Decca: The Battle of Cards

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Chapter 6: Down, But Not Out

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As Cassidy passes the center rings, she drops on the ground a Focus card and places the Raging Rivers water card in her right hand.


Devin panics as he desperately looks for a card in his hand to use as she runs towards him at full speed.


“Whoa, what is that girl doing?” Ace asks himself out loud. He couldn’t believe what a huge risk Cassidy was taking running straight to Devin without even studying her drawn cards.


Devin at the last second decides to activate a defense shield as Cassidy strikes head on with her Raging Rivers water card. Water bursts all over the place bouncing off the shield. Devin’s shield starts to lose energy as she pushes her card forward onto his shield. Both Devin’s shield and Cassidy’s water card clash with incredible force. Devin however, was glad that he avoided that attack but he was still pretty much shocked of how she decided to start the match off.


“Ha, you have a lot of nerve scaring me like that. Who in the world taught you how to fight that way anyways?” As Devin held his shield card out, he realized that she wasn’t going to answer any of his questions. Cassidy was clearly focused on the task at hand. He was able to see it in her face. His shield blocking her attack wasn’t even a surprise to her.


Between the intensity of her water card against Devin’s shield, the sheer power between both cards ends up pushing Cassidy back a bit. But the defensive shield card being used against her didn’t faze her one bit. She activates another card. Suddenly she equips the majestic looking Gyga Magnum Sword in her hand. The sword glowed a solid white color. She runs up to the shield and proceeds to shatter it easily with one powerful slash. “Ahhhahhhhhh!” The shattering of the shield pushes Devin back, making him fall to the ground.


The Gyga Magnum Sword then disappears from Cassidy’s hand. The card de-materializes and sends itself to her discard pile.


“It’s a good thing that stupid sword can only remain in your hand for one blow only. Once you use it up, it’s gone.” Although Devin was on the ground and his shield was shattered he was still smiling.


Cassidy quickly places her last card into her discard slot by force. Devin sees this and he becomes a bit concerned. With a bit of confusion on his face, he remembers that he needs to act quickly now that his shield was down. He chooses an electric attack card, Electric Spheres, and shoots two electric energy balls out of the card. One electric ball flew towards Cassidy, while the other went to her dropped Focus card.


The Focus card is instantly destroyed shattering into millions of pieces by the electric attack. Due to the Focus card being destroyed, Cassidy’s Raging Rivers water card went along with it. The second electric ball flies fast towards Cassidy. She jumps to her right to avoid it. Although she managed to get away within inches of the attack, she still got hit with some of the electric balls energy, damaging her armor.


“Decca Armor health at NINTYFIVE percent.” She heard her armor say her status in a robotic like voice. 


Both players deck now began to glow. It was time to draw. They both proceed to draw cards to replenish their hand. Cassidy now charges forward towards Devin again. While she ran, she takes a quick glance at her new cards. Devin now takes the time to get himself up from the ground.


“So you’re doing it again, this run and look strategy. Keep that up and you’ll lose!”


Devin now smiles while he looks at his hand. His eyes widen as he decides to activate his trump card.


“You ready for my Fusion card!?”


“What in the world is a Fusion card?” Cassandra scratched her head. Ace overheard Cassandra talking to herself.


"Hmph. Have you been living under a rock, kid? Fusion cards just came out for Decca about a week ago. Guess you don’t stay up to date with Decca, huh."


Devin selects all three cards in his hand. All three cards begin to glow and get discarded instantly to Devin’s discard pile. His actions summons from his deck, a card that begins to glow a bright yellow color. The card gently exits his deck and hovers close to his hand where Devin snatches it in mid-air in a dramatic fashion, while smiling.


“All you need is two basic cards and the new Fusion card. You discard the three to the discard pile. It then summons a high level Fusion type card from your deck and places it in your hand. Both cards have to be specific to the card you’re summoning, they can’t be just any cards. If you don’t do that then you can’t activate the special Fusion type card. And that’s all there is to it, kid.” Ace spoke confidently to Cassandra. Cassandra stood there next to him with a frown on her face.


“You don’t need to call me kid. Besides your little friend Devin is going down. Fusion card or not, Cassidy’s got this!”


“We’ll soon see about that. Keep your eyes on the field and we’ll see, kid.”


