Decca: The Battle of Cards

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Chapter 3: Pushed in the Right Direction

Submitted: December 15, 2017

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Submitted: December 15, 2017




Cassandra’s father searched for his younger daughter in the stadium. He thought maybe she would be gathering all her stuff down in the locker room area where the Decca fighters get ready for each match. However, he stopped and thought about it. He quickly turned around and instead headed to the stadium’s concession stand where they sell the food and drinks.


Cassandra was staring at the popcorn machine watching the kernels pop in a brightly lit glass box. Cassandra’s father walked up and appeared right next to her. The moment he got there she didn’t need to even change her gaze, she just knew he was there.


“Dad, why is life like popcorn?” He began to stare at the popcorn at the stand as well, happy now that he was able to find her. He wondered what she was thinking about after that question. He noticed now that she had a melancholy expression on her face. “It looks so good yet you know that the stadium staff just lets it sit there probably for two or even three days. You know it tastes super good once they put all that butter on it but you know deep down it isn’t fresh, it’s old. It’s all a beautiful lie.”


“You’re thinking about her aren’t you? I can tell you know. Cassidy’s disappearance, you can’t let it go. I can’t let it go either.” Mr. Zyta knew that Cassandra entering into the tournament alone for the first time this year was going to affect her. He carefully listens to her.  


“Yeah I am. I thought I could trick myself into thinking that I could do it this year. That I could win the tournament without Cassidy being here to support me, but I was wrong. I was just lying to myself really. I can’t do this without her being here cheering me on, pushing me, and guiding me through all the hard fights. No offense dad I know I have you and my friends but…”


“I know. No need to explain cupcake. When it comes to these Decca fights half the time I don’t even know what’s happening, so I understand what you mean and I don’t blame you.” He chuckled a bit as Cassandra cracked a bit of a half-smile.


“Here take these.” Cassandra’s father noticed people now walking around in the lobby so he grabbed from a gym bag a pair of dark sun glasses and a cap so that Cassandra could put it on. He didn’t want Decca fans to see her then crowd around her while she was feeling down. She quickly realized why he was handing it to her and began to put it on.


“Look Cassandra, it’s alright to miss her, to miss Cassidy. You’re not alone. I miss her too so so much. At the back of my mind I never lost hope, especially when it comes to that. As the police gave up the search, I’m still hopeful that one day we’ll find her and she’ll be alright. You were brave Cassandra to at least try out there. It took everything you had but the most important part is you didn’t stay home. You came out onto the field with determination to win. That for me is a sure sign of a winner.”


“Thanks dad. For telling me all this.”


The stadium employee behind the counter interrupted them. “Uh excuse me sir. Will you be buying any popcorn or will you just be staring at it all day?”


A bit embarrassed and not realizing how long they were there talking next to the concession stand line, Mr. Zyta ended up buying a small bag of popcorn for Cassandra. He knew that he would have been able to find her there because of how much she loved popcorn.


“Let’s get your stuff and friends and head on home. What do you say? We have an hour drive ahead of us and you know how bad it gets around here in this Saturn colony. The Crescent Colony has the worst road systems.”


“Wait dad listen?” She pointed up and started listening to the tournament announcer through the loud speaker.


“And Sumi just took a big hit from that attack!”


“Oh my gosh! Sumi! I almost forgot that she was next.”


“Uh, Sumi?” Her father looked at her a bit confused but he did feel that the name was familiar.


“Dad HELLO, Sumi. That’s the android girl I told you about. I met her in the last tournament. She’s a really good fighter. We would text from time to time. Dad I really need to see her match!” Cassandra stormed off to the nearest stadium gate with the bag of popcorn in her hand, to find a good area to stand and watch Sumi’s match. She tried to speed walk to the gate trying not to spill any of her delicious buttery popcorn.


 “So much for beating the traffic this year.” Her father just scratched his head and shrugged as he walked as quickly as he could to catch up to her.


“Here you are.” Cassandra’s father finally caught up to her. She was staring intensely towards the field where Sumi was, standing away from the seating area hoping that no one in the stands would look back and notice it was her. “Oh, Sumi yes. Now I recognize her.”


