Kitty and Mutt: Play Dead Doggy

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Mutt is a trained pit fighter, Kitty is a street kid, what chance does she stand against him?

Submitted: December 11, 2017

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Submitted: December 11, 2017



Years fighting in the pit and training pit fighters had given Dra-go muscles that even years of good living hadn’t taken from him, only hide them behind a thick layer of fat.  The pit had also taught him to not give up easily, so when he was snatched from his bed in the middle of the night by two masked humanoids he fought back.  He got in a few good hard shoots before one of them hit him with a stun rod.  As his body jerked on the floor they bound his hands and pulled a bag over his head.


He was forced out of his mansion and to a waiting car.  He heard the engines of ships taking off growing louder until they stop, so he figured they were somewhere near the space port.  Dragged out of the car he was marched up a set of metal stairs and into a series of twists and turns.  Finally, the hood is pulled from his head and he finds himself blinded by overhead lights.


The men forced him to his knees and he saw figures moving in the darkness beyond the light.  “Do you all know who I am?  I am a protected man.”  One of the men that had snatched him slaps him.


“You are one Dra-go, former pit fighter turned trainer and owner.  Who do you think protects the people you pay for your protection.  We do, the Shadow Council.”


The Shadow Council was nearly a legend.  A group the most powerful and ruthless criminals in the universe.  From the lowest criminal to the very bosses of the criminal underworld on a planet, they all in the answered to the Council.  “I’m completely sorry sir.  Have I done something to offend you?”


“You recently had dealings with a female that goes by the name Kitten.  Tell us about it.”


Dra-go didn’t have to think too hard to remember the incident.  “She ruined my best fighter then took him.”


“We want to know the details.  We can have your mind probed, but you are a good earner so we would rather you didn’t end up insane.”


“I was running the pit fights a few nights ago.  Over in the warehouse district.

The seats were packed as Mutrushgar, known in the fight circuit as Mutt fought a second-rate fighter named Bobby Wasch.  Mutt was a huge black man standing over six-foot-tall made of solid muscle.  His body was covered with the scars of a hundred matches reach the top of the game.  Bobby was an overweight balding fighter that should have never been in the ring with a fighter of Mutt’s skill.  Bobby Wasch wasn’t even an over the hill has been, he was a third-rate fighter from a fifth rate fighting school.


Bobby had been sweating and breathing hard as he stepped into the ring less than three minutes before hand.Mutt had carried him during the match until this point, but the crowd was getting restless.  As Bobby swung with a total lack of skill, Mutt stepped in and drove his huge right fist into the overweight fighter’s jaw.  The crowd gasp as the bald man’s lower jaw shift a half an inch to the right.


Stepping back Mutt let the big man fall face first in the sand pit.  He turned and looked at Dra-go and his owner shrugged.  He was told to keep it going as long as he could, Mutt had done just that.


Dra-go snatched up the mike as Bobby’s trainer rushed out to remove his unconscious fighter.  “Ladies and Gentlemen our main event is over sooner than expected, but let me offer you all a chance of a life time.  Step into the pit and last five minutes with Mutt and you will win a cool one thousand crowns.”


The crowd shifted in their seats looking around to see if anybody was foolish enough to take the challenge.  “What do I get when I beat him?”  A voice called out, but nobody could tell who had spoken.


Dra-go laughed.  “If you beat Mutt I’ll hand you a million crowns.”  He didn’t consider this a gamble since nobody ever beat Mutt.


A slim girl standing under five foot came out of the crowd.  She was wearing tight pants made of lizard skin and a black t-shirt with a cat face on it.  “I’ll take the challenge then.”


Dra-go wondered how she had gotten into here dressed like that.  The crowd was made up of the rich and powerful of the city.  “Listen little girl this is no game.  He is a trained pit fighter and he won’t pull his punches.”


“Good.  I accepted the challenge now do you want to just pay me or we should put on a show for these nice people first?”


“It is your funeral little girl.”


“The name is Kitten and I’m about to teach this doggy to play dead.”  She said before kicking off her shoes.


