Random Cheshire Thoughts 12/9

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Mad thought run through my mind like ButterFlies fly through the garden. Listen to my talks and let it entrance you, And bring you to the madness level that will enable you to meet the Hatter.

Submitted: December 09, 2017

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Submitted: December 09, 2017



Random Cheshire Thoughts



A cat. 
Running through the forest of shadows. 
Her forest of shadows. 
Her paws, her hands, her nails, Covered in dirt and mud. 

Her wrists... 
Plausably slashed by the flowers thorns. 
Plausably by her own claws. 

She runs, and runs, wanting to get back to her tree. 

"No one likes the flowers..." She growls to herself. 

"No one likes the flowers, They are not mad enough, yet they stay where they don't belong."

Everyone yet no one understands her. 
They think they know her, but only one does. 

The hatter. The hatter only understands the Cheshire, and only the Cheshire understands the Hatter. 

No one likes the thought of their love, ut no one does anything, 

The Cheshire sends him letters, Letters filled to the brim with thorns. 

No one but the Hatter knows how to get past the thorns. 

The thorns, The time. 

Only he knows how. 

Cheshire lands nimbly into her tree and she curls, Everything disapearing of her but her weary, Crazed grin. 

She misses the Hatter... 

But she can never get past the damn flowers. 

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