“Interesting, she up against Rondo. I remember him. He loads up his deck with tons of deadly explosion type cards. Sumi definitely has the advantage on this one. She’ll win hands down.”


“I guess you can say this Rondo fella likes to put on an explosive performance.” Mr. Zyta paused to hear Cassandra’s response proud of his corny joke.


“Dad, that joke was so terrible. Don’t do that again.”


Mr. Zyta sighed. “So what makes you think your friend Sumi will win this match? I personally think explosions are quite a deadly thing to mess with if you ask me.”


“You should know this dad. I told you about Sumi’s cards before. I guess you weren’t paying attention. Sumi has strong defensive shield cards. That would be enough to stop the explosion attacks but her specialty, what gives her the advantage against Rondo, is her wind elemental cards. She can fight from a safe distance and stay away from his crazy exploding cards.”


“Their armor level at the moment is pretty close though.” Mr. Zyta adjusts his glasses to see as he takes a look at the fighter’s status board above the stadium. “Rondo’s armor is at 65 percent while Sumi’s armor is at 70.”


“You took a big hit from that last blast Sumi. You really think you can withstand another massive explosion like that? You might as well give up now and save yourself the humiliation.” Rondo drew a card and looked at it with a big smile on his face. “Well, I think I got this match in the bag. I just drew my trump card.”


“Decca armor at SEVENTY percent.” Sumi’s armor was telling her status while she was getting herself up from the ground trying to recover after a huge explosion attack Rondo dished out on her. “Your one to talk. I’m still leading you by 5 percent. Don’t celebrate just yet, this match isn’t over.” Sumi proceeded to wipe the dust off her armor after getting up. “Besides your last attack was just a lucky shot.” 


“Can I get a bit of your popcorn Cassandra?” Mr. Zyta wanted some popcorn from the bag in Cassandra’s hand. He noticed she wasn’t eating any at the moment because she was so engrossed in the match. He slowly reached out for the bag but Cassandra quickly rejects his attempt by slapping his hand away. While frowning he lowers his hand in disappointment.  


“Well is this a lucky shot?” Rondo in his hand activated an Agility card giving him the ability to run at incredible speeds up to Sumi. Instantly two cards ejected themselves from Rondo’s deck after he activated the card. Both cards de-materialized then reappeared in his discard pile. He began sprinting at an alarming speed.


“Oh no, an Agility card!” Sumi now shocked acted quickly by grabbing a card from the four in her left hand. Without hesitation she activated a powerful Wind card. It generated a mighty gust blowing Rondo back where he started. His legs lifted a bit off the ground and he fell back onto his side on the ground. Dust, dirt, and sand were all over his hair and clothing.


“Sheesh, you sure reacted quickly.” He patted himself clean from all the dust. “You androids sure have good reflexes.” Rondo now spoke softly under his breath one more word after he made that statement. “Cheater.” Sumi however, didn’t hear his last word.


“Hey! What’s that supposed to mean? You’ve got something against androids?” Sumi took offense to the comment Rondo made.


Each time she pushes me back with her wind cards I lose my shot to activate an explosion card and on top of that, the wind damages my armor’s health bit by bit. I can’t let her keep pushing me around like that.” Rondo looked at his cards trying to think of a new way to attack her.


“What happened just now?” Cassandra’s father asked curiously. “It happened so fast I couldn’t keep up.”


“You just got to pay attention dad. Rondo played an Agility card just now. An Agility card requires that you pay two cards from your deck. That means the two cards are discarded in order to activate. That’s what happens when you activate one of those. In return you get blinding speed but only for a second or so. Doesn’t matter how much speed the guy has, he can’t beat Sumi’s Wind cards. They’re way faster than an Agility card.” She quickly stuffs some popcorn in her mouth.


I have no choice, I’m going to have to try the same move again but this time…” Rondo was trying to figure something out. He finally realized what he had to do. “Here we go again!! Let’s try this one more time!” Rondo again activated an Agility card to run up to Sumi.


“That idiot. He’s actually trying the same move, again?” Sumi prepared from her hand another Wind card to blow him back.


