The Plea of a Villain

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What happens when the Villain loses to the Hero? What happens when the Villain chooses to lose? What happens when the Hero feels pity?

Submitted: February 01, 2018

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Submitted: December 09, 2017



"Just kill me already," the Villain gasped, "Please. If you're the hero everyone says you are, then kill me. Save me from this agony."

The Hero stared at the broken, twisted form on the pavement, torn between pity and her own morals. "You were so close! Why are you giving up?"

The Villain smiled sadly. "Because you must pick your fights young one. And you must know when you are beaten." The Villain coughed and blood spurted out of his chest. "I young one, am beaten."

Tears gathered in the Hero's eyes. "I could help you," she said, "I could get you a pardon." but the Hero knew that would never happen. Her country, the one she fought for, was not merciful. The crimes the Villain had commited were too monstrous and too raw in the peoples memories to even think about a pardon.

The Villain knew this. They also knew that the Hero was sorry. The Hero was sad and lost among her own people. The Villain knew that his own death would solidify the Hero's safety. That was why the Villain was really doing this. That and the guilt that he lived with everyday. The people he had killed for "The Greater Good", for his own selfish purposes.

The Villain's face scrunched up as pain racked his body. He knew he did not have long.

"I underestimated you," said the Hero, "May you rest with the stars."

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