soph doph and twinkle

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soph doph and twinkle is a collection of short easy to read children’s stories, soph doph is a young girl with a passion for horses and has a love for twinkle her favourite horse. it can possible
be transformed into one book however we plan on a few time jumps and adventures so we feel short stories are going to be better.

Submitted: December 09, 2017

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Submitted: December 09, 2017




The adventures of Soph Doph and twinkle.

A new beginning.


Today was no ordinary day, it may seem like an ordinary regular Sunday, but today was to prove to be no normal Sunday, this was a day that was going to change Sophie’s life for ever.

Sophie was a dreamy girl she liked to dream but this time this Sunday it all changed.


Every morning when Sophie wakes up she would run in to mum and dads room and tell them all about her dreams.


Sophie has the most exciting of dreams.


Sophie’s favourite dream is to dream of horses and one horse in particular, the most beautiful horse in all the land Twinkle.


Sophie is your most imaginative child and Sophie and twinkle always go on the best of adventures, or shall we actually say Soph Doph as she Is known in her world of adventures.


One morning Sophie ran in to her parents’ room more excited than normal this is the day on which she met twinkle.


“Mummy, mummy, Daddy, Daddy! “Sophie excitedly yelled jumping up and down on her parents’ bed…

“What now Sophie? “said Daddy, “Its 6 am in the morning.”

Well Sophie said I had an amazing, fun, fantastic, dream even better than any other dreams I have ever had. I had a dream that was actually real.

“oh wow” said mum and dad together “a real dream what happened?”


“Well” Sophie said “I…….. met a horse…… and became a super star horse rider, the bestest horse rider in all the world, and my horse was the most beautilfuist horse there has ever been and her name is twinkle.”  


“Twinkle is a beautiful horse mum she has pretty eyes and a long main she is sooooo big and soooooo strong that I don’t even need a saddle in fact Twinkle taught me how to ride her. She is a very special horse. And I think she might even be magic.”

Both mum and dad stretched their legs and banged their arms and made a quick cup of coffee before climbing back in to bed to carry on listening to Sophie and her dreams, somrtimes  Sophies dreams were so descriptive it was actually like she really lived them, and mum and dad loved to listen to her dreams.

Little did they know that this time this dream was different and Twinkle was actually real and this was the start of the beginning of a greatest friendship and world of adventures, one which would carry Soph Doph and twinkle to every corner of the globe.


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