Wonderland's Missing Tock

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Hully's back in Wonderland!

A short story told in poetic form.

Submitted: December 11, 2017

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Submitted: December 11, 2017



Wonderland’s Missing Tock


I’m tucked up safe inside my bed when something rubs against my toes,

and when I don’t respond enough it goes and nips my nose.


I open up my eyes and try to shake away confusion,

for a moment, I think I’m still asleep and this is a delusion;


for standing there in front of me, her paws now on my chin,

is the Sleepy Dormouse -- I don’t know how she could get in.


She scampers to my pillow and she whispers in my ear,

the sense of some great urgency is very, very clear.


I’ll have to get up, accompany her, there’s a crisis in the land;

that place of total Wonder is in need of my helping hand.


The path is now familiar and the rabbit hole is waiting,

I almost run straight past it for on ice my feet are skating.


I fling myself right down there, the world is topsy-turvy swirled,

until I land back on my feet, to Wonderland I’m hurled.


The rabbit’s standing waiting, with pure panic on his face,

something most peculiar has happened to this place.


He holds his watch out to me and then with a kind of shock

the reality, it hits me – Wonderland has lost its Tock.


The sound of ticking hits my ears, but the hands won’t move one bit,

without the tock the seconds pause time itself is split.


There is a sense of crisis for this night is Christmas Eve,

the worst time for this to happen, so I’m told and I believe;


Christmas here in Wonderland, is brought about by magic,

one second gone past midnight, so the loss of time is tragic.


The world is bathed in darkness and it’s hard for me to see

until the arrival of the fairies, who will search along with me.


There’s Hatter in the distance, on his hat there is a torch,

he’s searching all round Rabbits house, and underneath his porch.


Cheshire, he comes bounding up, then turns and runs away;

I know without a need to ask, he does not want to play.


The air is filled with tenseness, every one beset with worry;

we really need to find this tock, and we sure need to hurry.


The soldiers are patrolling, studying each flower,

just in case it’s hiding there, or trapped by floral power.


The Palace lights are all aglow – they will be searching every corner,

maybe just as hard at work but certainly much warmer.


For here today it’s rather cold, there is a bitter chill,

like something evil’s lurking, something that’s up to ill.


I join right in and start to search but then with a kind of shock

I realize I would not recognize that naughty little Tock.


The Rabbit is perspiring, the time is almost gone,

for Wonderland to miss this – it just has to be so wrong.


I’ll crawl along the borders, and I’ll climb up every tree,

no matter that I’m slipping and that I have skinned a knee.


But listen, there’s a cackle. There’s a croak and then a caw,

something quite malevolent is right behind that door.


I look around and see the fear; I approach the door and knock,

no one opens it for me but I can’t see a lock.


I reach out, grab the handle, give it a firm twist,

something flies close past my head – it barely even missed.


It’s dark inside but I can search for there’s an eerie glow,

I’ll have a real good look around but I’ll have to take it slow.


And then I see a movement of a tiny little bug,

it tells me that it’s name is Tock – I give it such a hug.


Now off to take this bug back home, and let Christmas time arrive;

if I can find the Rabbit it should just about survive.


The Tick is getting weaker for it’s missing so, that Tock,

but quickly it is put inside that very special clock.


And at that very instant, the air sparkles and it glows,

the magic of this Christmas is playing out before my nose.


The presents, they come raining down, they pour straight from the sky,

the ground, it is awash with them, I’m telling you no lie.


Everyone hugs everyone, the Hatter, he hugs me,

I know now is the very time that I should go and flee.


I make my way back to the hole, the Hatter runs there too;

he hands to me a package; “A Wonderland gift for you!”


I take that present in my hand, I give to him a kiss;

it’s time I was departing this place I so do miss.


In the morning I unwrap it, find a gift for all the year,

a sweathshirt that on the front proclaims 'We're all mad here!’

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