A Real Good Good Day Chapter 2.

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And here now we are up to chapter 2 of that cute story and again with Valerie and Justin,, Enjoy!!

Submitted: December 15, 2017

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A Real Good Good Day

By 2011Paramedic


Justin: (Voice) "Are you.wearing that lovely Ribbed white sweater?"


Valerie: (Laughs) "Sweetie, you know i always wear my beautiuful Ribbed white sweater to work every Wednesday cuz it's my favorite color that''s all!"


Justin (Voice) "Just Curious that's all!":


Valerie: "Yes, i know honey!"


(Then Valerie had a brilliant idea!)


(Male and Female Singers Soft Whispering Vocals as the fast pace jive music resumes playing:) (Tu Tu Tu Tu, Froo Froo Froo Froo, Tu Tu, Doo Doo, Yeah, Yeah!) 2 times


Valerie: "Sweetie, do you wanna go shopping this weekend Saturday and Sunday at Taffy's and Charlie's with me? we could buy groceries and have lunch at a nearby snack bar too?!"


Justin: (Voice) "Ok sure, why not? we can do that!!"


Valerie: "Ok Yes, beautuiful! we will do that!!"


Valerie: "And you and me will spend two nights at my sister's place and have fun and make love all day in the warm afternoon sun as well!!!!"


Justin: (Voice) "That will be great, talk to you later!"


Valerie: "Ok Sweetie, see you tonight and we will talk about it, i love you!!"


Justin: (Voice) "Me too!"


Valerie: "Beautiful!" "See you!"


(Valerie then hangs up the phone and happily went off to work!!!!)


(Valerie Giggling Happily as our story continues)


Valerie: "Beautiful!!!!" "Whoo!!!!"


(Male and Female Singers:) (Doo Doo!!)


(Valerie with her sleeveless red dress smiling happily with the glowing candles around her looks at us as our story continues)


To be continued






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