“Yahhhhh!” Rondo rushed straight towards her but Sumi reacted quickly and did the same move again as well blowing Rondo back with another Wind card.


“NOW!!! Take THIS!” Before Rondo was pushed back by Sumi’s mighty Wind card, Rondo dropped one of his cards straight to the ground, out of range from the winds gust. As Rondo was in mid-air falling back again from the gust he used another card to activate the one he threw on the floor. Suddenly a massive explosion went off sending Sumi back from the blast.


“Oh no! Sumi!” Cassandra couldn’t believe it. Rondo was able to detonate a massive explosion near Sumi.


“Critical damage. Decca armor at THIRTY percent.” Sumi got up as her armor gave her the status. Sumi struggled a bit to get up but once the dust settled she was finally standing on both feet. The crowd was silent but began to cheer when they could finally get a good look at Sumi through all the dust and smoke.


“Rondo is now at 40 percent armor health while Sumi is at 30. This match is closer than you think Cassandra.” Mr. Zyta wasn’t really interested in the battle at first but now the match was getting interesting.


“I’m sure glad we don’t feel pain when it comes to these battles. I got to admit that last move really took a chunk out of my armor health.” Sumi drew cards until she had four again in hand.


“You see? Haha! That’s what happens when you mess with Mondo Rondo.”


“Huh?” Sumi looked at him all confused.


“I can’t believe I just said that in front of a girl.” Rondo started to glance at his cards a bit embarrassed. “My friends gave me that name ok. Let’s just continue the match and pretend I didn’t say that.” Two of the cards in Rondo’s hand got his attention. “Hmm. That could work but I have to sacrifice some of my own armor’s health to do it.” Rondo picked the card’s he needed and proceeded with his attack.


Rondo threw one card on the ground in front of him and ran up to it stepping on the card. The card instantly exploded causing some damage on Rondo’s own armor, the blast catapulted him in the air towards Sumi. Rondo now held one more card in his right hand and it looked like he was about to strike Sumi straight on. Instead at the last second, in mid-air, Rondo threw his card downward towards her. Sumi didn’t just wait to see what his card would do. She thought of something quickly.


This has to be another one of his explosion cards. I have to avoid it at all cost I can’t risk getting hit again.” Sumi chose a card from her hand but this time instead of pointing it at Rondo she pointed it to the ground. “Wind’s Mighty Push card is my ultimate move!” Sumi jumped back as the wind’s gust pushed her away from Rondo’s card like a rocket.


“Wait! You’re not supposed to do that!” Rondo yelled out as he landed right into the middle of his own explosion card taking all the damage. The blast pushed him back as Sumi landed on her feet.


“Decca armor at ZERO percent.” Rondo was expecting Sumi’s armor health to hit zero before his armor did. But his strategy didn’t go as planned. He got up onto his knees and punched the ground once in frustration as the crowd now began to cheer for Sumi.


“NOO!!! It’s not fair.” All of Rondo’s cards now began to reset itself in his main deck slot. He sighed and slowly got up and walked up to Sumi.


“What?” Sumi was a bit confused when Rondo stuck out his hand to shake hers. “I thought you’d be really upset.”


“Oh, trust me I am upset but you won fair and square. You played your cards really well… for an android.” Sumi was glad he wasn’t a complete sore loser but she did take a bit offense to his android comment. However, she wasn’t that all upset because she gets to advance in the tournament. She waved at the cheering crowd as the tournament announcer raced towards them on the field to get a few words in from each of them. Before the announcer could get to them she noticed someone in the distance in the crowd. She noticed Cassandra even with her sunglasses and cap on, Sumi could recognize her. She gave Cassandra a smile and a thumbs up.


“I can’t believe it! She did great!” Cassandra smiled as she looked at Sumi. In the back of her mind she kind of wished that it was her instead, that she was the one to advance on to the next round. But she was glad that she didn’t miss her match. It cheered Cassandra up a bit to have her mind distracted for a while. For a moment she had forgotten that she was no longer competing in the tournament that year.


She looked at Sumi while she gave her comments about the match. “I really need to train harder for the next tournament. I want to be strong like Cassi… like Sumi.”


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