She Could Not Be Saved

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She'd always been just out of his grasp. This time, he really lost her.

Submitted: December 11, 2017

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Submitted: December 11, 2017



As he climbs the stairs to the roof he can hear footsteps from above. Purposeful and steady. He quietens his own. 
The metal door clangs shut, locking from the outside. He rushes to the window. She's walking toward the parapet. 
He smashes against the door. Again. 
She's climbing up the parapet, hurriedly now, but not looking back. She knows it's him. 
As she stands on the parapet he smashes through. 
He sees her step forward as he's lunging toward her, screaming with all his breath.
He catches her.
He is strong, but not strong enough. He's slipping forward. She sees it. 
Before she can reach up, he loses his balance. 
The world rushes upwards.
He can't see or hear anything. She's wrapped her arms around his head, burying it in her chest. 
A soft-spoken wish: Live. 
She takes the impact.

He'll never play sports again. But he is alive. 
She'll never draw again. She's not alive anymore. 
He's not discharged from the hospital yet, and misses her funeral. All his visitors express their admiration for his heroism, hiding their pity. 
He knows he failed. 

He dreams about her in black and white. They're flying through the endless void of a sky. No ground below to break them, no parapet to fall from. 
She's always out of reach. 
But one night he dreams the same thing, and she turns toward him in midair. Everything stops. They float. 
She's smiling. 
S: Live. 
H: How? I failed to rescue you.
S: No. You saved me. 
H: You're dead.
S: In my last moments, I was finally alive. I had a purpose - to make sure you lived on. 
They're slowly spiralling around each other. 
H: Come back. 
S: You gave me a reason to wish I could. 
H: Please. I want to be with you. 
He can feel light approaching. The dream is ending. 
H: Just for one more minute. 
He reaches out to her.

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