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She thought it was a normal day like any other day until she was forced into marriage. Before everything is official, is she going to take the risk?...but which risk? She wanted to avoid breaking
the law...but who's law? She was all day thinking...until it hit her

Submitted: December 10, 2017

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Submitted: December 10, 2017



It was on that stormy day that everything changed.


On a stormy day in a certain city, was built a large house, almost like a mansion. It was obvious that a wealthy family was living there. Inside, in a certain room, a girl stood before her window, watching up above the sky, the storm. She was a simple girl; she wore simple clothes, simple smile, and a simple appearance. Make-up was never her liking, and same goes to fit and short clothes.


She was smiling with her head up until her name was cried loudly by a woman. She heard it but didn't react as if it was her name. She went down and guessed where the call came from. She was right; it was from the living room. And then right in front of her was her female guardian, people would call her, her 'mother' but she knew the truth, she wasn't and will never be.


Her female guardian, Olivia showed a strict manner in her posture and facial expression. She wanted to make the chat short and went straight to the point, an arranged marriage.


Her P.O.V

A what?! I said inside my mind. I never had such a crisis before! I shouldn't get married NO, NO, NO! I'm not allowed to do so! It’s the rule! I should never marry! And breaking the rule would give me horrifying consequences. I tried to reason out to her from 'but I don't know who he is' to 'then consider taking someone better as an heir!'


That last one made it sound like I want them to kick me out of the house. I don't know why I'm here, and why they're keeping me even though they know I don't have any relatives, and I'm not their daughter. They never told me the reason, and that made me think different possibilities.


3rd Person P.O.V

Olivia managed to convince her to the truth...that she cannot undo what was settled already. Olivia went out while the girl went to her room slowly, thinking of what she can do. There were a lot of thoughts that came into her mind. Some of those were

"Oh gosh" "Error! Error System Error 008m9302" "What in the fishes is that error supposed to be" "I have to think of a way, think of a way" "Who cares? It wouldn't do so bad to me right?" "Oh it wouldn't do badly; it would do horrible things to me"


And then a part of her was just sobbing. Her thoughts and personalities were mixed up. She was lucky to have that incident on her vacation but only after a few days, school is back again and so she hurried.

She was thinking everyday what she could do but her nervousness overwhelmed somehow and she was unable to think fast enough.

Every single day, she would be lying on her bed thinking, eating while thinking, drinking while thinking, watching while thinking. She never wanted to fail to think of a way to get out; she was willing to do anything to not just break the rule.


But on the day before school, she lied down on her bed, and finally, she thought of a plan. It was going to be embarrassing, awkward, and it gave her an unexplainable uncomfortable feeling. But there was no other way, she thought, and so she hoped everything would go well even though she knows it wouldn’t be easy.


She messaged someone using her phone. She sent a message saying "Hey can we have a talk tomorrow? It's something important". She waited for HOURS for the reply, and the reply was just a "sure". But despite of that absolutely long waiting, she was glad whoever that person may be, agreed.


She packed her bag with both relief and anxiety mixed up. And at night, she fell asleep hoping all would work out in the end.


The next day, she took her usual minute-walk to her school. She arrived there, the private school where several of students are undoubtedly rich. She had minutes left before her first class starts, so she headed to the available bench she saw on the corner of her eyes. She was about to sit down until she noticed a boy from a distance, and even though she’s only seeing his back, it seems to her that he’s familiar. She pretended to walk pass the bench to take a look of him in a different angle, ad when she did, the identity of the boy struck her.


Her P.O.V

Adrian--? What in the world?! What--...Oh NO

~Ok so first if all, Adrian was my classmate for two years in JHS. He’s handsome. I admit, and he has some red tufts that’re mixed with his black hair. But, he is basically the king of pranks. He just had to prank every day and everybody. At least he respects teachers though, and isn’t really the type who like nudes and stuff, I think. What? It’s just that I never heard him talk about porn, sexually harassing women but still he pranks them. Whatever gender or whatever kind of student you are, he will definitely prank you. Teasing? Nah, I only hear him teasing bullies. He’s a bully, who bullies other bullies, like do you get that?

If you mess with him, get ready for public humiliation, I’m serious. I don’t even want to recall the pranks he out on me just like the others. It’s been years since I saw this guy, lucky me. But right now…I’m dead. It was on a Christmas party, and we played truth or dare, and he had the chance to give me a dare, and I was really surprised about the dare he gave me. He gave me a lucky charm, it was a red sphere and it really looked magical. He dared me that once he asks the lucky charm back, I’d give it back to him, so if I don’t do that dare, I’ll have a punishment. I thought it was going to be easy but now realizing I left that lucky charm in our old house, in another city, far from here, and that there’s no chance my guardians would even let me go back for a stupid reason like that, I’m pretty sure I just want to lock myself up until I get transferred to another school. I’m serious.


