Life of a Necromancer

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A short story about a highschool kid who also happens to be a Necromancer. A Necromancer is someone who can raise the dead, but in this story, he has a few extra powers even he didn't know about.
This is currently a work in progress.

Submitted: December 10, 2017

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Submitted: December 10, 2017



I was on my way to school as per usual. Looking around at the dead leaves on the ground, as October was just around the corner. I saw the school, just a few blocks ahead. The bus rushing by me, kicking up the leaves as a gust of cool wind blows through my black hair. I looked over at the rising sun, the sky turning a warm orange color. I still have ten minutes before I need to get to class. I started walking a little faster, don’t want to risk being late. Not like the teachers or students would notice, but I still want to be able to pass all these tests. Because everyone knows High school is known for its tests. I hear the crunch of the leaves under my feet, looking down at my black shoes and pulling out my MP3 player, pausing the song and pulling out my earbuds and tucking them in the front of my shirt as I walk up the steps to the front door of the school.

 I walked in and looked around at the students heading to class with their breakfast in hand. Some holding a multitude of juices, some holding corn dogs. Must be what’s for breakfast. I walk to class, the student walking around me, avoiding me like the black plague. Like I had my own bubble five feet around me and whoever crossed it would die. The teachers wouldn’t even look me in the eyes. They avoided me as much as the students, maybe it was all the dark clothes, but who knows. I wore black shirts, black jeans, black shoes, my earbuds being a contrasting white however. I made it to class with five minutes to spare. I sat in the corner of the room, getting my book out for English class. The seats all around me were empty, so the teacher had to get close to me often to hand me papers. It was until she put a folder on the wall beside me that contained all the papers we would need for that day. I would always look at the papers early, do them, then have a few minutes at the end of class to either read, or do whatever I wished. I would normally read ahead in our book, but on occasion, I would think about more formulas to try out at home. The bell rang, its deafening ring. The bell always made my ears hurt when it went off. The pitch was too high for me. I tried to take it up with the principal, but he merely dismissed me. He, just like everyone else, is scared of me. Even when it comes to punishments when I do something wrong, he can’t even hold his composure long enough to give me a detention. Like when I walked out of my Art class, he simply told me to get back to class. The teacher’s voice snapped me back into reality. Like a flash of light, I looked toward the front of the room. She’s talking about the book we are currently reading. Of Mice And Men, but she’s near the beginning of the book. I already am half way through it. She is one of my favorite teachers, while she still treats me like my other teachers, she acknowledges my existence. She will call on me to read, or answer questions. She’s a pretty woman, long brown hair, mystical hazel eyes, her skin a fine tanned color, and to my surprise, no ring on her finger. She’s very kind to all of her students, even me. She’s one teacher I actually will listen to, unlike my science teacher. She starts asking the class questions about how far they have read, then she points to me.
“Necro. How far have you read? Are you liking the book?” None of the class turns to look at me, merely looking down at their desks, like I’m some medusa like creature. I respond in a dark tone,

 “I’m on page 47, so far it’s an interesting story. I look forward to reading more of it.” She smiled a pure, innocent smile, then nodding. Like I was happy with what she said. I wanted to smile, but I forced myself to keep my blank, emotionless expression. Class continues uneventfully, me getting done five minutes early. I pull out a small notebook with all my notes from home in it. I study and think hard on them before the ear piercing bell goes off. Forcing me to wince and cover my ears. I wait a few seconds before putting my things away to make sure the bell had stopped. I picked up my bag, my book bag gray and black, heading out the door. Kids waited for me to leave first, bundling themselves away from the door. Those who did leave first, bolted out the door like their lives depended on it. I started toward my next class, history. We were covering World War 2, talking mostly about how many casualties there were. Watching a video to help explain. My class, again, avoided me. The teacher was a slightly bald man. He had a spot on the top of his head that was void of hair, but on the sides and back, he had short, dark brown hair. He was a little over weight, and also liked to pretend I didn’t exist. However, I was stuck near the front of the class this time. A girl sat directly beside me, as the desks in this class were set up as two rows right up against each other, then a gap, then two more rows, then a gap, then two more rows. She seemed extremely uneasy, jumping when I would reach for anything on my desk. The teacher told us to get out our notebooks and take notes on the casualties and what caused them. I reached for my pencil at the edge of my desk in the holder and she, once again, jumped. I looked over at her, mildly annoyed. I said, in the softest, kindest voice I could muster,

