Decca: The Battle of Cards

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Chapter 2: Struggle From Within

Submitted: December 13, 2017

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Submitted: December 13, 2017



Cassandra now looked up at the card in the air and jumped up towards it. The card activated itself as soon as she did that. A yellow glow emerged from the card, then the card near Kaito’s face-down flame engulfed Focus card began to have the same yellow glow as well.


"What’s she up to?" Kaito thought as he kept running towards her. The yellow glow of the first card eventually surrounded her body and absorbed her whole body into a yellow like black hole. Cassandra along with the card and the yellow glow instantly disappeared.


Kaito stopped running. “What!? Where did she…?” Kaito couldn’t believe she just pulled that off. She was gone.


"OH NO!! That was probably a… TELEPORTATION CARD! That means…" Kaito slowly turned his body and looked towards his Focus card. “NO WAY!!” Kaito yelled out as he saw Cassandra standing casually next to his Focus card.


“Are you looking for me Kaito?”


“Aghh, I should have known you’d use a teleportation card! I’m such an idiot! And I knew this whole time that’s your specialty.”


“Ahhhahhh!” Cassandra yelled out with all her might as she used her lightning attack to destroy Kaito’s Focus card.


“NOOOO DON’T!” Kaito could yell all he wanted but he didn’t have the speed to get to the other side of the stadium to stop her attack.


In one clean motion Cassandra struck Kaito’s Focus card with her lightning attack. The Focus card exploded and disintegrated into nothing. Kaito’s flame card that was in his hand disintegrated along with it. His big attack was now gone. Cassandra’s lightning card was out of energy so it disintegrated as well and the card re-materializes on a slot on the left side of her waist, this was her discard pile. Once a fighter’s card is destroyed or runs out of energy the card sends itself to the fighters discard slot.  


“So much for your flame attack Kaito. Better luck next time.” Cassandra smiled as the crowd went wild.


“Wow. I can’t believe it. She had the cards she needed to pull that off. The match should be a piece of cake for her here on in.” Daru felt confident that Cassandra would be able to successfully finish off the match.


“Daru don’t jump the gun just yet. You can’t underestimate your opponent. In matches like these anything is possible.” Cassandra’s father wasn’t ready to celebrate just yet. He knew that both fighters still had enough armor health to continue the match. Her father now looked at the status board above the fighting arena on both fighters. Kaito’s armor level on the left was at 50 percent while Cassandra’s armor level on the right showed 75 percent. He knew that if Cassandra just let her guard down for one second, Kaito could gain the advantage.


“Mr. Zyta is right Daru.” Sarafina spoke up. “We can’t just assume she’s going to win by default. We can’t forget Kaito’s specialty.”


“How do you even know his specialty Sarafina? This Kaito guy is so low in the ranks, why would anyone even bother studying up on his moves.” Daru just couldn’t see Kaito as a potential winner of the match.  He felt Cassandra had the clear advantage over him. She had more skill and on top of that her older sister was one of the top champions of the Decca fighting league.  


“Well you don’t really need to study up on this guy’s move set. You just need to pay attention to the match idiot. The entire time he’s been using power up Focus cards. He’s using a lot of big beefed up attacks rather than any other strategy really and if....”


The announcer of the match now began talking through his mic headset at the top of his lungs interrupting Sarafina from talking to Daru. “What an incredible last second move by Cassandra!! She used her signature teleportation card flawlessly and then followed by a devastating blow to Kaito’s Focus card thus ending his flame attack! Unbelievable ladies and gentlemen what a turn of events here. It would almost seem like Kaito had the advantage on that one but Cassandra was prepared to counter his attack.” The announcer now proceeded to pump up the crowd. “Let’s watch closely folks to see what these two have up their sleeves! This match is definitely far from over.”


“What’s the matter Kaito? Are you overwhelmed with everything that just happened?” Cassandra’s deck began to glow again including Kaito’s deck as well. Both players were able to draw from their deck until they had a maximum of four cards in hand.


“I got to admit you do have some skill.” Kaito looked at his cards and had a surprised expression. “Well I expected nothing less from the younger sister of the champ of the Decca League. It’s a shame really that your older sister Cassidy couldn’t be in the tournament this year. To tell the truth I was really amped to see a REAL seasoned Decca fighter preform this year.”