The yellow light from Devin’s card starts to glow intensely. “Ha ha! Boy, I sure feel sorry for you. I’m going to introduce to you my new specialty, Fusion card Mega Lightning! I fused together my Wind’s Mighty Push card and Lightning Strike card to get this powerful beast of a card. You can't dodge this!"


Cassidy gasped. “Fusion?” Cassidy wasn’t completely sure what a Fusion card was, but she felt that it wasn’t good news for her. Cassidy stopped running and acts quickly by activating from her hand a self enhancement card improving her Decca armors defense. Her armor now glowed a light blue color to show it’s enhancement in defense. “This will have to work, and reduce the damage from that card.”


“Here we go!!!” Devin reached out forward with his card, aiming it towards Cassidy. Devin’s card glowed bright yellow and an electric current now shot out of it, the overwhelming energy jolting straight towards Cassidy was almost as long as the field itself. Cassidy stood her ground bracing for the impact by spreading her legs apart and crossing her arms in front of her chest to take the blast head on. There was no way she could dodge such a quick attack.


With the electric current hitting her armor, she could barely see what was in front of her. She began to grit her teeth. “Ahhhhahhh. How long is this attack?” She started to worry. She didn’t know how long her Decca armor could hold out.


The attack then started to die down. Cassandra could see now what a crazy powerful attack the Mega Lightning truly was. But Cassandra did see that because of Cassidy’s quick thinking, she was able to reduce the damage done to her armor.


She took a look at the control console and saw that Cassidy still took in a significant amount of damage. “Decca armor health at SEVENTYFIVE percent.” Devin’s Mega Lightning lost all its energy. As its yellow glow and its attack begin to diminish, the glow finally disappears, thus the card disintegrates, inserting itself into Devin’s discard pile.


Cassandra began to worry even more. She started to lose hope again that her sister couldn’t win. Even with her unpredictability with her strange charge first and strategize later move, it didn’t seem that Cassidy could get close enough to inflict any damage on Devin.


“Wow, you took quite a hit. And I’m still standing tall and strong, judging by our score.”


Cassidy’s confident expression still didn’t change even after taking all that damage from Devin’s attack.


She proceeds forward, running towards him again at full speed. She grabs another water type card from her left hand and places it on her right. When Cassidy gets close enough, she uses it to strike Devin head on again. However, like before Devin blocks the water card attack with another shield card.


When Cassidy gets pushed back she shakes her head, then looks down at her discard pile.


“You really need a better plan of attack. You just tried the same thing, if you haven’t noticed.” Devin tries to get into her head but to no avail. Cassidy was too busy thinking of something else.


“Revival time!” She lifts her hand in the air after she yelled that out. Devin could only watch behind his shield as a card from her discard pile materializes in her hand, then the card turns into the Gyga Magnum Sword.


“Wait! You have another one?” Devin was confused because he wasn’t looking forward to another strike from that powerful sword.


“No. I simply revived the one that was in my discard pile. So it’s essentially the same card.”


“But… But how!?”


“The card I force discarded, was a Revival card. The last card that goes to my discard pile before I discard it can be revived when I want it to be, but only once.”


“That’s not good for me.” Before Devin could even react to her actions she ran up to his shield and shattered it with one slash of the sword again, however, this time Devin was too close to the shield and took some damage from the swords slash.


“Decca armor health at NINTYFIVE percent.” As Devin was pushed back he was in shock that he took damage.


“Argh. This match was supposed to be easy. How did you damage me?” In anger Devin draws his 4 new cards from his glowing deck.


Cassidy now sees an opportunity to strike while he’s drawing his new cards. She takes the water card that she used before. It still had a bit of energy left, so she decided to take the card and attack head on with it. Devin, unable to look at his cards and react fast enough, attempted to dodge her water attack. He manages to dodge the attack but a bit of the water grazed him just enough to inflict damage.


Devin’s Decca armor went off again “Decca armor health at NINTY percent.”


“Again!? This is getting ridiculous!”


“Devin needs to calm down. He’s still way ahead of that girl anyways.” Ace looks at the control console to see both players overall armor health.


