Super Carley And Friends

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Chapter 1: School
One day Carley was bored, so she decided to go to college. She had a really big secret. Her secret was that she had superpowers and she was a superhero. She never told anyone but her friend  Preston. When she was at school, she met some friends. Her friends were Chris, Steve, And Nasir. Even her friend Preston, was there.
Chapter 2: Friend or Foe
After they had got out of school, Carley heard yelling. She went to see what was going on. Then she saw a scoundrel freezing everyone up. She went to put on her mask. But when she came back three superheroes that she had never seen were there. She was surprised, but she still had to fight the villain. She used her teleportation to get him from behind, and she tied him up. Then she asked the other superheroes who they were, and they were...
Chapter 3: Dark Shadow
All of her friends from school! '' I didn't know you had super powers said'', Carley. Look he's getting away!! Said, Chris. Then Nasir used arope to tie up Dark Shadow. Then Steve put electric on the rope to neutralize his powers. After that, Chris used his freeze breath to freeze him. Then the cops showed up. They took Dark Shadow to jail. ''I'll be back!!!'' Dark Shadow.
Chapter4:Squad 'We made a great team back there'' said Carley. Nasir agreed. ''Maybe we should become a superhero team.''Nasir insisted. Everyone agreed. Then from now on, we will be known as Super Carley And Friends!!

Chapter 4:The End

''Hey this is Preston's school id'' said Carley (talking to herself) But he wasnt here, unless He Was....


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