My Missing Mommy

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I am in the park and my mommy's not with me...

Submitted: December 08, 2017

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Submitted: December 08, 2017



My mommy went missing today.

When I looked around me, I was all alone in the park. I could see many old men and women but not my mother.

But like a good girl, I did not panic. I remembered what she taught me.

I went to the nearest adult and asked,

'Have you seen my mommy?'

My voice sounded strange to me.

The old woman I asked turned towards me. She had a wrinkly face and sunken eyes. She had a few teeth missing. They were sooo yellow.

She looked at me and smiled. She said nothing, she just smiled. I repeated the question but she still said nothing.

I was suddenly terrified. I turned away from her and started to walk. My legs felt heavy, so heavy.

Suddenly I felt a hand holding my arm. It was the old woman.

I shrieked and closed my eyes and pushed her away. The old woman fell down and cried.

I quickly walked away from her. Few people, going in the opposite direction, bumped into me. It hurt, but I kept walking.

I saw the exit. I went out of the park.

I remembered that road. It went straight to my home. I started walking.

The surroundings felt strange to me. The watermelon selling uncle, who sometimes gave me free watermelon was not there today. Neither was the swing selling aunt. And the buildings seemed taller. I was a little afraid then.

I tried to walk faster but my legs hurt so much.

And then I reached home. Only it wasn't there. There stood a tall building I haven't seen before there. I looked to the left. I looked to the right.

My home wasn't there.

And then I looked in front.

I now remember that there were pretty shoes there. So many shoes, all so beautiful, some with sparkles and some with sticks, behind a mirror.

But all I could see then was the old woman reflected in the mirror. I was petrified.

That woman had somehow followed me back from the park! She was behind me! She's going to take me away!

I immediately turned back but there was no one there. My heart skipped a beat. I looked towards the mirror again and she was there!

And then I started crying. I shouted,


I heard someone shouting out the same to my right.


It was my mother. She was running towards me. She was crying.

When she reached me, she stopped and said angrily,

"MOMMY! How many times hav…" She stopped and started crying again.

"Why are you crying, Mommy?" I asked and then I started crying too.

Mommy took me by the hand and walked me to that park. There, the old men and women swarmed around me. There were some younger looking people there too.

The younger people took me from mommy and guided me to a nearby building. When I saw that mommy wasn't following I started crying again.

But they did not stop. They gently walked me into a hallway. I think I saw 'all zebra patents' on the door.

I was puzzled by that.

They led me into a room. By now, my legs felt as if they were on fire. I was happy when they finally sat me down on my bed.

I felt something warm on my cheek. I raised my hands to my face. They touch my tears.

Huh? Why did I cry?


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