“No, I think Devin should overreact.” Cassandra looked at both players from the control booth. “And that girl has a name. She’s my sister Cassidy. Devin’s realizing that he’s not going to win this match.” Cassandra had a taunting smile on her face as she looked over at Ace. However, deep down Cassandra was worried that Cassidy wasn’t going to win the match due to how low her armor health was.


Devin needed to get Cassidy away from him or else he would have to risk losing more of his armor’s health. He grabbed a card from his hand and used a wind card to push Cassidy away from him. Due to the blow of the wind, Cassidy not only gets pushed back, but also takes in a bit of damage.


Cassidy’s armor status went off. “Decca armor health at SIXTYFIVE percent.”


“Let’s heat things up, shall we!?” Devin drops a Focus card on the floor next to him and flames begin to form around that card. He uses now a fire card and sends three fire balls straight towards Cassidy.


Cassidy manages to dodge the first and second fire ball but the third hit her directly in the chest, sending her flying back as she drops a normal card on the floor. The card did not levitate because it wasn’t a Focus card or any other type card, it just laid flat on the ground. Devin looks from the other side of the field that the card was dropped on the ground. He had a curious look on his face wondering if the card was dropped by mistake or if it was intentional.


He took his attention away from the card as soon as Cassidy began to speak. She was slowly getting up from the ground breathing hard. Cassidy was now on her knees. “I think I got you all figured out.”


“Huh?” Devin looked at her and slowly but surely his smile began to disappear.


“You keep me away from you as much as possible. You keep your distance so that I can’t touch you. If I do get close, you just use your shields to block my attacks. With your wind card and other long range attacks you keep pushing me back. Let me guess, you only have long range attack cards and shields in your deck, am I right?" Cassidy intensely glares at Devin. She now places a foot on the ground and gets herself back up from the ground.


Devin looked shocked. “This entire time. You weren’t saying much because you were… You’ve been trying to read all my moves.” Cassidy lifts her head up with confidence.


"I may be down, but don’t count me out just yet. I think I know now what I should do.”


Devin’s shock soon turned back to a confident smile after he sees the scoreboard. “Hey, you technically shouldn’t be smiling. That last blow with my fire ball puts you at 50 percent Decca armor health. You should have stayed down and gave up. There’s no way you’re going to beat me.”


As soon as Devin said that, it gave Cassidy the spark to dash towards him one more time with only two cards in her hand. She grips the card in her right hand firmly as she strikes head on with it. Devin uses the last card in his hand to block her once again, another shield card.


 “So when are going to run out of shield cards, huh? You can’t keep relaying on them forever.” Cassidy pushed on with her card as Devin began gritting his teeth.


“Grrr! You think you’re so smart.” Devin’s hand began shaking as he tried to push forward with his shield card against Cassidy’s water card. As the shield card runs out of energy so does Cassidy’s water card, then she switches to the last card in her hand. Devin beings to panic. His shield was getting weak.


As she switches hands when she strikes with her last card, the shield begins to give way, shattering completely. She pushes forward with incredible speed as Devin now attempts to dodge her attack. The bursting water attack grazes Devin on his arm. To Cassandra it all felt like it was happening in slow motion. In that moment Cassidy and Devin lock eyes as they cross paths. Cassidy was slowly starting to put pressure on Devin and eating away at his Decca armor health.


“Decca armor health at EIGHTY percent.”


Yes! Go Cassidy!” Cassandra yelled out in joy.


Both players now had to draw until they had 4 new cards in hand. However, Devin noticed that Cassidy was a little confused as she could not draw 4 new cards but instead 3 cards. That was due to one of her cards left on the floor in the middle of the field. He looked at the card for about a second but went back into battle mode.


Devin quickly looked at his cards while Cassidy took a few steps forward. He had forgotten that she kept increasing her speed every time she got closer and closer to him. Devin had no time to look at his cards. He panicked and hesitated looking up at her instead of evaluating his new cards.


She suddenly appeared right behind him. She had the chance to not only glance at her cards but activate an Agility card in her hand. At the corner of his eye Devin raised his hand and saw his Needle Ice card. He turned around as soon as he felt Cassidy approach him from behind.


