My love story

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Do true love exist in this world ? How does love evolve around time? Does true relationship exists? I always wanted to know the meaning of love and answer to above question?

Chapter 1 From my early school life I didn't used to believe in love. I always have felt that ???????? true love doesn't exist in this world ????. I didn't had any fate in love and my wish was never to be
in love with anyone. But every thing in this world doesnot workout only according to our believe. I used to think true relationship doesn't exist in this world ????until I met someone special. This
story is about that special person and me.. ?

This story begins in mid level school ???? when we were in grade 8. I met a girl who was cute and her laughter was so cute that anyone would have fallen for her. But I didn't used to talk to her much
but whenever I used to talk to her my whole world ???? used to revolve around her. To tell the truth I didn't used to talk to her much because I was jealous that she was already dating someone so I
never got close to her. For 2 years we were in the same class BuT every time I used to suppress my feeling for her and always moved on without telling her. Time ???? slowly and slowly past away until
we were in the final year of our school days. I was so happy to be in new class with new friends but my heart plumped when I saw her in my class. I was kind a happy at that moment.

Submitted: December 10, 2017

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Submitted: December 10, 2017



What love is?

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