Unintended consequences

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When your life crosses someone else life and has a bad effect on it how do you deal with it.

Submitted: December 24, 2017

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Every Wednesday on visiting hours, because she is neither family or a friend really. But on the dot at six. She came so often that the nurses knew her by name, but they were kind enough to not ask how she knows the patient.
On one of the Wednesdays, after around 6 months the visits looked alot like each other,but this one stood out a bit. A new nurse was checking his ivy and washing him. She was obviously new because she didn't know that Jasmin would be here, but Jasmin asked the nurse if she could stay while the nurse did what she was paid to do, and the nurse was kind enough to say yes.
Regardless of who was in the rom, Jasmin did what she always does talked as if he listened or maybe hoped he did. After a solid half an hour she left giving the nurse and the unconscious man the privacy the they needed for the nurse to finish her job of washing him.
No one really likes ultimatums, but they have a tendency to happen regardless of how fond of them you are. But, what they, ultimatums, do is put your priorities on the edge. Jasmins priorities was put on the spot when she had to choose between a school project, that counted for 30% of her grade or a unconscious person who from all likeliness does not remember her. Being a rational being she chose school but of course, the one thing she had wished for and simultaneously not wished for, happened on that one particular Wednesday.  
After solid chunk of visits, Jasmin asked one of the nurses if she will let her know if he ever woke up. So she gave her number to the nurse and every other nurse working with the unconscious man, who by the way is called Henry.
So on this particular Wednesday, she got the call that Henry is conscious again.
You know that terrifying feeling of getting late to something, so you run as fast as you can so you don’t miss it. Jasmin, had that feeling of needing to get there as fast as she can, by bus, the subway or any other modes of transportation. Just get there. She had feeling taking the busses, she had that feeling while ‘walking’ , she was ‘walking’ so fast she might as well be running and she had that feeling when she couldn’t wait for the elevator to arrive so she ran up the stairs. Finally she did, then got stuck by the idea that she doesn’t know what to say. Or do for that matter. But, she still put a foot forward until she had a foot in the doorway and a foot outside. But she realized very quickly that he was a aware of her now that he is awake. So she pop her head in and asked if he feeling good enough for company. He said yes, but was obviously confused by who she was.  
“I am Jasmin” she said in a way of explaining.
“I am Henry” he said, “Nice to meet you”
“I know, I have been coming here for 6 months now” she blurted, not thinking of how that would make him feel.
After the surprise on his face disappeared he managed to say, “Sorry, do I know you?”
“No, but I am…” She got a lump in her throat and stop. After taking a breath, she blurted it as if she didn’t say it now and fast she would never dare to later on, “ But, I am the reason you are in the hospital and were in a coma”  
He took a sharp breath and just stared at her.
After a long silence, she said “Should I just leave?”
He still just stared, not saying anything.
“I’ll leave, and let you get your rest. you probably need it”
He said, “ I had 6 months of rest” instinctually.
She just looked at him for a moment and before she could stop herself she laughed.
It took a moment for him to, but he gave in and started to laugh.
“Why?” he said after they both slowly stop laughing.
She was dumbfounded by that question, until she realized what he ment.
Making sure she didn’t get the question wrong she asked, “Why you are here because of me, you mean?”
He just noded.
“Well, that will take us back to when I first moved here. About 6 months ago. I was exploring the neighborhood. I was just walking around with my headset on and in my own world. I didn’t even notice it got dark. Somehow I ended up in a the alley, those you only see in movies and old italian cities. but anyways, I-I got jumped by three people. I didn’t know what was happening until it was too late, but I managed to push one of them away and the other person got a hold of me. And that’s when you showed up and punched third one and the one who held me, came to the defence of the one you punch and he… before I knew it he hit you on the head with something and you ended up here.“

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