“Get away from me!” Cassidy could feel his desperation. She gasped and dodged his attack. Dozens of ice needles shot out of his card but not one was able to hit Cassidy. She swiftly dodges 4 groups of ice needles shot at her. The dodging pushed her back to the center of the field. Devin then quickly fixed his aim and shot his ice needles one more time straight at her before his card ran out of energy.


“Now’s the time!” Cassidy yelled out as she activates another card from her hand. A black wormhole formed in front of her and all of Devin’s ice needles all got instantly sucked in the void and disappeared.


“Right back at ya!” Cassidy’s wormhole redirected Devin’s ice needle attack and sent it straight towards him. Devin quickly looks at his cards. Feeling overwhelmed and starting to slow down from everything that was happening at the same time, he couldn’t process anything that was in his hand. So at the last second Devin attempts to dodge but could not move in time getting hit directly with his own attack.


“Decca armor health at SIXTYFIVE percent.” Devin looked at his armor as he started to smile.


“Wow, I got say, I’ve never thought in a million years that my own attack could be used against me.”


“A taste of your own medicine doctor?” Cassidy had just one last card in her hand but even with just 3 cards instead of 4 she was able to put even more pressure on Devin.


Before she could let Devin even look at his cards again, she used the last card in her hand and shoots 2 massive balls of water at him.


“Ahhhhhh. No!!” Devin attempts to dodge as he looks at his hand. The first water ball grazes him inflicting damage on his Decca armor. He grabs a card from his hand and activates a shield to block the second ball of water that was rushing towards him. The ball splatters water all over the place as it collides into Devin’s shield.


“Decca armor health at FIFTYFIVE percent.”


“Yes! Go Cassidy! Their almost neck in neck on the scoreboard.” Cassandra was extremely excited as Ace starts to worry.


“I have to make these cards count!” After Devin yelled that out he made a run for it towards Cassidy, almost basically copying her strategy. Cassidy was confused seeing him copying her moves, however, the difference was that he already knew what was in his hand. Cassidy knew he was up to something. Her deck began to glow, it was time for her to draw her cards. She draws her 3 new cards. As Devin kept running towards her with 2 cards in hand, she looked at her hand and threw two Focus cards behind her. One card was thrown into the left back corner of the field and the other was thrown to the right back corner of the field. 


Devin now saw this and decides to take a detour to his strategy. He decides to go after the cards instead because she looked like she was preparing for a huge attack. He couldn’t afford to let her make a move on him now that his Decca armor health was almost at 50 percent.


“Don’t know what you’re up to all of a sudden, but I’m on to you!”


Devin destroys one card then the other with his Lightning Strike card. He quickly dashes to the second card to Cassidy’s left after using his Agility card.


“Argh! My Focus cards.”


“Sorry. They looked very important to you. I couldn’t resist. So I decided to take care of them so you wouldn’t use them against me.” Devin began to smile as he stood in the corner where the last Focus card was.


“Wait, those Focus cards were glowing grey. That means she hadn’t link them up to an elemental card in her hand yet.” Cassandra began to wonder what was going on in Cassidy’s mind.


“Your Focus cards are gone. Now…!! It’s time to take care of you!”


Devin takes the last card in his hand and it begins to glow yellow. His Lightning Strike card still had a bit of energy left. Lightning begins to form around the card. Cassidy in seeing this, activates an Agility card to dash forward towards the card she left on the floor. She picks it up while her deck begins to glow. She draws her 3 cards and upon looking at them she smiles.


“Here we go!” As she throws a card towards Devin and one in the air, she activates her third card. “It’s time for my Essence card, Ominous Clouds to activate!”


The field started to get dark. A grey thick fog formed around them on the field making everything difficult to see.


Cassandra tried to look through the thick fog as she saw dark clouds form over them on the field as well. “Hey Cassidy! You never taught me about Essence cards!” Cassandra was upset but suddenly she saw something that made her extremely happy.


Devin shoots out one last electric bolt of lightning from his card towards Cassidy. “Try and dodge this!”


Cassandra saw a break through the fog and was able to see clearly as Cassidy jumped into a beam of light that made her whole body disappear in an instant. At that moment Cassandra knew she had just used the Teleport card to avoid Devin’s electric attack.  


