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In a world where twins are born with the ability to read each other’s minds and telepathically talk to each other no matter where they are, one guy walked down the path of crime, while his twin
joined the side of justice to stop him. (All prompt credit given to Instagram account : @writing.prompt.s)

Submitted: December 09, 2017

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Submitted: December 09, 2017



“Can’t you just give up? You’ve been at it for 3 years now.” Serris nodded silently to her team members as she hastily pulled on the special jacket bestowed to her by the Corporation. She remembered the pride she felt when she received the jacket, the smiling faces of her family surrounding her during the ceremony.


She also remembered the disappointment everyone felt when her twin brother, Waylen, had joined the evil forces and began living a life of crime. The disappointment of her own, that eventually led to resentment and developed a personal goal to track him down herself, as some form of closure. As a form of justice, if you will.


Of course, Waylen could sense all of her bitterness bubbling inside of her.


Why should I? Our family only needs one goody-two shoes to fulfill their dreams. I chose this path on my own, sis. Let me be.” Waylen’s reply came almost immediately.


You should be here next to me, fighting those dishonorable villains you call a family instead of us. You know Mom is worried about you.” She sprinted to the back entrance, where a steel reinforced car was waiting to carry them to the location of their next target.


Waylen hesitated. Serris sensed a mixture of emotions emanating from her brother, something that felt rather like anxiety, and a little bit of sadness. “I know, Serrie. Tell Mom that I’m fine.”


Serris harrumphed, earning several confused stares from her team members seated around her. She was grateful they asked no questions, instead turning their heads to stare out into the dull world, silent. She smiled sheepishly and slunk into the cushioned seat, looking out the window as well. It was a rainy day, with dreary wind slicing through the frozen leaves on the trees. The sun looked grey to Serris, duller than usual, hiding its cowardly warmth behind the darkness of the clouds.


She decided to talk with her brother again, one last time. They were almost at the location anyways, and it would serve as a getaway excuse if conversation went awry and turned awkward. “Waylen, you there? You should tell Mom yourself that-”


 “Listen, Serrie, I can’t talk now. The boss is here.”




 “Love you, sis. Bye.”


 Serris sighed inwardly, trying hard not to attract the attention of her team once again. Reluctantly, more out of obligation than of sincerity, she replied, “Love you too.


The timing was perfect, because right at that moment the car lurched to a stop.


Serris glanced out the window. The car had stopped at the entrance of a large gray, weathered building. It seemed to be abandoned, with heavy amounts of graffiti marking the space occupied by one of the more notorious gangs in the area. An image of Waylen flashed in her mind, reminding her of his decision to join one, but she shook it off as she stepped out. Immediately people came pouring out from inside the building, armed with a variety of weapons.


The team leader spoke, addressing the entire team. “Eliminate all on sight.” Her team nodded.


Serris swiftly pulled out the compact handgun she carried in a belt at her side. The academy had trained her how to effectively handle a gun, had shown her where, if shot, would hurt the most, or even kill. She thought of Waylen again, but this time she did not push the thought out of her head.


Serris had always thought that having a twin was tiresome -- reading each other’s minds came at a cost of fatigue anyhow, and half the time Waylen blocked his thoughts from her. Of course, Serris did the same; it was risky to let her mind be read. If she knew where he was hiding, she would come and arrest him, and if he knew she was coming, he would run away. So the twins just simply let the whole mind reading thing slide, leaving any encounters between the two in Fate’s cold hands.


And today Fate had decided in her cruelty to bring them together.


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