The Braves and The Knights

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Submitted: December 08, 2017

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Submitted: December 08, 2017



Undoubtedly the day had come.Royals and their loyals were at the Court Road to bid them luck and the petty villagers had gathered to proffer their bloods reluctant valedictions.The day was all gloom,mothers cried their heavy bosoms, the sky fluttered as strong as if to welcome them.

One could see the hounds of sky traversing in zigzags .The once happy firmament had shed its veneer of hope and had now just the dark being intercepted by the occasional trajectories of the bloodthirsty vultures.Their eyes ,such sharp they were. Such austere as if  it had seen such events very often , and it appeared  to know its prey.

The sky cried with the mothers ,the birds ,the cattles, and the village willows.It was the third of their fight .A battle that had just few years back costed few thousand worthless lives as the viceroy to His Majesty would be found to tell.

The braves and the knights fought the battle.The scavengers and the crows as the only spectators, avid and voracious,waiting for their feast .With each strike the soil was blemished with juvenile russet. With each blow came huge cheering from the hounds .The war was at its brow , the civilization as well.

One could see mothers before the Cross as usual ,tears in their eyes. Despair.

The cavalry were armed .They embraced their destiny quite soon. So did the cobbler, the peasant and many other fathers who had to embrace the brutal truth.

The solitaires of his Highness were fighting bravely as their wives became widows.


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