The Tree

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Even while I was awake I felt pressure like someone or something was holding me down.

Submitted: December 11, 2017

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Submitted: December 11, 2017



Even while I was awake I felt pressure like someone or something was holding me down. Similar to sleep paralysis, but not quite, I could not open my eyes, speak, or even move. I felt overwhelmed with fear, trepidation, and a sense of perturbation. After quite some time, I was able to obtain a sense of my body and be able to move and function normally. Although, I felt colder than usual and had the sense of something large hovering over me, staring me down, and controlling me like a puppet demanding me to do what it wants. I looked at my arms only to reveal bruises that are fingerprint-like.
I had the urge to stare at the closet door in my bedroom, I felt the presence of something staring at me, without thinking I took out my phone to take a picture only to find a little girl staring at me with a slight tilt face and the hand in the motion of a wave. Although, I was not afraid of the girl as I had a miscarriage months earlier and I was told it was a little girl. I had the overwhelming feeling of bittersweetness, I was mixed with emotions of pleasure and pain. After a while, the feeling passed, and I was back to feeling controlled. I felt compelled to go to one of the rectangle-shaped windows in my living room, as approaching a cold wave hit me and I realized that everybody was still asleep and my grandmother was not in her bed, making me feel uneasy. I looked out the window only to see a pale girl with blood-shot eyes, black dull hair, and a black old-style satin dressed, the girl was hanging from one of the trees in my backyard. She picked her head up and stared at me and carefully put her finger to her mouth in order to silence me, her head quickly fell back down as my grandmother, out of nowhere, approached offering me tea, I accepted the offer thinking the tea will ease my overwhelming gut feeling. My grandmother approached asking me what was wrong as my skin looked pale and I was staring blankly out the window, I don’t know why but I had the urge to go to her and follow her path, wherever she would lead me that is. I looked at my grandmother and said vaguely "Look at the girl,
abuela" pointing out the window, she looked out the window and said "What girl?" and looked at me with one eyebrow raised like I had two heads. I replied "Abuela, do you not see her? She is looking straight at you". 
I was compelled to approach my room without saying anything in response. When I got to my room I laid down and fell asleep. I was not aware what happened next, as my grandmother recalls I never spoke to her and was asleep the whole time in my room. I awakened to see the girl, vaguely, standing by my closet with a slight smile, the girl looked down at my arms with a saddened look, which made me want to look as well, what I saw was the bruises on my arms and a red line around my neck as if I had a rope or string around it.

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