3rd Person P.O.V

Her eyes were still widened, and her body was still frozen. She breathed heavily and tried to ‘normally walk’ away. She succeeded but the thought inside her mind that Adrian might’ve seen her just didn’t get out of her mind. She was able to focus on her classes but it was hard. But she started to focus on her plan, so even though she and the person she messaged yesterday have a lot of classes together, she wanted to talk to him on their break. But when it was, she first headed to buy a drink to quench her thirst.

But when she sighted that person, she was suddenly tugged by two boys. It was too fast for her to react and the only second thing she knew was that she was standing in front of a sitting Adrian. The two boys went away while Adrian called out to one of them “Hey Jaxon! Keep that pink underwear of yours tight okay?!” he released a laugh after that, and other students laughed too.

The girl said inside her mind that ‘he’s still the same’ but kept a confused face. After Adrian’s laugh, he stared at her, and she suddenly asks “Adrian?” she pretended she didn’t notice him and continued “What’s the matter?” she thought earlier that questioning him onto why he’s here would be indicating that she’s hiding something and so she chose another query. “Good thing you remember me” he smirked “so…where’s the lucky charm?” she raised his brow as if he already predicted that she doesn’t have it. The girl couldn’t lie because she wasn’t capable of making a way out of his punishment, so she said the truth “I don’t have it, I think I left it in our old house”. He smirked again, but it was wider, he stretched his arms and lied on his chair with his arms behind, crossed for support.

“I knew you were going to be a useful thing” “Useful thing? For what exactly?” “As my girlfriend” he, again, smirked. “The what--?” she was out of words, she didn’t know what to say and was left shocked. “Don’t worry, it would be fun! Besides, you’re just going to pretend! What possible bad thing could happen?” he seemed absolutely carefree while the girl thought.


Adrian’s P.O.V

I wonder what she’s thinking…I hope she’ll agree…oh wait…she doesn’t have any other choice! HAHA! Adrian you are smart! But she seems really serious right now, I never saw her like this, she really changed, well, almost…but like I said she has no choice HAHAHA! But really though, why is she thinking deep like that? Is she asking herself whether I like her? HAHAHA! That would never happen”


She raised her head and asked “why do you want me to pretend as your girlfriend?” “You’ll know after your first day” he said playfully. “Okay…so why me?” “You owe me! Of course that’s why! You failed the dare; you have to do one punishment from ME”. He was smiling the whole time, like he did before and always. “But what if I can’t?” “It’s not even illegal to do it!” she breathed deeply and said “Look, I know you may be doing this because it’s important but I just can’t. I have my own crisis ongoing. Besides, I don’t want us to pretend as a couple and then falling in love in the end, this isn’t some movie you know? I just really can’t, sorry…but I’ll find a way to get your lucky charm back but I can’t promise anything” she stood up, took a few steps and looked back at the unresponsive Adrian. “Again, sorry”

She went to an empty table to take a rest just for seconds. Adrian looked at her and thought ‘she thought we would end up in love? BWAHAHA! That’s the craziest thing I heard today! Oh well, guess I got to go find a different way then! Forcing her would just waste my time, yeah definitely’

The girl tried to avoid staring at Adrian and she went with her plan. She found a boy from a far, wearing what they call a ‘hoodie’, and he wore a black one. ‘He isn’t normal’ everyone said, it sounds insane but even a stranger would look at him in a confused way, all because of who he is.


Her P.O.V

He’s still the Owen I’m with for four years straight. In those four years, we always had a lot of classes together, and we ended up being partners in project a lot of times already, and that’s why my guardians already know him, and just based on how they treat him, they obviously like him, maybe because of his intelligence? I don’t know.

He’s a real odd one out here; his hood reaches his nose, so we don’t know what his eyes or hair even look like, and how he can even see through it. And he’s an introvert, and by any means will never be willing to talk to anyone. You start the conversation; he’ll force it to end up ASAP. It’s true we have embarrassing moments, all of us including him, and because of those moments, we get bullied. But when it’s Owen that gets bullied, a day just passes by and it seems like bullies try to avoid him. I don’t know if anyone knows how that happened or why…but I just don’t.

I toughened up, and my feet walked by itself, and led me to him. I was nervous of course, it’s just a really weird question I’m about to ask.


Owen’s P.O.V

I was only writing until I felt someone’s gaze. I raised my head and saw a familiar girl, I think, was heading to me. But it is most probable since she notified me. Whatever subject we may be talking of, I hope it would end sooner than I think it would.


3rd Person P.O.V

She greeted him as she halted in front of him, but Owen only signaled her to take a seat. She didn’t want to waste time, so she directly asked him for help. She went explaining him everything, and Owen understood it clearly. He asked questions like “proving them you’re capable of being the inheritor would be a better choice than risking your reputation with your plan, hm?” “But I’m not destined to even stay here and be an inheritor to something” she complained. “Is he really that revolting?” “It’s not because of him or anyone else, it’s just…I should never marry” “Why?” “…Because I’m me and that’s how it is…they’re stubborn, they won’t listen” … “why do you choose me then?” “Well, they kinda act like you’re the best person they have ever met. Whenever you go to my house for a project, they act so nice to you, and I rarely see them acting like that to anyone”

It was minute of silence, Owen kept his frown like he always does, and that makes people rarely see him smile or frown. The girl looked at him in silence and waited for his response.

