The Stars Above Our Heads

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For best enjoyment, make sure to get into the mood of the subject. So make sure to read it whilst having the main soundtrack from "Interstellar (2014)" run in the background.

This little, short story came up to me whilst I was making a sandwich as stated in the story. I immediately threw it on paper, but this is the type of stuff that generally roams my mind. I hope you
enjoy it!

Submitted: December 08, 2017

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Submitted: December 08, 2017



The Stars Above Our Heads


As nightfall hits, I get up behind my desk and walk downstairs, trying my best to not wake up anyone whilst tiptoeing through the creaks of the stairs. I make my way to the kitchen whilst wondering about what I should make—then I finally pick my choice, and decide to make a mediocre peanut butter, ham-cheese sandwich.

As I’m eating the sandwich I now have some time to think about life, as I do. The usual ideas come up at first, then I wonder about the future. I wonder about the things that are yet to come. Think not many people want to talk, nor think about.

I’m talking about losing family members. I’m in a family of six, I live with my mom and dad, and my three other brothers. But sometimes I get these thoughts about the inevitable. All these beautiful faces I see, I will one day lose.


There will be a day where I have to accept, learn and say goodbye to my lovely pet bird. I will have to say goodbye to my parents. My dearest brother and I have to part ways as I see him grow old and grey before my very eyes. My youngest brother will probably have to do the same to me, for I won’t be able to live long enough to see him grow.

I am 20 years old right now. As I’m writing this I slowly become older, just like anyone and anything else on this planet and outside this beautiful blue marble. In 60 years—if I’m alive by that time—I will be solely an old man, reflecting at the memories of my childhood and adulthood, whilst staring dreamily at the stars above our heads. Right then I will realize that I am looking at an old friend, for it will be the same stars that looked back at me when I was that young 20-year-old boy. I will smile as my tears rappel down my cheeks. I will sigh at the perception of this burden I carried about the eventual as a young man. I will reminisce the memories of my dear ones and see their faces among the stars. Then I’ll realize how long I have lived to see the day that once was merely but a dream. A dream that once was but a thought. A thought I avoided for the longest time, for I assumed everything would just happen the way it should.

I wish it was a dream. I wish I could close my eyes and wake up in a place where worries were but naught. I will probably have a chuckle at this piece once I get older and wiser—realizing I was stuffing my mind with unnecessary thoughts. If so, I want to say hi to my future self, so... uh...



“Hi, you! If you read this, it means you lived to see another day, old man. You’re probably living in a whole different world. A world with different technology, different politics. A world where perhaps a war occurred, followed by reconciliation where man put themselves back on their feet through resilience. An overpopulated planet. A different world from the inside, yet the same from the outer. Whatever the world changed into, I hope you didn’t lose your sight on the world as it is today, especially that of your family. Alright, that’s it. I hope you lived a happy life thus far, thanks for reading this, me. Bye!”

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I avoided this thought for as long as I can remember, but these days it keeps coming back. It hurts, more than anything I’ve ever endured in life. Alas, it’s something that’s inescapable.

There I am, on my deathbed, as I close my eyes whilst taking in a fresh breath of air and grasp the thought that my time has come. Like an old dog who’s still amused by its old toys, I also stare at the stars whilst counting the final seconds before I leave this planet. Before I leave my body and my chapter closes. My consciousness will be no more, my memories will only live forth through the writings, photos and music I made throughout my life. It’s at that point, that nothing will matter anymore. The entire lifetime I lived on this planet will not be relevant anymore.


For whatever reason the universe was created, we were given the chance to live on a habitable planet. I don’t know the reason for that one either; why we’re alive. What’s our goal? Where are we going? Out of all the thousands of planets that were discovered within the reach of our eyes, we’re the only ones alive. I’m not question life in other galaxies, or clusters. Maybe life over there isn’t that different. Who’s to say there aren’t any humans on a different planet among the stars that looks like Earth?

My point is, don’t lose yourself in your life. Cherish the things around you more than you did last time. Look at the people you see everyday and realize that one day they will be gone—appreciate them.

Don’t lose your mind over money, it’s worth nothing when you’re gone—it only has a worth as long as there’s a society and politicians to advocate the belief on the value of it.

Last but not least, spend less time on social media, and more in the reality of life. A ‘like’ or ‘share’ is worth nothing compared to the memories and bliss you could create when walking through that forest to perceive the sunshine bleeding through the leaves, creating beautiful light-rays; or climbing that mountain, and as you reach the top you will have this distinct feeling you’re standing on top of the world. You will observe the world in a way you didn’t think you could have.



As I finish my sandwich, I grab myself a drink—sit in my chair—and wait for time to pass me by as I stare at the mysterious, unexplored universe before me.




© Copyright 2018 Osman Taheri. All rights reserved.

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