 “You know, you don’t have to be scared of me.” She looked back at me, shaking slightly. I sighed and started to write the notes that the video provided. She started to write too, and stopped shaking shortly after I focused on my notes. I felt a sudden surge of pain go through my head, I groaned and tried focusing, but I couldn’t. I put my head down, listening to the video when the girl beside me shook me, putting her hand on my shoulder. I opening one eye and looked at her, she quickly took her hand off me and she spoke quietly,

 “Are you okay Necro?” Her sweet little voice made me sit up, ignoring my head ache. I look at her in awe, as no one really attempted to talk to me. I nodded and she asked another question, “What’s wrong with your eye?” I gasped, covering my left eye with my hand.

 “Nothing, just my contact.” I bluffed but she seemed to buy it, looking back at the video. I closed my eye and focused on the video once again, taking notes quickly to make up for lost time. I cursed to myself, making sure no one heard me. My eye was acting up again. At least my head ache stopped, but now I have a different problem. I pulled my eye patch out of my bag, and slipped it on. It was black, with a radiation symbol in green on top. I started hearing whispering around the class, concerning me, and what was wrong with me. The teacher ignored me completely and sat at his desk, playing on his phone. Like his class didn’t even matter, he didn’t care. The bell rang it’s ear piercing ring once again and I rushed out the door and headed toward the cafeteria.

 In this school, lunch was your free time. You had an hour to do whatever you pleased as long as you stayed in your area and obeyed the rules. You don’t have to eat, they don’t care whether you do or not. I rushed myself toward the technology room, down the hall to the right, make a left, make another right at the commons, and the room is to the right, an open door most of the time. The commons is an area for the highschool kids to stay and do things with each other. Whatever teens do, I doubt they do experiments with the undead. I headed into the technology room and hid under the table. The teacher gave me a slight smile and asked,
“Necro? What are you doing now?” I looked back blankly at her.
“Hiding.” I looked toward the door.
“Is he bothering you again? I can get him to stop.” She looked at me with a look of worry and slight anger.
“No, it’s fine. If I was allowed to stop him I would.” It’s true. If I wanted to stop him, I easily could. But the school doesn’t need to know about me and I don’t need to get into more trouble.
“Well, I can get him to stop without getting you in trouble.”

 “I told you, it’s fine.” I crawl out from under the table and a sharp pain courses through my head to my chest. Spreading out through my arms and legs. I immediately cover my eye before realizing the eye patch was still on. I shake my head and head out of the room. I hear the teacher laughing quietly as I left. When I exited the room I heard the one thing I feared most, a kid yelling my name.
“Oh, Necro!” The way he said it, merely once, already annoyed me. A group of three boys approached me, two I pay no attention to. The leader Takashi is who I worry about. He puts his arm around me and attempts to crush me with his arm. I wince slightly at his grip before speaking.

 “What now.” My voice in dark and monotone. When he comes around I can feel myself almost losing control. Like I wouldn’t care what happened. I hold myself together and take a deep breath.

 “Did ya bring any money today? I could use a donation.” He reached his hands in my pockets and flipped them inside out. My pockets were empty and I could feel him getting upset. “Nothing? What did I tell you last time about not having money.” He had talked to me about this before and has threatened to beat me. I have no reason to fear this idiot.
“You said you would kill me, right?” My voice picks up slightly as I try to keep my composure.

 “Right, now, I’m a man to keep my promises. But if I kill you, you can’t be my little piggy bank anymore. So I’ll go for breaking your bones.” He gets a sinister look on his face as he picks me up by my shirt and pins me to a wall, my feet a few inches off the ground. He drops me to the ground and throws a punch toward my face. I move my head to the left and he hits the wall. He shows no immediate reaction, but I can tell that hurt him. He then goes to hit my stomach, but I catch his hand and look up at him.