“That’s a passable and interesting offer, I accept it then” after that, he reached out one hand. The girl smiled and shook his hand, but inside, she was quite joyful, jumping around, and shouting in blissfulness.

“But” he said and continued “do you have exact details of your plan?” “The question is, are you ready for a great challenge? I searched for his name but it seems like they have a tough security, and the information given to us isn’t enough to figure out which of you two my ‘parents’ would pick” she smirked. It was the first time Owen saw her smirk, a smirk that challenged him.

He raised his chin up high and stared down at the girl who was still smirking. He crossed his arms, and turned his frown upside down, and said “Yes” the girl gave a satisfied smile, and said “Anyway, here’s what we’re gonna do”


The next day…

Her P.O.V

“Yeah” my response to my female guardian’s question, that is, if Owen is my boyfriend, and the second she asked me that, I was sure that the words really do spread fast here. Owen started researching last night, and earlier he said to me to confirm to them that we’re in a ‘relationship’ and everything would go well by a 70 percent chance.

And it did, I was surprised when she told me that ‘she’d make a way to cancel it since they would take months to arrive here’. I rolled my eyes too since in the first place, she never said she can do something. But this is just the beginning though, especially that we need to hang out. If the news will spread that they’re going to have an heir who isn’t even close to any one of us, or if we don’t hang out in public then a lot of thoughts would go circling here, and all of it is going to be negative, I’m positive they’re gonna be negative.

When I told Owen about it, he agreed and slipped something from his mouth, not literally of course. We were at our campus when we were talking about it, “You agree with that?” on that moment, he seemed a bit surprised, as if he couldn’t believe what he was hearing but I wasn’t sure. “What do you mean?” “I mean like hang-out, we could go anywhere we like, but I ain’t riding a car NO WAY I easily get motion-sick” I smiled to him after I said that but he was still going to ask “You mean us? No guards?” “Yeah, I‘m okay with anywhere, as long as it’s interesting or something” “Finally, freedom” he whispered. Well, I think he whispered that to himself but I still heard it. “Freedom? Why?” I unintentionally asked, I didn’t mean to get in his life. But, he still replied for whatever reason he had “You’re not going to stop until you know why, right?” I was left with my mouth open since he didn’t even give me a chance to speak, and so he said “we are going to be each other’s company for a very long time, will we?” I just nodded. “If that’s the case, then you may know a thing or two about me” “…And?” “Well…my grandfather… is a strict man. He doesn’t want me to go out by myself…but I understand. I was forced to escape every night, I have my own vehicle, I was fortunate that he permitted me to learn it but that’s just because I’m at the right age to do so” he smiled warmly at me, and it seemed like a genuine one but it was just for a second that he did so. “You escape every night? How about when it isn’t night? You still go out?” he laughed a little and replied “why should I do so if I don’t have enough privacy, don’t you agree?”


3rd Person P.O.V

She agreed with a smile…that turned into a frown, and she spoke “you know…that’s funny…it seems like were meant to meet” Owen looked at her in a somewhat curious way, as if he was asking, and then she carried on with her words “I would love exploring this place, and you can help me doing so. While doing that, you’ll also get a benefit; you can have your freedom. I’m sure, I think, that your grandfather would agree letting you and me hang out just by ourselves. Promise, I’ll give you privacy as long as you say so” Owen smiled “to think that we thought of the same idea”. For a moment, it was a relief for the both of them.

The next day…

“WOAH” she said, utterly surprised while she looked fixedly at a motorcycle “You own a motorcycle?” he was at the right age to have it so she wasn’t surprised by that. She just never saw him ride one before and because of…

“Is it really that unbelievable” he rolled his eyes under his hood. “It’s just…I love motorcycles…we’re really meant to meet” “It’s not just me that you should be shocked about owning a motorcycle” he said in a serious manner. But before the girl could ask why, Owen strictly said to get on.

She walked slowly, observing the motorcycle, it was…amazing as if it was enchanted. It had blue stripes that glowed. And blue captivating motifs that seems like symbols of a vigilant. She missed riding motorcycles, and it was what her expression shows. Owen looked at her and questioned inside his mind about why is she having that kind of expression.

They venture everywhere Owen wanted to, and the girl trusted him to take her to places that would make her stop in her footsteps. They knew that they would have limited time adventuring because of all the school work and other matters they had to do, so they savored every journey they gone to.

They went from smiles to teasing, to boisterous laughter. A first they didn’t really expect to get close, they figured things that they were opposite, and sometimes they had minor fights. But as the days passed, they realized that they DO have some things in common; from solving riddles to thinking about the truth about the multiverse.

They talked about random things they wanted to, random things that made them happy to talk about. From all the stress that they get, it seems like it’s just each other that they have to lean on. They needed each other; it was the truth that they knew.

