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Submitted: December 08, 2017

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Submitted: December 08, 2017



The Greats Taught Me Ideation

So my big thing for Late Oct/November was a test…a personal test of the type that I particularly enjoy. Rapid data collection against a known problem set with the intent to reach greater understanding of something…anything about this world of OURS. The test went something like this: Now that I’m free from any shackles of mind (more on this later), a collection of high-grade intelligence seemed to be an end worth seeking (and not the kind of intelligences shoved down my throat for 25 years). In order to seek this end, I reasoned one must read “fast” and measure that speed/retention rate somehow (Baseline guess is that I read two books a week prior the test). Therefore, ten books a week seemed a difficult, yet imminently possible test. Speed reading was of course stop one…and what a stop it is. Imagine actually digesting books in one third or one tenth the time. You can do it. Do you know how I know? Because I did and I’m the most human, human, you’ll ever meet. Not all of them were digested faster, mind you, but many. Ten books a week was 40ish over test period. So, what did I read the cynic will ask:

Psalm of Life Between the World and Me The Paradox of Generosity 4 books on Genetics The Imitation of Christ The Fable of the Bees Mere Christianity The Road to Character Hamilton The Bible 4 Books on Artificial Intelligence 2 Books on Octopus Intelligence 4 Indian Spirituality Books 2 Collections by Shel Silverstein Bhagavad Gita Leaves of Grass 16 books on philosophy Several of Hunter S. Thompson

What did I learn from these masters and madmen?

1 Sometimes the brain needs focus (intelligence), sometimes the body needs focus (fitness), and sometimes the art needs focus (heart/soul). 2 Jesus preached “others as you consciousness” the prime goal of human life and its manifestations are found everywhere thereafter. I tend to favor the Christian angle because…spoiler alert: I am a white guy from a middle class American neighborhood, who worked his ass off to get whatever it is he “gets” from life. “Others as you consciousness” is a powerful template for mercy, grace, love, and all fundamentally good concepts flowing through this particular universe. Just so happens “others as you” is a particularly difficult undertaking for my upbringing and competitive base nature. 3. I happen to believe in the streams of goodness camp. Invisible strategies at play within the biological universe are streaming toward intentionality. Intentionality would mean nothing without an ultimate higher agent (Think computers as our lower agent for now). For we (humans) cannot individually assume correctness within any endeavor. It is only in relation to others that the basis for all growth must begin. The trees, dolphins, bacteria, scientists, et al., all rely on one another to grow/survive/replicate. “Others as you” solves many of the problems endemic to humans like me as we age, but we must fight through the first maze I’m currently lost in.

+Genetics as an influencer. How do genetics play a role in the endeavor toward goodness? For we are told by all of the imminent experts of our time that genes display innately “selfish” tendencies that sometimes add up to positive (good/bad?) things, and within different genomes (or possibly within one genome at differing times) these same “selfish” tendencies add up to negative (bad/good?) things. Therefore, nobody can yet see what intentionality (ultimate agent) might possibly exhibit good or bad in such a manner. +The “lines of code deterministically predicting the outcome of what was once thought primarily a conversation about nurture” discussion….needs whittling a bit, more later.

+Where genetics did liberate my confusion? Biological life’s ultimate unpredictability over infinite timelines and attempts at manifestation. It is the most obvious example of “forever” that my mind can understand at this point. From my vantage it is now obvious “why” I die biologically. Those same genetic influences that cannot be counted upon to predict “good or bad” “things”, will ultimately deliver personal biological “death”. Death…one of those divine gifts oft maligned and rarely even considered, except casually, until it taps its quieting wand on your forehead. That wand hits in humans, barring a several sigma event or heavy genetic code manipulation (and even that seems iffy to this newbie), at about 80 years right now, due to this particular civilization’s environmental challenges. End of story.

At this point I’d like to take a break in the reading discussion to talk about a particular problem right now.

Suicide As far as I can tell suicide has never occurred at any time in history, at the level (%pop or total#) we are seeing it now. Please check my facts, but I read today that the leading cause of death for humans under 35 is suicide. HYPERLINK "" HYPERLINK "" Haven’t tabulated or “statistized” the data, but suicide is highly prevalent and only beat by “unintentional injuries”. What a terrible shame. At 35 you might start to figure out one or two things if you’re lucky. Notice all the intricacies in the data. Suicide doesn’t start until 10 yrs old and it stops in women by 54…men by 64. Black males don’t register it as a significant top ten issue, but all other races and nationalities do in 2000. 2014 shows the same pattern. Access to killers? 2.1% of the population ending it’s life is an interesting prospect. Cave paintings and printing presses couldn’t have possibly dented the human psyche near as much as the creation of a limitless “internet” filled to the brim with every answer there is…and pressure to contribute instantly. No wonder kids feel immensely alone. With my level of curiosity, the internet would have been dangerous for me before 35 as well. I’m not trying to indict the internet for all suicide manifestations because there is a mental health component that needs examination first. But, the connectedness of modern life and constant pressure to communicate instantly must play a role, since it is the greatest difference in mankind right now.

Is the end of the internet experiment a world of hopelessness and porn…or beauty and sentient, artificial intelligence algorithms.

I realize the stream of consciousness has now reached epic proportions, so I will close this where I started opening it. Continue to test things like speed reading, as long as the intelligence gained from the endeavor is met with equal parts quiet reflection and exercise. What is the universe trying to tell you as you randomly select brain material for it’s purposes; as well as yours? Achieving goals and mastering knowledge grants a certain pleasure that is worldly in the most profound applications. But, realizing “others as you” must remain the goal (Hint: it’s the art/soul part). How you generate thoughts is made infinitely easier when you open the aperture to include “others”. Consider your decisions and concepts and habits and intentions as cosmic markers, that will forever litter the landscapes of time and of space, to indicate what you are responsible for bringing into “it”. Plant your eternal markers in a pattern that point toward “something”, “anything”, “everything”, you could personally endure forever. Because you might get to find out about that eternity “thing” someday around 85, when biological death un-sheaths her wand. Fast forward your consciousness with the masters and madmen, as you quest to make “others as you” a decent goal for ideation...because what is ideated, occurs, forever.

Final answer to test of knowledge accumulation and lessons learned: Can’t wait to find out a bit more about this universe…faster than last time.

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