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Just something off the top of my head. What I personally think about Trump's actions and saying. If you get hurt, then it's your problem, this is just from my point of view.

Submitted: December 10, 2017

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Submitted: December 10, 2017



We all know what happened a few days ago. Surprisinly, once again, Donald Trump did something that had a huge effect on the whole world. And a not-so-good effect. That hasn’t happened in a while, right? Why do I feel like every time I watch the news there is something about what he said or did and how everything’s going south because of it?

Personally I have nothing against Jerusalem being the capital of Israel. I don’t live there. I’ve never been there.

Not that I have anything against Jerusalem being the capital of Palestine.

I’m not going to bring my view of that so much into this text. I want to say that this whole thing is ridiculous.

When I first heard the news my first reaction was: ”Wow, that must start some kind of war.” I was in a car with my friends and said that this is not good. I don’t think most people think this is good.

The next morning, everyone in Palestine is furious. Did Trump not expect that? Did he think this would bring peace, like he said? No, it won’t. People are protesting, people are dying there because of what he said.

Does he realize that his words are heard by everyone and that he’s causing people’s deaths? That now Muslims in Israel or Palestine, whatever you want to call it, are killing people because of this.

Okay, the situation for some people is hopeless. Gaza, for example. People are not having enough food, the don’t have freedom. I think Israel is to blame for that but I do realize that they have to. Israel is a small Jewish state surrounded by people who don’t think it should be that way.

And what a surprise again, something Trump said is a reason why the United Nations had to have an emergency meeting. I feel like they’ve been having those a lot this past year.

Not to bash on Trump but come on. Sure, he’s trying to improve America’s industry and jobs. He’s talking about new health care. He’s making it sound like he’s the best with his constant Twitter war on CNN, other fake news and Hillary Clinton. Let it go already. How about you get your shit done and make the world a peaceful place instead of talking how the media talks like you’re not as good as you say?

Anyway, what I’m also trying to say is, is he actually a good president? A week or so ago he retweeted several videos of Muslims hurting other people. He has the trael ban from several countried with Muslims. Does he think all Muslims are shitbag terrorists? Because it seems like it and he isn’t afraid to share the propaganda.

Okay, I get that some Muslims are terrorists. But what about the majority? I know several Muslims, they’re my friends. They’re normal people. They don’t walk around with suicide vests. They go to school and work and enjoy time with their friends just like other people. Not all are bad. Every religious or whatever group of people have their good and bad people. Cristians are also serial killers. Mexicans are also decent people with morals. Stereotypes, people, come on. Don’t believe them. They’re ridiculous and only represent a minority of the group.

And leaders, people whose words and actions have consequenses, please think about what you say. Please realize that something you say may change people’s lives. Please realize something you do might not affect you but it will affect the rest of the world.

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