Soph Doph and Twinkle Book 2

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Soph Doph and Twinkle is a collection of short easy to read children’s stories, This is the second in the collection of short stories. Soph Doph is a young girl with a passion for horses and has a
love for twinkle her favourite horse. It can possible be transformed into one book however we plan on a few time jumps and adventures so we feel short stories are going to be better.

Submitted: December 09, 2017

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Submitted: December 09, 2017



Story 2

Twinkles Adventure


It was 8pm bed time mummy and daddy called to the girls, so they followed their normal routine bed time milk and a rich tea biscuit or a bourbon, if we had bourbons everyone loved bourbons, so they quickly drank it all up, and ran upstairs and brushed there teeth, all the chidren had flashing toothbrushes so they all knew to clean for 2 minutes, Sophie didn’t realy enjoy cleaning her teeth but she did enjoy biscuits and milk so she knew she has to do them really well.


Quickly after teeth they ran and kissed mummy and then daddy tucked them all in to bed, then it was twinkle time as Soph would say time to dream up twinkle, she had said this every night since dreaming of twinkle.


Of course Twinkle didn’t really even need to be dreamt of any more as she was always there in Sophies mind. Remember when a few days ago we said Sophies dream was real or she said it felt real well since then she has had a little twinkle every day, but tonight was to be the night.


Twinkles first adventure……….


Tonight seemed like any ordinary night the girls said goodnight and drifted slowly of to sleep thinking about there days……… Maths…… Spelling……….Maths……….mmmmmm lunch time Maths……….. yes it was a boring day today then Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z


They were fast asleep. Sophie rolled over and fell in to a deep sleep Mum as usual turned of the lights and removed Sophies glasses, this is when it happened and the fun time begins.


The time when Sophie becomes Soph Doph and dreams her crazy dreams…….. Twinkle as per a few nights ago made her little cameo appearance only this time she didn’t go away.


Twinkle looked at Sophie with her beautiful eyes they were a majical blue color,  and her pupils were like tiny stars she beckoned at Sophie to come to her, Sophie could not resist, those eyes and that majical long perfect main she was there in a shot.

“ Yes twinkle” Sophie said excitedly looking up now at the amazing reature that stood before her.


Twinkle looked at Sophie and said just 3 words “ It is Time “ Sophie instantly knew what the horse meant as if they were connected in some strange kind of way.  And majically of they went disaperring into the clouds over a rainbow in to a land of vast green fields, perfect blue skies, beautiful calmly rolling oceans and of course magic.

“ Where are we ? “ Sophie asked not scared at all, but looking around her and admiring the pure beauty of her surroundings where the birds sang loudly and rabbits hopped freely across the fields, “ we are here “ exclaimed Twinkle “ I told you it Is time, and now it is time to learn how to ride me”

Sophie jumped up and down excitedly, she was almost as excited in fcat more than excited than her first trip down the tower of terror at Disney land, and than any roller coaster she had ever been Sophie loved big rides. “ But but how “ asked Sophie “ there is nobody here but animals and you” Twinkle stood up and gazed at Sophie again she tilted her head and said “ leave it to me, let the magic take over”


Sophie jumped up clapping she cpuld not contain her excitement, she jumped and hugged Twinkle before running through the lush green grass laughing with joy.

Twinkle called Sophie back amd they began training,


It may be worth a mention that Twinkle had a hidden pair of wings long white wings similar to Pegasus but even more beautiful and thT Sophie did not know about these wings and edged around Twinkles wings was pure gold star dust, Sophie did not know it all yet but twinkle was about to give Sophie the greatest adventures any one could ever wish for but for now training so back to it.


Twinkle calmly yet firmly in a real strange kind of loving way if at all possible gave Sophie her instructions and Sophie followed every word, whlst singing to herself

 “ Guess whos riding a horssssey,

guess whos riding a horsssssey,

 shes gonna be the superestt super star rider in the world

, yes you guessed it ,

 its me!!!! “


Sophie could not stop smiling…


So of the went a canter, a trot , left turn right turn trot faster, a gallop, a stop, backward turn, rear up, you name it they did it Sophie took to riding a horse like  a baby sea turtle does to swimming in the ocean a natural.


Twinkle and Sophie could not stop laughing “ oh soph doph “ said twinkle “ I am having so much fun we shold do this more often and we should of done this a long time ago “ Sophie said “ Heyyyy Twinkle I like that name I am Soph Doph super star horse rider of the world and this is my horse Twinkle, and w are the bestest of friends”

It was at the moment and without warning that Twinkle revealed her wings and lept up in to the sky zooming around and looping the loop and flying over rainbows and over the oceans, Soph Doph held her tight close to her main, and then they vanished in to a glittery shower phhhhhhhhheeeeeeeee


Glitter sprayed everyway twinkle and Soph Doph were on there way flyng through the skies on there way to there first adventure, Sophie of course had no idea where she was or just how she would explain this dream to mum and dad but oh my goodness not only had she met twinkle but now twinkle could talk, and she was riding her but now flying her oh wow though Soph Doph this is the best dream ever but this is the most real dream ever I can feel touch taste smell everything it is like my dream is real.


My dream is real.

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