Remembering My First One

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Just another story of murder

Submitted: December 11, 2017

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Submitted: December 11, 2017



There have been so many and they each were so deeply fulfilling, but the first is so special.  The first rush as you relieve you have done the most taboo thing you could.  For some it is so intense that they try to get it again by coping that first kill each time, but those of us that are smart change our methods finding new ways to do it.


The trophy is also what get many caught.  They must have some memento to remember it with.  A little something to hold and stroke as they think about that kill and soon they need something from each one.  I take my mementos later when nobody is watching and checking.  Little things from the scene that nobody will miss.  My collecting is small innocent things that nobody would ever guess came from the scenes of murder.


This pebble, small and round.  The kind you would skip on a lake it was from my first.  I gathered it a week after the police had removed their tape and gone away.  Just stood on the shore skipping rocks until I slipped this one into my pocket.  It brings back the memory of the lake, the smell of algae and the sound of the waves as the washed up on shore.


It had been a hot summer and I was feel the urge.  I had played with animals, but the thrill was no longer there.  I watched the people as they played by the water and I knew that it had to be one of them.  A person was what I needed.  I wanted to rush down there and just pick one, but I was smart and patient.  Murder is an art and shouldn’t be rushed.


I spent days watching them trying to come up with a way to give into the urge without risking myself.  I had come up with a couple of ideas, but each was risky.  I didn’t want to be caught.  Some of those that are rotten in jail wanted to be caught, they taunted the police and begged to be stopped.  I don’t want that.


I was working at a stand on the shore selling snacks and such.  It was a summer job and the only one I could get.  I got to watch the people and think about how to kill them so it wasn’t all bad.  I was just getting ready to close when she came up.  Her parents had brought her here on vacation and she was bored.


Like me she was looking for a thrill, but for her it was hanging out with a local boy, somebody mommy and daddy would hate.  We talked, I don’t remember about what, it wasn’t important.  I had learned long ago to hide myself and put on a face for society.  She told me a few of them were going to have a bonfire party that night.  She asked me if I wanted to come.


I had been to them before, the outsider sitting the shadows watching.  They would drink and fornicate until they passed out.  It was prefect and I would just be another guy there, one of a many.  I didn’t know how I would do it, but I knew that tonight was the night.


The fire was already burning when I showed up.  The girl found me and we sat talking.  I could see she was nervous, but I wasn’t sure if it was from what she was doing or some sense that I wasn’t what I seemed.  I tried to act like them and laughed at their jokes and play their stupid games, but I wasn’t one of the prey, I was a predator pure and simple.


As the night wore on she got drunker, I paced myself not wanting to pass out like one them.  As the party wound down she pulled me into the darkness.  I smiled and she smiled back thinking I was going with her to have some fun away from prying eyes.  I was but not the fun she thought.


I knew the shore and even the dark I could tell when we were close to the water.  I stared her towards.  She stumbled and I held her up.  She kissed me and rub against me.  I had watched their mating rituals enough to mimic the responses she wanted.


When she felt the water around her feet she tried to turn us back, but I pulled her further along.  I saw her suck in the breath to scream and I tripped her.  She fell forward and all I had to do was put my hand on her back.  Bubbles rose around her head as she let out the scream that nobody would hear.  Her struggles to get up lessened and then stopped.  I kept my hand on her back until I was sure she was gone.  I felt so good.  I stood up and let her body float out into the lake.


I came back to the bonfire with a little stumble in my step.  I joined in with the fun and games.  I drank and enjoyed myself, the urge had been feed for now.  At some point I joined the others that had passed out.


I was awoken by screaming.  She had floated back to shore right by the bonfire.  The panic as they tried to revive her.  Her flesh blue and her eyes bulging slightly from their sockets, she looked so beautiful now.  I knew that I would have to do this again, but not here.

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