 “Do you really think you can hurt me?” The other kids in the commons start to crowd around us. Most of them rooting for Takashi to hurt me, because no one cheers for the weird kid who doesn’t even seem human. He picks me up again and slams me into the wall, forcing me to take a sharp inhale from my shoulder blades hitting the wall.

 “You think you’re so tough, huh. We’ll see just how tough you are.” He goes to punch me again but I catch his hand and begin to crush it. Putting all my force into my hand. I may not be strong, but I’m smart and have some decent muscles on me. He groans and backs off, looking at his hand. As soon as I look up I step forward quickly and put my hand around his neck forcing him down to the right on the ground. I look down at him and he quickly gets back up. I hear some female voice from the crowd yell,

 “Stop! Please, I can’t watch this!” A girl emerges from the crowd, the girl from history class earlier. My eyes widen and she steps in front of me, putting her back to me.

 “Don’t hurt him, he’s just misunderstood.” Takashi gets up and wipes his mouth with his sleeve.

 “So what if I do. Are you his sick girlfriend or something.” She looks at him, clearly annoyed.

 “No, I’m not. I’m just standing up for the innocent.” I hear the principal coming toward me, his heavy footsteps clearly identifiable.

 “Takashi, in my office. Now.” He says, he merely glances at me before Takashi goes with him. The girl who defended me leaves along with the crowd, glancing back at me as she goes. I look at the clock, there’s forty five more minutes before the next class. I just hope nothing more happens.

 As I hoped, nothing happened. The forty five minutes pass uneventfully. One strange thing had happened at the last five minutes. I walked by the commons once more toward the office. There was a girl, who I had never seen before. She seemed about the age to be a student. I heard something about a transfer. Does that mean she’s transferring here? She turned around, and I don’t believe in love at first sight, or love at all, but she was beautiful. Long, brown hair. Crystal blue eyes that almost glowed in the light. Even her eyelashes were perfect. Everything about her, but I kept walking and looked down at the ground. I can’t let a girl get in my way. My experiments at home require my attention anyway. My next class is Geometry. My best subject so far, I always thought it was easy, but when you’re me, nothing is difficult. I find myself thinking about that transfer student every few minutes. I wonder what her name could be, what her voice sounds like, I bet it’s just as perfect as her. I shake my head and continue on my work. I finish all my work about five minutes early as usual. Looking at the clock, waiting for the time to run out, putting my headphones on to block out the bell sound. I head to my last class, Health. It’s a fairly easy class, just take good notes and you’ll pass the tests. Of course I just get a copy of notes from the teacher and have to copy them into my own notebook. No complaints, less thinking for me. I copy down all the notes I need and end up with an extra twenty minutes. The secretary woman at the office walks in and stands at the side of the room by the door.

 “Excuse me. We have a new student today. Avery.” I roll my eyes and rummage through my bookbag, pulling out the notebook of chemicals for my experiments as I read them over. I hear murmurs from the teacher telling the girl where to sit and I see shoes go by me, and I happen to look up at the face, to recognize the familiar face and hair of the girl from earlier. The beauty from the office, so I guess this means her name is Avery. Might want to keep that in mind. Wait, who am I kidding, I need to focus on my research. The dead won’t revive themselves. If they could my existence would be unnecessary. I felt my heart skip a beat as I heard her settle down behind me. She’s actually sitting near me, in the “Red Zone” as the kids call it. The group of seats around me that always remain empty. What is she thinking? No matter, I pack up my notebook and lay my head down on my arms against the desk. The time passes quickly as I’m disturbingly awakened by the ear piercing bell. I groan as I sit up and throw my backpack over my shoulder. The weight of it flinging around me, almost knocks me off my balance and I grab the desk to keep me steady. Avery behind me laughs and puts her hand on my arm, as if to try and catch me.

