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This story is out of my personal experience. Then in life, I ran out of money and have to spend 30 hours without food. Then all sorts of fun happened in my life.

Submitted: December 08, 2017

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Submitted: December 08, 2017



Me, in 2012. Then I'm in my engineering the second year. I along with my friend have gone to Trivendram for some trip, on the way back I and my friend have done lots of shopping for family and friends. After shopping, we reached the railway station with 3 bags full of gifts, one language bag each and reservation ticket in hand. I'm feeling damn thirsty after such hectic shopping in an unknown language as I'm a Telugu speaking guy who doesn't know Malayalam.

Then I requested my friend to bring some soft drink, he went to shop and shouted at me saying "Dheeraj, I don't have any change" I thought he is having only 1000 Rs notes, then I replied, "I don't have any money, all are done into shopping". My friend shocked with an English face. He came to me in a slothful manner and started whispering in my ear that "Dheeraj, I don't have any money in my pocket". Wow, is it so. I thought he is making fun of me, but later we realized that we both are running out of money and bought all gifts to family and friends with the available money. The only option we had then to get some money is returned some gift items to shopkeepers and collect back some money, as we don't know the language no shopkeeper took their products and gave us the money. This way is closed, after brainstorming for 10 minutes I got an idea of selling one of our mobile phone in the market and make some money. 

I have gone to market to sell my friends mobile. Then I'm with un-groomed born, heavy eyeballs sinking, work out clothes and above all these, I have a language issue. When I'm in the struggle of selling his mobile, I have been miss took to be a person selling stolen goods to the public. Police came and there stared a huge drama. Luckily that police officer knew English and understood my problem. I escaped then with his help. In railway station, my friend is waiting for me expecting I'm going to bring some money so that he can have some food to eat. I reached railway station empty hands and saw my friends face, its a strawberry looks out of angry at me for not making any money with the expression of pity and pain. By looking at him I got the laugh and I started giggling.


Be waited for episode 02 with the extended story.

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