Random Cheshire Thoughts 12/10

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Mad thought run through my mind like ButterFlies fly through the garden. Listen to my talks and let it entrance you, And bring you to the madness level that will enable you to meet the Hatter.

Submitted: December 10, 2017

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Submitted: December 10, 2017



I sit. 

I wait. 

My shadowy branch. 

My tree. From which I hunt. 

I hunt for newcomers in the land. 

The ones that don't belong. 

I will disturb them, just as I did with Alice.

They will soon be mad enough to survive. 

Maybe mad enough to find their way to the Hatter... He can corrupt their minds more. 

I don't know, I've had a cat nap since, but I might not have said. 

The Hatter is my lover. 

As confident as I seem, Through and yonder disapearing, showing my fangs off...

I can never make it through the gossiping flowers, to him. 

So I send him letters, telling him as he replies of how nice it would be if I could curl in his lap while he hosts a tea party. 

I wish I could much on sugar cubes, but the damn Flowers....

I sit. And I hunt. 

I see no one. 

No one aproaching from the Rabbit hole...

I see nothing. 

Guess It's time to dissapear again. 

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