Even with the smallest things, they could turn into something big, something memorable. And sometimes they just lean on a meadow and look at the stars, and just talk about things that they wanted to let out. They understood each other more than anyone did. They talked about how they first met, and it was doing research about the galaxies. Owen saw that there was a chance the girl knew more than she shows. She told him, it is true because all of us have secrets to hide, for fun…or for avoiding danger.

They had fights, but they solved it anyway. They were happy with each other and they’re slowly forgetting about the deal they made months ago. Because all they from the month that passed, were the memories where they were free. Where they ventured with each other, when they felt happy, when they teased each other, and when they just think of each other. They became comfortable with each other, seeing each other as a helping hand but it felt to them like it was something more, something valuable…no, something that can’t be bought, something they can achieve, something can get…from each other.

Without them knowing, they were creating string to each other, from one’s heart, to the other’s heart, and just by one broken string, all is over. They were filled with happiness but that happiness can be eradicated in a sudden. Too much happiness that they focused on that and every negative possibility was erased from their minds.

They had some secrets shared with each other, and made their bond stronger. A lot of people already noticed how they see them with each other every time, taking care of each other every moment, and laughing beside each other as if the world was going to end tomorrow.

But then it changed, she noticed…he changed. He was less talkative, and had fewer laughs and his smile looked like as if it was mixed with worries. She knew he wouldn’t answer, so she didn’t ask him anything about that matter.

It was night, and it was silent. They were just sitting, staring at the stars. Owen pointed some constellations and she spoke about the different possibilities happening outside this planet they were stepping on. They had a few laughter until the girl asked about his long hood. Owen wasn’t sure what he should do while he stared at the pleading eyes of the girl.

However, a strong wind came by, a very strong one that even the trees bended a little, and Owen’s hood flew behind his back, and his widened eyes were shown. The girl took sight of him, he had an aesthetic face, and when he faced the girl, she looked deep in his eyes where it seemed like blue souls were flying around. And then one of those soul-like matters escaped from his eyes and went to her eyes instead. The girl fell unconsciously, and her eyelids, without her control, closed…





She felt conscious, and quickly opened her eyes, expecting to see Owen. She breathed heavily, and tried to remember what happened while he was sitting on her bed, inside her bedroom. She took a glimpse outside her window and it was still dark. She opened her phone and it was four in the morning.

She tried to think and think but it just won’t come into her mind. She only remembered she was with Owen. She hugged her knees and felt something heavy inside her chest as if she did something wrong without her knowing. She tried to wear it off but she couldn’t, so she tried to ignore it but every time it just comes back to her.

When she arrived at her campus, she tried to find Owen but she couldn’t. She didn’t see him anywhere. And then a few classes passed by, she realized he didn’t come for today. She was really eager to ask Owen but she also wondered why he didn’t come, he was always present, she thought. And then she knew the reason…

She opened her phone and saw a message from her female guardian saying Owen…is in the hospital. She started shaking, and then she put her phone back, and ran to their house. She asks for assistance and they took her to the hospital. She told them to wait for her, and she used the directions given to her. And while she was walking, thinking about Owen who’s now in the hospital, because of an accident that occurred last night, someone called her, he turned around and found Adrian coming up to her. “Hey what happened to your promise” it wasn’t a promise but she was too worried and confused to make a fight out of nothing. She didn’t answer and had her eyes looking at the floor with a deep frown.

“What’s with the look? Oh…it’s because of Owen, right” “…How did you know?” She looked up at him and he said “Cause I was there, I heard the siren of an ambulance, I followed it, and I arrive there with a dead-like Owen” she was about to raise her hand to slap him, but she stopped herself, and just continued to walk with misery spread across her face. Adrian followed and asked “hey do you even know where his room is?” the girl ignored him but Adrian still spoke “…seems like you do”

The girl hurried and found Owen’s room. She knocked and entered, and saw an unconscious Owen, and a girl staring at him who wore make-up, and luxurious jewelries and outfit and she looked like as if she’s at the same age as her. “Why are you here” she asked with a sharp tone, and it made the girl confused of the female she had never met before. She held the little sapphire she and Owen found weeks ago, and she held it tightly while she focused on Owen and didn’t bother the female until she said “look, I just want to see him, I’m not putting up a fight like what you’re tone is trying to do, you disrespectful…” she muttered her last words. All she wanted was peace and this female greets her with a grumpy face and annoying tone.

She was really worried, he was the most important person at that time, and she couldn’t handle him being in a terrible state. The female gave a surprised and unpleasant expression, and said loudly “I’m the one putting up a fight?! You’re the one who entered” “…what? How do I put up a fight by entering exactly? Also, make your big mouth smaller the next time you open your mouth, you’re destroying Owen’s rest” she said calmly.

The female glared at her, and said with a lowered voice “That’s the exact face he showed me” the girl raised an eyebrow and let her continue what she was saying “you’re the girl he doesn’t want to see anymore, I’m right aren’t I?” she smiled devilishly but the girl didn’t know what she was talking about, so the female still spoke “Oh so you don’t know? How naïve” she realized how that’s possible…she remembered the times he didn’t laugh like he did, he didn’t smile so free, the times he hid deep secrets. Those times where the times she felt something wrong was going on and she thought that Owen had a reason why he didn’t tell her. But now she’s asking…’was he like that…because of me…because he didn’t want to tell me the truth…the truth that would break my heart…that the one who gave me the most happiness will actually give me the most pain?’