 “Are you okay?” She continues to laugh as she speaks. Her lighthearted laugh made me feel butterflies in my stomach. Goosebumps crawled all over my skin, up my arms and down my legs. I nodded and she walked by me, heading out the door. I was the last one out as all the other kids took the opportunity of me being distracted to dart out the door. I headed out to my bus and sat in a seat by myself. My usual seat. How can I tell it’s my seat? The chemical compounds scratched into the wall of the seat. I ride home, starting to pass out against the window. I start to dream of my experiments at home going berserk and destroying all my equipment. I open my eyes quickly and jerk my head up, looking around. We are still a few minutes from my house, but I don’t dare go back to sleep. I have a bad feeling about something going on.

 As soon as the bus gets me home, I get off and walk up to the door. I slowly open it and nothing seems immediately wrong. Dad is sitting in his chair and I hear Mom in the kitchen. I run to the basement and as I suspected, Experiment #218 got out and was messing around in the lab. He wasn’t destroying anything or hurting any of the other Experiments, but he knows he’s not suppose to be out. I walk up to him, and I feel my eye starting to glow as I take my eyepatch off.

 “218!” I yell. He turns and looks at me. “What the hell are you doing out?” He looks around for a second as all the other Experiments are still in their cages then shrugs.

 Ehhh” He says is a sad tone.

 “What do you mean?”

 Mmmm, Ughhhh”

 “You know, I’ll forget it for now, help me get your brothers and sisters out.” He nods and starts to help me unlock the rest of the cages. The Experiments start to roam around the lab as I get to my desk and start working out the next formula. I am close to completing it, I just need to figure out why it works on the male zombies, but not the female ones. I have a strong clue it has something to do with the chemical Estrogen. Part of this serum is a steroid type chemical, but without any negative counter effects. At least not for the dead. One of the female zombies, #36, comes over beside me.

 “Necrooo.” I hear her whine. She presses her head against my back. #36 was a seventeen year old girl who died in a car crash from glass impaling her heart. Or something such as that, and I managed to get her to be able to talk. She’s one of the few who can. The rest just groan like zombies. “When is this thing supposed to be done?”

 “It should be soon. I just need to find what’s causing such discomfort on the girls. Then it’s finished.” I peer through a microscope and look at the serum. Hoping to see something strange, but to my luck, nothing. There’s nothing peculiar about the solution. “Excuse me, #36? Think you can help me with something?” She looks at me excitedly and does a small hop.

 “Of course Necro. What is it?” I pick up the solution with a needle and inject her arm, then take a step back. She immediately begins holding her head and groaning. “Owwww, what was in that?”

 “I don’t know entirely, that’s what I’m trying to figure out.” I put the needle on my desk and put one arm against the back of her knees and the other against her back, picking her up. Being undead makes you weigh only about half as much. I carry her back to her cage with her bed and put her down. She continues to whine and groan as her head begins to hurt more. I put my hand against her head when I set her down, she’s clearly overheating, a fever. “I’m sorry #36. I still have work to do it seems.” As I turn to leave she grabs my arm and refuses to let go. I try and jerk free, but not wanting to be forceful. “What are you doing?”

 “Don’t leave Necrooo.” She whines, almost making me feel bad. I stop and turn back to look at her. She’s looking at me almost with puppy dog eyes.

 “I can only imagine how needy you were when you were alive.”

 “I dunno, but you need to stay with me.” I groan now, but from annoyance instead of pain. I pull a chair over to me and sit down beside her until she falls asleep. The rest of the Experiments head into their beds as they realize it’s ten at night. Today has gone by fast, incredibly fast. I head upstairs to my room after locking all the containment cells and flop into bed. I tightly grip the pillows as I think of tomorrow, the cold pillow cases against the left side of my face. I turn onto my back and look at the ceiling. The paint is a dark blue, almost black. The wall a similar color, a window by my bed and a busted light bulb by the door on the ceiling. Just from my bed I can see the filament in the bulb, it’s clearly burned out. I need to get a new one at some point, but then again I’m not in here that much. It’s about an hour before I pass out on my bed. Then I enter what I call the dreamscape. A world where all my dreams and nightmares live. Let’s see what it has in store for me tonight.