“Shut up!” Cassandra got upset. Kaito stopped looking at his drawn cards and looked at her. 


“Oh, I’m sorry. Did I hit a nerve?” As he looked at her he slowly arranged his cards in his hand.


“Don’t you dare talk about my sister like that. You have no right to say those things. You don’t care at all what happened to her. You’re just glad that she’s not here this year competing against you.”


“Boy, your one to jump to conclusions. You think you got me all figured out. Sorry that I even mentioned it.”


“Just play your stupid cards Kaito!” She looked at her cards intensely but her hands were starting to shake from the anger she felt inside. “It’s not going to matter what you use from now on anyways because I’m determined more than ever now to take you down. And… I’ll use this to do it.” She picked one card out of the four. She placed one of the cards that she drew in her right hand and the card quickly transformed into a sword. When she swung the sword around, a red glow followed each swing. With each practice swing Kaito could here an echoing sound coming from the sword. It was as if Cassandra was cutting the air around her in half.


"Oh man, she’s serious now." Kaito shuffled his cards around in his hands franticly to change up his strategy after seeing Cassandra equip a sword.


"She just equipped a basic level Trecnon sword. If I’m not mistaken, that inflicts 30 percent of damage. I can’t afford to get slashed by that thing."


As Cassandra held her sword she began to think of all the moments Cassidy helped her out as she began fighting for the first time in the Decca Tournaments years ago. She felt confident and strong when her sister was there to coach her on. But it seems that those days were now over. "How… how could it just be this way? It’s not fair. I can’t do this without you Cassidy. Where in the world did you go? I need answers… If only…"


An intense flame blast blew Cassandra back. Her sword slipped out her hand while she was in midair and fell straight to the ground as it instantly disintegrated. Cassandra all of a sudden fell back and landed on her back, her eyes now facing the sky. The audience, the tournament announcer, everyone in the stadium became silent.


“Decca armor at ZERO percent.” Cassandra’s Decca armor said out loud her status. It was at zero. The match was over. Cassandra got up from the intense attack.


“What…? What just happened? I must have zoned out thinking about Cassidy.”


“Wait!” Kaito was extremely confused. He pointed at Cassandra who also looked confused. “Hold up. You were prepared for that, right? You weren’t prepared for my attack? I was pretty sure you would of just knocked it to the side or, or at least dodged or something. Am… am I dreaming here?? Did I just…?” Before he could finish he was interrupted by the tournament announcer.


“Ladies and gentlemen what an unexpected turn in this match! Kaito is now our WINNER!! Cassandra has been eliminated!” The crowd went wild as Kaito touched his face because he couldn’t believe the outcome of the match.


“NO WAY!!” Sarafina couldn’t believe it. Daru and Cassandra’s father were shocked as well to see what had just happened. “I’m pretty sure she saw that, right? He didn’t even do anything special. All he did was drop three Focus cards which powered up the last card in his hand. Then he just used the last card to throw another huge fire ball at her.”


“I can’t believe it. She could have easily dodged that. I should have warned her again.” Daru was one hundred percent sure she was going to win the match. He now wondered what went wrong.


The announcer now ran towards the middle of the field where Kaito was standing. “Congratulations Kaito! If you have a moment please tell the audience what is going through your mind right now, knowing that you’re the winner of this match?”


The announcer placed the microphone near Kaito’s mouth but Kaito was still shocked staring into space. “Uhhhmmmmm I….”


“You heard it hear folks, Kaito is speechless!” The announcer now turns to try and get some words also from Cassandra. “And now let’s see what Cassandra thinks of… huh?” Cassandra was gone. “Hey, where did she go?” She had walked off the arena. She was so upset and embarrassed she didn’t want to even show her face.


Cassandra’s father saw the moment she turned around and exited the fighting arena. He quickly got up from his seat and proceeded to find her to talk to her. Daru and Sarafina got up from their seats as well but Mr. Zyta placed his hand up to stop them. The expression on his face was serious. They saw his face and then looked at each other. Both of them wanted to go and see her but they knew that her father wanted to have a one on one chat with his younger daughter. They both hoped she was alright. 

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