She knew about it before but she didn’t know that she would feel so much pain and aching in her heart. But she asked “how are you sure with that?” “You want proof? Then here you go” the female reached out her phone with a voice record that was recorded days ago. She felt her tears gathering up but she tried to suspend it from falling down and she played it

“And why are you informing me with this Owen?” “…If there’s a chance that would come, tell her that I…tell her that I want her away from me…please…” “Is that all?” “Make sure you bring the message to her” “Of course I would…this is a break-up hm?” “…yes...”

The record ended and she wasn’t able to stop the tears from falling down her cheeks. She placed the phone to a nearby desk and went out of the room. She bumped Adrian who was outside looking at the surveillance camera. Adrian grabbed her wrist and spoke her name softly and asked “What happened?” he had a worried tone, a tone she never heard Adrian use but she was feeling too much melancholy that she didn’t notice or bothered.

She leaned on the wall, and dragged herself down, and sat on the ground with her arms hugging her legs. Adrian stood there watching at her helpless form. He heard of them earlier while he was just pretending to lean on the door while staring at the surveillance camera. The voices and sounds…he heard everything…even her sobbing. He looked at her as if he failed to do something, and it was the look he rarely gave to a human. He saw her put out her handkerchief and she wiped her tears and blew snots out of her nose. She folded her handkerchief again and again until there was nothing left to wipe on her face…but in her heart, she wanted to wipe the sadness overcoming her. Though she already knows that for every living being, sadness is a necessity because it is one of the reasons that we learn, and that we want to achieve happiness.

Before she stood, Adrian overshadowed her, smiled and asked “wanna come with me?” “…I just wanna take a rest…”. She slowly moved, she slowly blinked, she slowly stood up and she slowly walked. Adrian watched her go with his arms crossed and head bended down.

She went crying that night, crying and crying. She let herself cry inside her room because she knows that she should because she had to clear up her mind. It was her way in life, to cry for the whole night, maybe the whole day, and clearing up her mind. Yet it was harder, it was more painful. But she had to do something, and she knows that the solution she would think would be difficult, and that it would require for her to make a sacrifice or two…for the better.

She admitted that the break-up is part of their plan…so why, she questioned. It was somewhere inside her, a part of her that thought, that hoped, they wouldn’t break what they already had, that Owen wouldn’t let go. But she was wrong, she was the only one who was hoping, and she didn’t even know that on the other side…she had no one to meet. She thought that their bond was so strong that both of them wouldn’t go away…but it was just her imagination.

The sadness engulfed her in tears…in pain…and in the truth…


But on the next day, she looked normal as if nothing happened, as if tears never fell down from her eyes. She spent her time with her female friends again. But something didn’t seem right, she looked around and she didn’t see him.

Her friends asked about Owen, how are they and where he is. She told them they broke up already and that maybe…he’s still in the hospital. She didn’t want to care but when her friends felt sorry for her…she felt sorry for herself. But she tried to fight back her tears even though it was difficult.

A few days passed by and she still didn’t see Owen anywhere but she didn’t bother finding out where he is and what was happening to him. She was slowly recovering from all the pain, and just continued to not think about him. But sometimes, she suddenly turns depressed.

She listened to their prof. who was talking about some sort of project with two individuals. And then he told them it was going to be experimentation. She loves experimentation, but her expression didn’t make it obvious. She was still depressed for some reason she doesn’t know. But what really caught her attention and made her react was when she saw the list of partners.


Her P.O.V

‘Adrian? Seriously? It just has to be Adrian. I’m dead, I am NOT doing this project with that jerk’

I brought my head down the moment the prof. said ‘discuss the other matters with your partners’. I sensed my seatmate heading off but I didn’t raise my head…until someone sits beside me and called me. I knew it was Adrian and I really didn’t want to face the guy especially he can embarrass me at any moment but then I thought it would be rude not to respond to his call right? So I raised my head with the usual frown. I looked at him with a mournful expression, and he asked “What’s with the sad face?” I don’t know if he was playing around but I just sighed in reply. “It’s Owen isn’t it” he smirked but it was my turn to ask him “What were you doing in the hospital that time?” after he heard my monotone, he replied “someone got sick” and he had a smile as I he was proud of something. “Anyway, I’d be seeing you later” “what?” “For the project! Don’t worry, I’ll be bringing whatever I can” “Wait, are you serious?” He nodded proudly, and I asked “Who are you?” he gave me a confused look and I changed the subject “hey…why did you want me to do that?” “What?” “About the girlfriend stuff” “Oh that! Simple answer, parents. They wanted me to get a girl so that in the future I wouldn’t have to bother finding one so that I can focus more in the company and in the future!” “So what happened when I declined?” “Well…I pointed out the different solutions I had, I could easily get a girl with my charm but only a pathetic woman would fall for it and it would be hard to get away from that type of girls. So what about paying someone? I can’t, it’d be too obvious. Threatening someone? I thought ‘nah that ain’t my thing, and that’s too risky’” “Too risky? Really?” I never thought he’d think of something as ‘too risky’ “Hey I ain’t evil like that besides it ain’t even fun” “So what happened next?”