 The details of the dark world surround me. I can already tell this is a nightmare scape. Only bad things are going to happen, I need to be on my guard. Before I can even get a look at my surroundings, something  wraps itself around me and holds my arms down. It picks me up and throws me forward a few feet. I roll as I hit the ground and get to my feet, turning around to see some sort of plant monster. Green ooze leaking from it’s vines, thorns covering it. I can see it’s rooted down to the ground, so at least it can’t move. Before I can make a move to attack, I feel the ground under me move, a vine shoots up and knocks me into the air twenty five or thirty feet in the air. I feel sharp pains on my inner thigh and up my legs to my chest. I look down and land on my back. The air was knocked out of me and I can’t bare to stand. I look down at my chest and legs, my clothes are torn and my skin is a bright red. Blood coming out slowly. It didn’t pierce the skin very deep, but this thing means business. I get up slowly to see one of its vines rushing me. I jump to the side and grab this things vine, pulling back on it, but the creature picks me up again and slams me to the ground. I can hear myself internally scream as I cough, a warm liquid covering my mouth and cheeks. I get up as it lets me go, and start to run toward it. It’s vines start to rush me again, but this time I make an effort to dodge them. Making sharp left and right jumps. Some vines attacking me from the ground, one scraping my leg again. The sharp pain knocks me to my knees, I’m so close to the body of the plant, only a few feet away. I feel one of its vines creep up my leg slowly as I crawl toward it. It picks me up by one leg and hangs me upside down. I reach one arm out to the plant as I feel warm blood go up my legs and soaking what bit of shirt I had left. It dropped me and I got up slowly, walking toward it. I reach the main body of the plant and put one hand on it. It’s dense, but leafy. Clearly a plant, but somehow it’s more.

 “Calm down, I don’t want to hurt you.” The plant seemed to understand as it’s vines retreated back into the ground and to its side. I groan and fall backward, too hurt to continue standing. My muscles looked like they were torn. It cut me deeply, but as I lay down, I feel myself start to wake up. Return to consciousness. When I wake up I look out the window at the dark night sky. I check the position of the moon. Yup, it’s time to get up. I crawl out of bed, feeling the pain from my nightmare course through my veins. I almost fall to the ground immediately, but I start walking toward the door. I make my way slowly to the basement, hearing some of my Experiments groaning as they waited for me. I unlocked their cages one by one, letting them out and go whatever they want. After all the cages are unlocked I go check on 36. I’m worried that the serum might have hurt her too much. I walk over to her bed. Her hair's a mess and she’s breathing slow, so she’s still asleep. I finger comb her hair to try and fix it, but she starts to wake up. She rolls over to face me and smiles slightly.

 “Morning Necro.” She says wearily.

 “36.” I say, nodding to her. She extends her arms toward me, wrapping them around me. Her arms are cold, but that’s normal for the undead, however, I couldn’t shake the feeling something was wrong. I wrap my arms around her and pat her back gently.

 “Can you leave my cage unlocked, just in case? I still don’t feel really good.” She looks up at me, puppy dog eyes, the whole deal.

 “Yes, just don’t unlock any of the others.” 36 had her own cell, so she’d be the only one out. I shouldn’t have anything to worry about, she’s trustworthy. Last time I let her out on her own the only thing she did was lay in my room and play with my pillows. I check to make sure all the Experiments are in their cages and start to lock back up. After getting the last one locked, I see 36, still in bed. She must still be suffering from that serum. I shouldn’t have tested it on her unless I was sure. I can’t be hurting my Experiments like this anymore. I’ll have to start testing these serums on myself. Only problem is, this serum is only having problems on the girls. The boys are fine, so I’ll have to be more careful is all. I open the door at the top of the steps and quietly shut it. I walk toward the front door and grab my shoes and backpack. Throwing them on and heading out the door before I hear a groan from behind me. I turn around to see my father.

 Ugghhh” He says, clearly tired.

