry* how so fast, i didn't even smile at her even though i want to, i didnt talk to her, say "hi or hello" at her that i want to say also *sob*, why did she died? Is it an accident? " " no she has a disease since she is a high school, but she hide it from us. Recently when we found out her disease, because she passed out on her school then we found out that she has a heart disease and also a leukemia, she always wear a wig that's why you didn't noticed it. She always straggling on the hospital just to came here and to see you. I wish that you confessed at her at first, so that my friend will be happy because you talk to her, my friend always saying that to me that she wishes that she could talk to you even once after she died, but it's too late for that" Daryl was speechless, he didnt know what to do, besides he repented because he didn't confess to the girl, the friend of the girl leave while she left daryl standing alone, until he remember that he should finished his painting. Then he go to his favorite spot then start to finish his work while crying. A later on he get back to his house but the lady didn't go back so he decided to close the shop then he go upstair on his bedroom while carrying the paper that the girl gave to him. He open it then he saw himself on the paper while he is painting. "why i didn't saw or noticed you there ? *teary eyes* you are good at hiding huh? *chuckles* then *start to cry*" he took the another one paper and he opens it...

" Dear Mr. Painter, First i just want to introduce myself, my name is yunique. I just want to say hello to you, even just here in the letter i could say that to you. Now is the day were i smile to you for the first time and you look at me.and i know that you are going to paint again And i wish that you could gave me one of your favorite paintings and i promise that i will take care of it until i die hahaha. Your paintings was so cool, so continue on working it, i wish that your shop will go bigger and beautiful and i know that you will be a successful artist in the future, even though i will not be a witness of it, but i asure to you that your dreams will come true, so please cheer up! hahaha. I wish that you could appreciate my drawing, i know im not good at it, but i think it's pretty nice because the drawing was you hahaha. I'm always going to the park just because of you, when I'm seeing you i feel more better and it seems like i don't have facing a problem right now, i forget all that when i saw you, sorry for being exaggerated but it's true. Im writing this even though my hands are weak but im trying, because i want to say, what i want to say to you. I will be honest to you although my life will not be lasting here in earth and i know that you will not ever and never see me on the bench where im always sitting, maybe this is the last time that i will sit here on the bench and yeah i will miss it hahaha but the important is i need to give it to you but if i didn't attain, i will pleased my best friend to gave this to you. I wish that you knew my face if you received this letter. So if you're thinking that i am going to die, well you're right hahaha but dont worry i will not going to haunt you hahaha. Receiving this letter will make me in peace, and i promise that i will always wish you luck when im in the heaven and i will say to Lord that my wish is to give you a successful life and a big business for you. So don't lose your faith and continue on working your hobby because i know that it will help you to be a successful. that's all and thank you for reading this and please keep this letter with you and take care of it, so that i will feel that you're take caring of me also. So Goodbye and have a nice day as always.

Love Yunique ??"

