Komodo Knight: Demons of the Lost Realm

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In a vast world roamed by humans and creatures alike, several regions were held together to maintain the balance of the World Order. However, due to the difficulties of acceptance between mankind,
the world fell to its knees. Slavery, Genocide, and all other qualities the darkness of human nature possessed were a common trend among them. Because of this, corruption grew to be an epidemic.
The Gods, who created the heavens and the earth, endured the calamities of humankind. The humans' selfish need to quench their thirst for power had branded them to be "Slaves of Desire". By the
intentions of the King himself, Ronan sought to acknowledge the cry of the universe by ridding it of all mankind. In desperate need of peace, the King separated the land into ten different regions:
Fire (Kasai), Wind (Azure), Water (Mizu), Earth (Terra), Lightning (Xango), Energy (Ikite-Imasu), Ice (Kihone), Nature (Boinaiv), Light (Yang), and Darkness (Yin). As a result, war plagues the
land. Homes are destroyed, lives are lost, and disorder befalls upon the natural order of the universe. And with no natural order, who is to stop the demons from the further extermination of all
living things. Now that the world continues its agonizing journey through pain and misery, what future is to come of it? Armageddon is around the corner; the universe is at its final legs as evil
consumes the souls of the innocent. Kaden, a nomad from a forgotten origin, seeks the truth as the world around him is ruled by demons of an unknown era. baring no leads of his past and no destined
links of a possible future, the young boy endures the dark side of human nature while fighting to save whatever history he bears with him. with the help of an isolated civilization and the eyes
above, join Kaden as he discovers his truth to prevent the end.

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Submitted: December 09, 2017

This is the beginning of a very long series, I have worked on since High School. The fact that I am about to have all of my ideas on a website to organize is astounding. This chapter note will be
used to give brief gratitude for being on this website. The notes for future chapters will be regarding that specific event. I shall do my best to post as much as I can. I hope you guys enjoy.
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