3rd Person P.O.V

He smirked and looked at the girl seductively. He looked at her closer until there were only a few inches left between them, and he said “Aw, are you getting interested in my story, well then…you have to wait…my doe”

She raised an eyebrow while Adrian stood up and went away. She felt herself blush a little but she wasn’t so sure.

She got to their house and thought ‘how in the world does he know where I’m living? Or maybe he was just playing on me’ she shrugged and just did what she had to do. She was going to watch a movie but then the doorbell rang, she opened the door and she saw Adrian. She had an unexplainable expression that showed misfortune, irritation and acceptance. She let him in and they started their project. She was surprised how fast he got to their house but it wasn’t her question. “How do you know where I’m living?” “Oh you know, sometimes I just happen to pass by and see you outside this house” she nodded with a mix of disbelief. “You still haven’t told me yet though, about your finding gf mission” Adrian laughed a little “What kind of mission is that?” the girl laughed a little herself. Adrian started to tell her what happened “I tried to convince them that I could just find another heir for them, they agreed but they gave me a time-limit. It was really easy to find one; I have something up my sleeve. And once I did, they agreed and all went well” “And your parents are still keeping you?” she smiled with one eyebrow raised again. “Because they need the money, they get paid doing their job” “what now?” “I can’t answer that or anything related to that”

She was left questioning herself but she decided to put that aside for now and just continue their work.


Her P.O.V

While working with that guy, Adrian, it really felt different. For a moment there I thought it was someone else like he was possessed or something. But he was still up to pranking. Despite that, I had this weird feeling, it seemed like…I don’t know…I just felt comfortable with him. He seemed familiar but don’t know why.

I don’t know why life made us partners in that project but I knew there was a reason, and I was right. He helped me in the future a lot of times. I asked him for help, and he did but he always wanted an exchanged, and I was okay with it. Even though he made me do the weirdest things for an exchanged, he was always there smiling at me and his eyes were like cheering up for me. I also helped him with some things when he asked for it, and that made our bond stronger without me even realizing it. We became great friends, we were quite wild with each other, teasing, pranking and just laughing at each other.

And then sometimes, he invites me to go out. We don’t really ride anything, we just either walk or run ha-ha!

He’s just really fun to be around, and I knew more about him especially the fact that he loves animals, especially wild animals and scavengers. He has this great respect for animals, and his eyes seems so soft when he’s around animals…and he makes me smile for that


3rd Person P.O.V

“What’s that?” Adrian asked. The girl smiled wider and said “Nothing, I just remember someone who I have no idea who” “What? You just lost me” “…There’s this boy…my childhood friend, and he really loved animals too. We were really happy and had a really strong bond, with him I felt like I was a little adventurer”

Adrian widened his eyes for a reason, he looked away with a frown and asked “what happened to him?” the girl smiled weakly and answered “Pfft, I don’t know…I don’t remember what happened, all I know I had a friend like him and then I didn’t see him again. There are so many pieces that’re missing! I don’t even know how I‘m not remembering what happened and…what he even looked like. My mind might be absolutely blurry but I know…he’s someone unique, he’s great, and I wish I get to see him even just for a second” she looked up at the sky and looked at Adrian next.

The next days were great, were full of laughs, with pranks. They get annoyed by each other but they just laugh it off. In school they act like the same, Adrian playing with her with seductive looks and the girl tricking him and laughing at him. To many students they look like a couple and her friends tease her but she denies it again and again, and says that they’re simply…friends, well, best friends. But it seems like the whole world thinks they’re something more. If I were there I’d think the same, they’re mostly with each other and they mostly laugh with each other.

They became so close she even started to be a prankster too but not to all, she swore to herself she’ll be a prankster if she just wants to take revenge. Luckily, she doesn’t do pranks often because if she does…I wonder if the principal would explode with too much stress.

“You got no pranks for today?” Adrian’s voice echoed through the empty hallway, “Nah, no bully is active anyway and ain’t that of a devil like you” “I don’t know about you but it’s called having FUN” “Hurting the innocent is fun?” “I don’t care about them” “Why are you so evil?” “Because without evil there’s no good, without evil no one gets hurt, and no one learns anything, ‘m just trying to balance the good and the evil, AND it’s not my fault they can’t survive! You understand me, my doe?” after his seductive voice echoed, the girl looked at him and said “You’ll never stop calling me that?” “NO WAY” Adrian made a boisterous laugh and the girl rolled her eyes and slightly smiled.


The next day was a surprise. It was a normal day and the girl was with her friends but with Adrian nowhere to be seen. She thought that maybe he was running late and she just put it aside. She didn’t notice anything new until it was her third class.