“What’s happening!?” Devin was freaking out as he saw the clouds get thicker and thicker. All of a sudden Cassidy, who was in front of him was gone. All he could see was blinding lights coming from the floor on field in front of him. He wasn’t sure if his electric attack made contact with her at all. The clouds began surrounding him inflicted a bit of damage to his Decca armor.


“Hey!! These clouds are damaging my armor!?”


“Decca armor health at FORTY percent.”


“This is impossible!! What’s going on?” As he reacted to his situation the blinding lights in front of him disappear and Cassidy reappears even closer.


She took the card that she had picked up in the middle of the field and activated it. 


"This is my ace in the hole!” Cassidy yells out at the top of her lungs as she gets Devin’s attention. Cassandra then looks at Ace after Cassidy said that.


“You fell for it. Now you have nowhere to go!” Devin looked around and realized he was stuck in a corner. There was no way out. He had no way of dodging whatever she was about to throw at him.


“Take this! Dragon Storm!” Cassidy’s card lit up brightly almost the entire field as Devin scrambles to activate a shield card.


“Ha! Too bad for you have another shield car…” As the blast of powerful electric winds rushed towards Devin he noticed that his shield cracked instantly under the pressure of the attack. His card disintegrated in his hand as he held it up. The entire force of the blow hit him, pushing him back into the corner of the field. He had nowhere he could escape. The shield didn’t work and he could not dodge Cassidy’s Dragon Storm.


“Ahhhahhhhh!!!!” The clouds in the field, the lights from Cassidy’s card, all disappeared after the attack was over. Devin fell to his knees. His Decca armor health was ZERO.


“But… but how?” Devin stared at his hands completely in shock. “I was close to winning. I… I almost had her.”


Cassidy stepped forward towards him with a smile on her face. “I needed to get you away from the position you were in. You had the advantage to dodge and block anything I throw at you. So I decided to tempt you with dropping a card from my hand, leaving it at the center of the field. I pretended to act all confused when I could only draw just 3 cards from my deck, in hopes that you would take the bait. I wanted you to try and destroy my card. The dropped card was my Dragon Storm card, my most valuable card.”


Devin lifts his head to look at her. “I saw that it wasn’t enough to draw you away, so I used those two Focus cards, making sure that both cards were in a corner. Once I had you in a corner I had the clear advantage. I played my Essence card, boosting the power of any weather type card that I use against you. You should know that Essence cards are like permanent Focus cards. However, my Ominous Clouds card has an extra effect…”


Devin looked back down to the ground now with a frown on his face. “Yeah, in my desperation and confusion I had forgotten. Any shield used after the card is activated cuts a shield’s power by half. My shield stood no match against your Dragon Storm card, a rear high level card like that.” Devin slowly got up from the ground. Cassidy reached out to help him. He looked up at her and began to smile. He grabbed her hand as she helped him from the ground.  


Cassandra ran out of the control booth towards Cassidy as she pushed Ace out of her way. “Cassidy! You did great! That was the best match I’ve ever seen!”


“Oh stop exaggerating Cassandra. I did okay. But the reason I really won was all thanks to your Teleport card.”


“Huh? My?” Cassidy grabbed the card from the deck and gave it to Cassandra. “But the Teleport card is yours, not mine.”


“It’s yours now Cassandra.” Cassandra looked at the Teleport card and smiled.


“I got to admit…” Devin looked at Cassidy then the scoreboard. “You definitely surprised me with your moves… uh. What’s your name anyways?” Devin scratched his head with a smile on his face.


“The names Cassidy Zyta. Remember my name, because you’ll see it someday but as one of the top Decca League fighters.”  Cassandra looked at Devin and Ace as she smiled with confidence. She was proud of her older sister, even though she didn’t believe that she could win at first. Cassandra was blown away with how she performed for the first time in a Decca battle. That day she got to see the Teleport card in action and it was all because of her sister.


Cassandra and Cassidy both looked up towards the bleachers. Devin and Ace did the same. They could see that a small group of people gathered around to intently see the match between Devin and Cassidy. 


As Cassandra laid in her bed she made a fist with her right hand. She got herself up from her bed, tears now filled her eyes. A tear gently went down her cheek as she used her hand to wipe away the tears left in her eyes.


“You always were the confident one Cassidy. No one could ever be like you. I’m glad that I had someone as strong as you in my life. Now it’s my turn to be strong.”

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