 “What is it Father?” I ask, already knowing the answer. He groans and holds up one of his bottles. “I’m not old enough, besides, I have to get to school.” He squints his eyes disapprovingly at me. I head out the door and shut it behind me while I hear my father groan inside. I couldn’t help but chuckle. I take note of the constellations in the sky. I can see Orion almost directly over me, clearly visible. I start heading toward the school. The trees multicolored as October arrived. The first of October, on of the prettiest times of the year, not to mention it involves the best celebration of the year. People usually treat me like a human that night, because even if my eye starts to glow, they think it’s merely special effects. The bus rushes by as I approach the school. I can see the kids gets off, normally I don’t get here until the bus is already gone. So either I’m early, or the bus is late. Either way, I can see the bus rush off as I head up the steps to the front doors. When I walk in I see Avery at the front office. She seems confused trying to find her home room, so I walk in and the office worker almost cowers in fear before she speaks quietly, keeping her head down.

 “Did you need something Necro?” I stay by the door and look at Avery. She smiles at me and asks,

 “Do you know where my homeroom is?” I check her schedule and it seems like her home room is my math teacher’s room. I nod to her and head down the hallway by the office and take her to the room. She thanks me before heading in. She stops in the doorway and turns to look at me. “You’re name is Necro, right? Is that what the office lady said?” I nodded and she held her hand out to me. “My names Avery, nice to meet you Necro.” I shook her hand and my head started hurting again.

 “Likewise.” I responded. As soon as I let go of her hand the pain seemed to disappear. I headed to my home room and sat in my seat as the bell rang. I was a little late today. Normally I get here a minute or two before the bell rings. I pull my headphones off and look at the teacher, who strangely has his eye on me. Most teachers can barely stand to make eye contact with me, but he seems intent on it. He started talking about his trip to mount Everest, which he had done a few times before. Nothing interesting about it anymore. After the bell rings I head to my next class, then the next. Nothing interesting ever really happens until lunch.

 I’ve had Avery on my mind all morning, I don’t know what’s wrong with me. No human being has ever rendered me this intoxicated. I find myself thinking about her any free second I have, and now I’m debating whether to go find her or not. But as fate would have it, the local bully Takashi shows up. By himself which is unusual, he normally has a few back up people. Not like three of those idiots could take me on anyway. He rears his fist back and prepares to hit me. I step to the side and put one leg behind him, pushing him backward and tripping him. I get on his stomach as he’s laying on his back, pinning his arms down. He can barely struggle. Another group of kids surround us, some of them laughing as he struggles to try and get free. He yells curse words at me, swearing to kill my family.

 “Necro! You bastard, I’ll murder everyone you love you worthless fuck!” He spit in my face and I looked down at him. I could see the discoloration of purple on his face as my eye glowed brighter.

 “Everyone I loved is already dead. And clearly you’re too weak to kill me, so maybe you should try and get stronger before challenging me again.” He stops and looks at me, with surprise and hints of fear in his eyes. I get up off of him and he slowly gets to his feet before walking away. The bell gets ready to ring as I grab my stuff and head to my next class.

 I can feel anger in my head and arms the rest of the day. Like I want to hurt someone or something. These poor little children don’t know what they are getting into with me. One thing I’m worried about is with the fights I’ve been getting into recently if they will call a higher force on me such as the police. Wouldn’t matter, even the donut eating slackers at the police station wouldn’t be able to stop me. When I get home, I need to work on something different. My Experiments can wait, I need to power myself up with a different serum. Or at least train what little abilities I do have. When the last bell rings, I pick up my stuff and feel something grab my hand as I get ready to head for the door. It was Avery. I wanted to jerk away and just get home, but she wouldn’t let go. I turned to face her, and she seemed worried. She pulled me closer to her and looked into my eyes as they started glowing again.

 “What’s up with your eyes?” She asks. She’s not the only one to ask, but she is the only one to ask me directly.

 “Nothing, it’s just a disorder.” Of course it’s not, but I can’t trust her just yet. This happens anytime I’m either over exerting my powers, or when I get over emotional. As for why they are glowing now, I’m unsure. I don’t feel angry when I’m with her. She lets go of me and smiles.

 “That’s so cool. We should hang out sometime.” I feel my heart skip a beat and look at her slightly confused.