After reading the letter, daryl was covered by his tears on his face, he is sobbing while saying.. "i will *sob*...... I will *sob... " He didn't expect that he is going to cry a lot even though he didn't talk to that girl at once, he didn't know why he is crying so hard and besides he repented that he didn't confess at her. The morning comes then daryl got up with a swollen eyes and you will see the sadness on his face he go to the bathroom to wash up. A later on he hear someones knocking so loud at his shop so he go quickly downstairs to look who it is, then when he see who it is he got shocked and open the door. "oh it was you ma'am" "yes and this is my father or should i say the mayor" "oh.. Hello mayor, nice meeting you" "so where is the painting, i need to see it now" the lady said" "oh here it is! " " so what's with that girl? *confused look*" " This painting is based on a true story, as you can see the girl sitting on the bench looks like waiting for someone while carrying a piece of paper. As you will look at the face of the girl he look so pale but still has a beautiful smile she want to be look pretty when she's going to see the guy that she likes, but behind those smile she's hiding the hurt that she feels every time. That girl was so very tricky, the way she walk, the way she sit, and the way she smile was so tricky *sob* that the guy didn't recognize that she is suffering from her disease. The paper was drawing by her and the drawing was the guy, she always waiting that guy on that park to give that drawing with a letter for the guy. The trees behind her symbolizes the time when she is waiting for that guy, as you can see the leaves of the tree is going all down piece by piece. It means that the girl is waiting the guy since the tree was standing tall and beautiful with a lush fruits on it until the time goes by the tree goes weaker as her, and the tree gets withered but the girl was still there she didn't give up until she doesn't giving that paper to the guy until she got a right time to confessed to that guy. But she didn't attain to do it because she died and dont have a power to fight her disease. As you can see the hair of the girl was so beautiful and so shiny that the guy was tricked again by her, because her hair was just a wig, that she always wear to hide her bald hair. I name this art as YUNIQUE, because that was the name of the girl and besides her name was so unique that my art looks more peculiar than my other works." " OH MY GOD, dad can we bought that painting???. Please????? " " ok dear, so how much is that huh? " " this... This painting was not for sale! " "but! What do you want? An expensive fee?! Ok i will buy that paintings at 10,000!" "nope! I will not sell it. Never! " " but why?! Do you want me to close your shop??! " " i dont want to, but if its that you want *sigh* go ahead" The mayor closed the shop and cast away daryl from their town. Daryl bought a frame for his yunique. He finds a place where he can sleep but he only found a place where there's no person and he sleep there for a while. A few months later daryl doesn't already have a home and he turn to looks like a beggar his beard gets longer and his skin covered by a dirt and some people is gaving him a food or drinks. Daryl stare at his paint. "what did you do to me yunique huh? *chuckles*.. *sigh* you said that i will be a successful person someday and i will have a big big shop huh? I think, we're just going to be like this forever, is that okay to you? I can't give you a big house a good life huh? Why did you admire me? I am just a worthless person *sob*" The people was chatting about him and thinks that he is crazy, because he is talking on a painting. The other took a picture of him then uploaded on social media. Until it goes viral then there is a guy who get interested on the painting, then go ahead at daryl's place. He saw daryl was so misreable so he took a pity on him. "hey! I like your painting" "I'm not going to sell this!" "no! I just want to help you, if you only want, i will lend you my shop and i know that you are really good at painting, so you can sell your stuff there" Daryl gets up. "really?! " " yes, besides i have so many shop that i couldnt handle it one by one" "are you really serious that you will trust your shop to a beggar like me?? " " who says that you're a beggar huh? *chuckles* you should take a bath and start a new day" He smiled then daryl go with him. "why do you want to help me? " " because when i saw your painting i get interested on it. And i know that you can help me also to recognize my name and my shop" A later on daryl saw the shop and it was so beautiful and its so big. He was so amazed and jump excitedly because of happiness and he said to himself that, he will start a new day. He paint and paint and paint until the number of his costumer gets bigger. Daryl feel so better now. 60 years ago daryl was 73 years old and his name was so popular right now and he has a big big shop. Daryl visited yunique at the museum. Yes the other of his paintings are in the museum. He look smiling at the painting of yunique and he heard a child saying.. "oh teacher, that girl was yunique right? " " hmm yes, why?? " " i like her story, and they said that the guy who is yunique's admiring is the one who paint her there" "yes you're right angelo, the painter of that painting was fell in love with yunique also, that's why he doesn't sell yunique with others even though he lost his only shop, the painter turns into a beggar but because of that painting, he became a successful person and he is now a popular artist in asia and he is Mr. Daryl hartist, Mr. Daryl was so loyal at yunique that he marry her.. " " huh? Excuse me ma'am, how did Mr. Daryl married yunique,? as i know yunique died that she doesn't talk to Mr. Daryl even once" - a girl interupted. "hmm as i know Mr. Daryl took a priest and other person as a witness of their wedding, and as we can see the hand of yunique on the painting has a ring that my grandmother told me that when she first saw that painting, yunique doesn't have any ring on his hand. " " ohhh im so jealous at yunique!, i wish i could met a person who looks like Mr. Daryl" Daryl was smiling while listening at their story. Daryl was so thankful for yunique because he knows that, yunique helps him to be a person right now. Yunique granted her promises to daryl, but daryl still repenting on what happened, that he should talk at her even once because he didnt know what kind of voice yunique has. Daryl is an old person now who is very popular on his country and he proved to the person how he loves yunique and he is content on what he is right now.


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