While she was there, Adrian was in his home, on the rooftop, sitting down. He reminded himself what happened earlier…


“I didn’t change her! She’s herself” Adrian opposed “Shut it Adrian! You made her a prankster! And you’re making her look bad because you’re always with her, people around you define you” “Why don’t you just listen to me! I DIDN’T OKAY!” “No matter what you say nobody will believe it, the public believes what it wants to believe and they believe that we’re leading that girl’s family business to their own demise by making her bad because the minute you stepped in her life she started acting like a prankster, someone evil and someone who wouldn’t listen to her parents and someone who would be the cause of the fall down of her own family company. Don’t go to that girl until you find a solution”


He looked at the sky and slowly spoke “This…is…why…I…hate…being popular…rich…always judging you wrong….so annoying…so stressful…meh…better just visit her, see if she has a solution or two”



It was her third class, and she saw…Owen…with a grey hoodie and his eyes still covered. At that moment, it came to her, that night...she remembered what happened, loud sound, strong wind, and his esoteric blue eyes. Something went to her eye and she passed out. She wanted to ask, but she didn’t want to be intrusive especially that they’re just nothing to each other. Everything went fine, and her friends didn’t remind her about anything about Owen. And then the next classes were cancelled because of a meeting, so everyone went home early. She was on the grounds heading to her house but then someone ran and stopped in front of her. She looked up and stopped thinking why Adrian didn’t come, and she saw Owen.

“I have to talk to you” “…sure” Owen grabbed her wrist and went to an empty area. The second they stopped, the girl looked at him, and she felt a tear fall down. Owen looked at her in pity and then the girl suddenly hugged him, Owen was surprised but hugged her back. She let go and asked “Why didn’t you just tell me?” Owen was silent for a moment but said with a smile “Because I knew I wouldn’t take to see your face that sad” “…yeah…” “I’m sorry” “It’s okay, everything gets boring” “No it’s not that…we understand each other so much right?” “Definitely” “So why would I get bored? A lot of girl might be slimmer than you but you’re more beautiful than them no matter how good their figure might be. If I liked someone because of their looks then I already fell for a lot of girls but you know I never did. I’d still choose to have you besides you’re cute” “…Then why did you…”

Owen brought down his hood, and she saw his blue eyes, calmer than before. “Your eyes…they look calmer now don’t they?” “How can I know?” they both laughed. As it ended, Owen made a frown and said “I had to find a way, I had to get you away from me…I was putting you into too much trouble, I’m supposed to bring you back safely…” “What…”

Owen closed his eyes and a symbol glowed under his right eye. He breathed deeply while the girl waited for his explanation “I—“

But then Adrian comes punching him! Owen had a step back and had a bruise on his cheek but he was able to stay conscious. “You” Adrian said coldly, eyeing Owen with sharp eyes. Adrian grabbed the girl but the girl said hurriedly “Hey wait! He’s still explaining” “Explaining what? Crap?” he rolled his eyes and looked at Owen. Owen glared at Adrian and to his arm. Owen swiftly went to Adrian and grabbed his arm and pulled his sleeve up, and he saw a different glowing symbol. He glared at Adrian and kicked him!

They started fighting and the girl shouted “WOAH GUYS! STOP! I NEED SOME EXPLAINING HERE!”

Adrian: “I’ll explain…AFTER I BEAT THIS GUY UP”

Owen: “We both know you’re gonna be the one begging on your knees!”

“So I guess I’ll be going then”

The girl walked away but then Adrian and Owen stopped and called her out but the girl just said “No explanation, no stay” and then her phone rang. She opened it and saw a reminder “Damn. Got to hurry on this one” she started running away from them while the two continued fighting like immortal enemies without even trying to stop or give up. While the girl was already out of the campus, she went to a nearby bakery and bought a drink, and she went home.

She remembered the two boys and shrugged. Sure, she missed Owen and he did try to explain something important, and Adrian was really angry at Owen for a big reason but they were fighting and no one would stop or explain, she had no choice but to leave and let them explain it to here.


Her P.O.V

Yeah I’m curious about all of that but t’s just…ugh I’m way too lazy to try to stop them without even knowing the reason why they’re fighting. This happens to me every time, changing personalities, and right now, I don’t even care about anyone but me. Let them fight! I’m out of their business because they just won’t tell me an explanation. This is me, caring about everything now and a second later I don’t even care about anything.


3rd Person P.O.V

It was night and she felt a heavy weight inside her chest, as if something was wrong. She started to worry about Owen and Adrian late at night. She was trying to sleep but she couldn’t, she was too worried. She changed to different positions but she couldn’t get comfortable. She stared at the ceiling for a long time but nothing happened. She went to her window and stared at night sky, and asked herself ‘is there something bad that’s happening?’

The feeling got heavier and she felt like she wanted to cry. It was one of the most unexplainable feelings she had there. But she got tired thinking, and she went to sleep.


The next morning, she felt exultant. She opened her eyes and a smile already spread across her face. She parted the curtains of her window and gave a smile! She played some music and just went to the beat. She was excited for today, finally, everything is fine, she finally found two people who understood her so much, and she knows they would never leave each other. She waited for this time for years! At last! She wasn’t lonely!

