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A modern day beauty and the beast.

Submitted: December 11, 2017

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Submitted: December 11, 2017



It would be considered nearly unfathomable that they even met. With interests that diverted widely from each other and areas of work had the relationship alike to that between a flower and the quantum law of physics, the chance that they could even make an acquaintance was as slim as a feather. It happened through a confusing web of connections.

At one glance one could tell she was a church-going girl who worked a sophisticated job as a healthcare professional, currently smoothly avoiding the topic of marriage not only with her parents but also with the numerous suit-and-tie men in pursuit of her. At one glance at him, one would rather not glance at him again, lest this mental case of a monster found it rude.

There was nothing, it seemed, that he was scared of. Not only tough but slightly eccentric, he feared nothing. Yet when he met her he felt terribly afraid to associate with her at all, as if his presence would suffocate and contaminate her pure aura, causing her to fragment and decay. She, however, felt slightly drawn to his brisk movements and limited but strong language. When she observed him quietly and carefully it felt like looking through the door that led to another world that was completely foreign and full of the unknown. When they made eye contact, there was a disorientating clash between spirits.

After they met, some nights he would lay sprawled on his mattress, head whirring with thoughts of her gentle, fluid movements and polite, fluent way of talking, that left him profoundly aroused. He felt frustrated at the sudden entrance of an untouchable muse that occupied his thoughts constantly, nearly impeding on his sub consciousness as she slinked gracefully into his dreams, replacing his other-worldly nightmares.

When they met again through random circumstances, he summoned the courage to talk to the angel. Their mutual friend was utterly appalled at his move to initiate an actual conversation. Of course, his speech was awkward, in quick and fragmented phrases. Although she unconsciously had both her slim, fair arms in front of her, her eyes gleamed with interest. He had no skills in holding a conversation at all. However, having even taken lessons, read books on and attended lectures on interpersonal relations, she effortlessly kept the relationship going.

When they had become what people would call friends, she visited his house to see the various gadgets that he was so passionate about. Two large huskies lunged for her from behind the door, barking ferociously. Slightly taken aback, she composed herself and called him. The sound of numerous things being knocked over and several curses escaping from his mouth was followed by him pushing the dogs aside and opening the door. Subtly glancing at the two growling dogs flanking him, she greeted him with a warm smile. “Come in, come in.” He stuttered, slightly flustered. It was very cosy inside, with books on tables and canned food on bookshelves. Advertisements and discounts for various forms of technology were strewn across the couch, which she delicately set aside when he commanded her to sit from the bedroom.

One of the huskies had lost interest, but the other approached her slowly. She grew slightly tense and thought of calling out for him, but did not want to make any sudden moves. The husky put its paw on her forearm firmly, surprising her. She held her breath for a moment. Upon entering the room, he hastily called its name and it immediately put some distance between itself and her, but because of the its sudden withdrawal it left a red streak on her pale soft skin. The colour of the wound contrasted darkly with her smooth, unmarked skin, shocking him. He panicked, fussing over her. The porcelain doll had been broken.

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