Black Rain ( Draft)

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

The land is cursed with the Black Rain that drains life and warps things into horrible monsters. It has been falling for a long time, so long that almost no one remembers the sun. but one man still
remembers, one man still fights.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

    “Black rain continues to fall from the sky, it’s been falling for as long many can remember. Black with the pow... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

The white haired boy sat by the window, golden eyes gazing outside as the train passed various sceneries. In his hand he was clutching a ... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

The man awoke. Night has ended, he had survived once again. Rain fell from the black clouds, like it always did. He stood up and picked u... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

The  students stood in a half circle around professor Norton. It was early morning and some were still yawning, not fully awake from... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

Snow was gently falling from the night sky. The dormitory was located on the east side of the castle, lower than the academy so one could... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

The sky is always black. The ring of dark clouds that originated at the Arcadian borders has been slowly spreading, crawling inch by inch... Read Chapter

Chapter 7

With the exam session over, everyone could take it easier. The first group of students was sent home, those who performed poorly on the e... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

He walked through the streets of the derelict city. Once the great capital of Alfgard, now just a ruin. The wooden houses stood silent, g... Read Chapter

Chapter 9

Winter ended and Spring had begun. Tree leaves were starting to bud in the warm sun. Birds were making nests in the trees, grass was slow... Read Chapter

Chapter 10

The archives of the royal library were deep underground. He descended the stone steps with a torch in hand. The air smelled like decay, m... Read Chapter

Chapter 11

It was summer, the warm first days of June. Classes in the academy were officially over but the students still had the end of the year ex... Read Chapter

Chapter 12

Ozwen leaned over a map of the kingdoms.  Ciel could be anywhere in the world, but finding him was their only hope of stopping the c... Read Chapter

Chapter 13

Ciel gazed out of the window of the train. Familiar scenery passed by as he was approaching his destination.  Summer break was over;... Read Chapter

Chapter 14

His breathing was labored, cold beads of sweat forming on his forehead. A pained look was on his face even though he was only half consci... Read Chapter

Chapter 15

Ciel sighed putting the quill down. It was late, past midnight already. He had been filling out reports for the headmaster.  Th... Read Chapter

Chapter 16

They followed the path they believed Duskheim and it’s capital city Alfgard. The royal archives must contain some clue... Read Chapter

Chapter 17

With Ozwen away on the expedition Ciel had time to catch up with his classes and spend time with his friends. ... Read Chapter

Chapter 18

The castle was blackened from the cursed rain, the once pale grey stones now covered in slimy moss and black as tar, but despit... Read Chapter

Chapter 19

Izuna sat there having breakfast with the others like always. In his hand was a crumbled letter. In the past few weeks he had received an... Read Chapter

Chapter 20

They held a private funeral on the hill on the school grounds. The alchemical bomb that was dropped on the hospital was full of corrosive... Read Chapter

Chapter 21

Ciel slowly came to his senses. Everything hurt; he could not open his eyes. He tried to remember what happened.  After six months s... Read Chapter

Chapter 22

Arlene stood next to the large window of her room. The rain fell like it always did. Once her window faced the palace gardens but now it ... Read Chapter

Chapter 23

The sun shone brightly in the clear blue sky. Pleasant warmth turning into scorching heat before long.  The dunes of golden sand str... Read Chapter

Chapter 24

. They left the house early, while Marie was asleep and headed towards the theater. “So, I found out that some of the masks fro... Read Chapter

Chapter 25

Val descended into the ruins, night had fallen but Ciel still remained inside. She saw him at the end of the stairs, facing away from her... Read Chapter

Chapter 26

Arlene sat in the dimly lit room, candles flickering and casting strange shadows on the walls. He lay in bed, unmoving, it almost seemed ... Read Chapter

Chapter 27

Ciel sighed looking through the papers. “Nothing again” he muttered looking at the pile of records that have already been looked ... Read Chapter

Chapter 28

The darkness parted, he did so much see it as he felt it. Eyes closed and arms extended forward, there were wall, not physical but once h... Read Chapter

Chapter 29

    Ciel sat down with a sigh. The classes were over for the day. Being back at school was strange after everything tha... Read Chapter

Chapter 30

Sun shone over the Inwales Royal Academy of War.  A large white building with a dome at the top and Greek style pillars with a trian... Read Chapter

Chapter 31

For a long moment nobody said anything. Ozwen was the one who dared to speak first. “I’ve heard rumors about you joining the army... Read Chapter

Chapter 32

Chapter 32   For the next two weeks they tried to figure out the location of the cloak. The relic was known as “the cloak ... Read Chapter

Chapter 33

Chapter 33 Ciel walked among the buildings seemingly unnoticed. There weren’t many people outside, most stayed inside due to the cu... Read Chapter

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I liked the first chapter of the fantasy novel.

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