Mutt walked back towards the pit stretching.  He hadn’t broken a sweat on Bobby and didn’t think some little girl would be much of a challenge.  He took three steps into the pit and shock out his arms before taking his fighting stance.  Dra-go passed him as he returned to his seat, whispering.  “Make it last a little bit, but don’t worry about hurting her, she is just a street kid.”


Kitten seemed to be taking it as a joke as she walked towards the pit.  Playing to the crowd some, but when her right foot hit the sand she changed.  Gone was smile and playful antics.  She sprinted forward and she was just beyond Mutt’s reach she kicked off and brought her right foot up towards his head.


The girl was fast, Mutt had to give her that, but that kick was an amateur move.  He grabbed her ankle and spun around to build up momentum and flung her back across the ring.


Kitten twisted in the air and like a cat came down on her feet and her right fist.  She looked up and smiled, it wasn’t the playful smile she had before entering the ring, but more like the look a cat gave the mouse before it devoured it.  She started forward again sprinting.  Her right fist flashed at Mutt’s head.


Mutt brought his arm up and blocked the punch.  He could have countered, but he was going to let this continue for a bit to make Dra-go happy.


Kitten throw her left fist at Mutt’s shoulder, but he blocked that one also.  She dropped down and tried a leg sweep on him, but Mutt easily jumped over it.  That is when she punched him in the groin as he was in mid-air.


Mutt landed on his back, sucking air through clenched.  Kitten jumped into the air attempting to slam her knees into his chest.  Mutt rolled away and struggled to his feet.  Kitten landed and shoulder rolled away from Mutt.  She came to her feet and winked at him.


Mutt growled and charged.  He had enough and now he would end this and her.  He threw punch after punch attempting to hit her, but she was fast, always just out of reach.  Kitten dodged the callused knuckles of the fighter’s left hand then she is suddenly behind him.  Her small fist slamming into his back just above his belt.


Mutt grunts as he takes a kidney punch, spinning his big right hand brushes the tips of Kittens short dark hair.  His left fist brushed her shirt as she glided back from that punch.  He throws a jab and she dodges it.  A right, a left and then another right each just missing by the tiniest of fraction of an inch.  Dra-go began to sweat.  This girl was good, really good and she might just pull it off.


Kitten waited for the right moment then got around to Mutt’s left side.  Her foot slammed down on his knee causing it to buckle.  It wasn’t broken, but as he struggled to get up Kitten was on him.  He was on the defense now.  He blocked as many of the punches as he could, but he took body shot after body shot.


Dra-go had enough experience to know Mutt was beat, but the big man wouldn’t go down without giving it his all.  Kitten waited until the big man was standing then she landed a knee to his groin.  Mutt bent over clutching himself, the crowd was screaming for the girl.  Grabbing Mutt’s bald head Kitten slammed her right knee into to his face breaking his nose.  Kitten backed away and he tittered for a second.  The crowd had fallen silent and Kitten said, “Play dead doggy.”  As if obeying that command Mutt fell face first into the sand.  The crowded jumped to their feet screaming and clapping for Kitten.


Dra-go sat in his seat sweating as the girl walked over to him.  “I think you owe me a million crowns.”


“I don’t carry that kind of money on me.  If you come by my compound tomorrow I’ll pay you.”  Dra-go had the money, but with Mutt gone he was going to need every cent to find a replacement for him.


“How about I take the doggy off your hands instead.”


Dra-go could never put Mutt in the ring again.  He had been beaten by a girl, he would a joke now.  No fighter of any skill would agree to fight him and he would end up having to fight the likes of Bobby Wasch.  There was no profit to be had from him after tonight.  “I have his papers right here.  I’ll sign him over to you.”

Once the papers were signed she woke up Mutt and left.  I never saw her or him again.”  Dra-go wondered what that little girl could have done to attract the attention of the Shadow Council.


“We thank you for your time and our men will return you to your bed now.  A large sum of money will be deposited into your account to compensate you for this little inconvenience.”


The bag was pulled back over his head and he was lead out.  The men weren’t as rough this time and he soon found himself safely back in his own bed.

© Copyright 2018 Ian D. Mooby. All rights reserved.

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