She never knew there are people who could understand her. It was Saturday and she wanted to take a stroll. She brought her phone and earphones, and took her stroll with her tunes. She smiled unlike any other day! It was just so heartwarming for her. And then she remembered the incident yesterday and thought ‘oh well, probably they made a way out of it, they’ll probably just stay away from each other but it’s gonna be hard with me around though…HAHA!” for the past days she got scolding from her guardians for the pranks she made and for getting with Adrian but she had her own reason and she didn’t bother explaining it to them.

She stopped on her thoughts when she received a message, she opened it and it was from Owen’s phone but the message was from his grandfather who’s asking her to go to the park for something important and at the end of the message, the two words “I’m sorry” was there. It made her curious, and she started heading to the park.

She was near the park so it only took her a few minutes to get there. It was really empty but she continued to walk there. She found three people standing there and they were familiar. As she got close, she saw Owen, Owen’s grandpa, and Adrian.

She felt something weird for some reason and the atmosphere felt different too. The girl spoke “Mano po” and gently took the elder’s hand and pressed it on her forehead. After that, Owen started to speak “So is this the trash you want me to see?” his grandpa excused “Sorry for that, I have to explain this to you” the old man took some step away from the two men and the girl followed and asked “Grandpa, what happened?” they aren’t relatives but that’s just how she was taught. “My sincere apologies…everything…just happened so fast. We don’t know what happened and why they have a-an…” “Amnesia?” “...sadly, yes. Owen arrived late at night, same Adrian since I asked his parents, and when Owen stepped inside, I felt something was wrong, and when I asked about you…he was clueless and when I asked him other questions, he didn’t know what I was speaking of as if he forgot everything that had happened this year. And Adrian…has the same problem” “…T-They…don’t…remember a thing?” “Yes…even you. Before Owen used to talk about you and I heard the same about Adrian but since last night, everything changed”

She started shaking, her eyes watering, and her body weakening. “I-I’m sorry…I can’t…I can’t take this” she turned around realizing that everything is in its worse again. She wanted to run but she couldn’t. She dragged herself to her house while her eyes brought out tears. Rain drops started to fall but she didn’t think of anything but how everything just fell down. She whispered “Why, why is it that every time I try to be happy…the world just won’t let me! WHY, I know all people have the same problem but just let me cry. I wished for it, it happened but why does it take so long to come but it takes so fast to disappear!” She wanted to accept the fact that her life will be like that forever, she can but stopping her tears from falling and the pain hurting more and more…is just not that easy to stop.

It started to rain, and she let herself be wet, her beanie wet, her jacket wet, her pants wet, everything. At least in the rain, no one would know she’s crying. She wanted to be alone, she doesn’t want anyone helping. When someone tried to help, life tries to push them away from her and she ends up again in the dark corner inside. Her heart covered in black and her mind overwhelmed with misery. She continued remembering every joy she had with those two, the moments she didn’t want to forget because it brought her joy but now, it’s brining her pain.

This is why in the first place she wanted to be alone because everyone she puts her happiness to just ends up away from her. She survived YEARS not depending on anyone with her emotions until the past months, and it didn’t end well…

She remembered their faces at the park, faces that looked at her as if she was a stranger…but she is…

She wasn’t angry at the world, she was angry at herself for being stubborn, for being too blind. She walked and walked in the rain. Thinking of nothing but feeling sadness. Looking back at her memories, she mostly had sad ones, that’s why her heart aches whenever her happiness just goes away like that, when people who makes her so much happy just disappears in a sudden. And now her joyful moments are becoming the root of the sadness overcoming her.

“Such a tough lady you are” she heard a male’s voice. She turned around and saw a stranger who had quite good looks. He got closer to her to get the umbrella over them two, and he asked “you have a bad day too?” she kept quiet and thought ‘here we go again’

The boy said “I take that as a yes, well we’re the same. I was carrying my books and I slipped off, and I got my butt wet, just look at it” he turned around and the girl saw his wet pants, she smiled. “Maybe I could escort you to your destination, you seem to have a worse day than I do” the girl frowned again and continued to walk. The boy caught up with her pace and silenced himself, and stared at the girl. They walked in silence for minutes and the boy stared at her the whole time. They finally arrived in front of her house, and the girl continued to walk while she heard the boy say “hope you have bright tomorrow!” she looked back and found him going on another way with a smile.

    The next day, in Adrian’s home, the doorbell rung, the maid opened it and found something on the mat that had a paper saying ‘to Adrian’. She brought it to Adrian, and he took it, it was a lucky charm he had when he was little. He gave a poker face and went to the backyard. He stood there holding the lucky charm up high. He looked at it closely but in the next few seconds, he threw it away like how easily he threw her out of his mind and heart.

Owen was standing right in front of his house and saw the lucky charm falling but it ended up on the road. He saw the lucky charm and saw how it was crushed by truck that passed by. After the truck passed by, it was in pieces, like how her heart became in pieces when he crushed her heart.

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