 “What did you have in mind?” I feel my heart start to race and my palms getting sweaty.

 “I wanna meet your family. So, can I come over tomorrow after school?” She smiles and seems excited for me to say yes.

 “Of course, feel free.” I feel something in my stomach, like something is flying around. It’s an interesting feeling. She hugs me, and I keep my hands at my sides, unsure what to do. After a few seconds she lets go and looks at me.

 “Can you write down your address so I can find you?” I nod and write my address down on a piece of paper and watch her skip out the door. She seems too happy and peppy for this reality we call life. She’s going to get hit in the face with a frying pan sooner or later. I then immediately realize a problem. If she comes over, she’s going to see my parents, which are essentially zombies, then see all my Experiments which are also zombies. This can’t be good, why am I so stupid to agree to this. I should have said no, I can very easily get in trouble with the federal government. Being a Necromancer isn’t exactly normal. As I run out to the bus, I can feel my brain facepalming. I’ll need to somehow hide my parents and keep my Experiments in the basement and quiet. The Experiments should be easy, but my parents might not be too keen on the idea of being locked up somewhere. I don’t know what to do, but for now I need to focus making a new serum to improve my magic abilities. I can feel the nagging of tomorrow in the back of my mind, gnawing away at my sanity. What little bit of it is left anyway.

 When I get home I run through the door, looking at my Father in his usual place on the leather chair.

 “Father! I made a mistake. I need help.” I yell running through the door. He doesn’t respond, his eyes closed and his body slouched down in the chair. I walk over to him. “Father?” I see a familiar shine from behind him as a whiskey bottle falls down from his chair and shatters on the floor. I sigh. “Father, what the hell. I thought maybe you wouldn’t be drinking at some point. I’ll go talk to Mom.” I run into the kitchen, I can smell some sort of pasta. I’m almost certain it’s spaghetti. I run in to see Mom cooking the spaghetti in a large pot. I can tell she just started, as the spaghetti is still in its long, fragile state. “Mother, can I talk to you?” She gives me a look of confusion. “I told a girl she could come down and visit me tomorrow, but I don’t think she’s going to be okay with you and Father. You know, the whole… Dead thing.” She smiles and it makes my heart warm up. She puts a hand on my shoulder and groans.

 Ughhh.” I laugh.

 “Thanks Mom. I might need you and Father to stay in your room tomorrow when she comes over.” My mother nods and goes back to stirring the pot. I dart into the basement to get to work with my new serum.

 When I make it downstairs, I can see 36 walking around, looking at my chemicals. I stop and watch her, trying to catch her doing something she’s not suppose to. Strangely, she does nothing. She always came across to me as the mischievous type. She returns to her bed and flops down on her belly. I continue walking downstairs and head over to her. She springs up when she hears my footsteps.

 “Welcome baaaaack.” She gets up and hugs me, and I wrap my arms around her cold waist. I let go as she does and take a quick look at her.

 “You seem to be doing better. Did the serum finally wear off?” She nods and lays back down on her bed.

 “It wore off not too long after you left, so I’ve just been kinda, walking around and looking at stuff.” She gives a nervous smile.
“Did you touch anything?” I give her a stern look, which seems to scare her.

 “No.” She didn’t sound very certain.

 “Fine, fine. But you need to stay in bed for now. I assume you’ve already cleaned up?” She nods and gets up to hug me again. I put one hand on her shoulder to keep her back. “I just said to stay in bed. Didn’t I?” Her arms droop sadly to her sides. I sigh and open my arms. She jumps into my arms, almost knocking me over.

 “Thank you Necro!” She yells in my ear. I ignore it and smile at her as she lays back down in her bed. I exit her cage and hesitate to shut the door. I end up leaving it open and head over to my lab area. My next step is improving my magic abilities. As for right now, I can only create small platforms for minimal use. I can keep them stable at least. Like when I used one as a barrier for head butting Takashi. I know that a Necromancer’s power can be much greater. Even developing Psychokinesis, or the ability to alter and move objects without physically touching them.


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