After Death Comes Life

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After Death Comes Life is a tragic story of a psychopath who losses the love of his life,Kenn, to the beauty of the world. He believes that even if he cannot find back his love for her while
living, he can in death.

Submitted: December 11, 2017

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Submitted: December 11, 2017




With hands trembling and eyes locked in a stare filled with intense want, they gently un-trapped themselves from the trappings of the world –their garments. Charles sank into the bathtub worshiping all that Kenn's naked body could command in him. He watched how her jacket dropped on the burgundy rugged floor and the lacy pressure she mounted on the buttons of her silky red night gown. He looked like a broken vase as she slid off her diaphanous gown off her shoulders and sauntered towards him. She unhooked the anchors holding her bra firmly to her succulent breasts and gently slid down her lacy pants below her hips to the ground with fingers manicured and glazed with tomato red nail polish. She drew out the pins that held her hair and allowed her pitch black hair tumble down her shoulders.

Charles knew all along Kenn was seducing him but did nothing but close his eyes and allow his imaginations run wild. He felt his erection swelling like it will burst and fill the room like shards of broken glass.

She climbed into the bathtub steaming with fragranced hot water and waded in the water. Her bosom now closest to him than ever. His manliness melted as his heart began to beat outside his chest. Each fleeting second slayed his want for her. Her body grew more monumental in his mind. From her skin, now smoother than velvet; to her tangled hair, silky soft and smooth; down to her hazy blue eyes that held a world. Her body was a god, sexy as sin. She was made for kings, made to be served, to be touched and kissed at the right places. A world of crippling passions where he got lost every time he gathered his throbbing courage to stare at it. So much innocence choked her sweat, yet all he could see in the image behind the dripping liquid was a monument of evil, and hell.

He so loved her doggy lust than his being but she didn’t know it and if she did, she chose not to believe it. Perhaps, that was why she kept coming back continuously with her hope and body that had become his. What a betrayer she was of his dark affection towards her. 'Love is not enough, it has never been. Love is pain and it grows like a tree that allows watering and withering at the same time. It is like a promise that breaks the heart of men when concealed out of fear'. He shuffled his thoughts as he gathered her hair in his hands, kissed her lips hard and plunged his tongue into her mouth until they were both breathless.


Make love to me Charles, she cried out softly swerving her thin neck behind his chin. Take me Amarillo.

I will dear. I will. But not in this lifetime. I will in death. Charles replied her as he sniffed the words underneath her left nipple.


Hearing him, her body stiffened. Her mouth went agape to question him but he deep kissed her mouth stealing her thoughts away. His kiss was violent. His wide hands were on her head, giving him enough proximity to thrust her into the steaming water. She gulped the water and fluttered her hands and hope helplessly. Her Struggling for air was overpowered by the mocking steam that covered the room. Her tongue thrashed against the roof of her mouth. Words clashed against her throat and she choked with them as she drowned. He too wouldn't allow her win the war as he directed his adrenaline on her neck till life escaped her. She died and silence stole her lust, hope and fear.

He had promised her for better for worse and had told her repeatedly that death would not do them part. He was insufficient enough in his hatred towards her while she was alive that he had to end it all in the tub. He wouldn't allow death steal away his love for her. He would love and cherish every part of her even in death. Yes, love begins after death.

What would become of him if he set her free from their world - one characterized with extreme solitude crowded with crass behaviours, estranged from the outside world? He had loved that kenn had been a lady silenced with cold thought and a life of black and white with no other shade –not even gray. She had lacked affection for things so much that not even nature appealed to her. She had drowned herself in him. But then, something had snapped in her. She had begun to see the light. The bright lights he hated!

Romance, sex and colours called her away. Buying fanciful things became her newly found hobby. She began to smile a lot and learnt the art of singing, dancing and even painting with those bright colours he hated! Blue meant more than blue to her, she saw pleasant quietness in blue. Passion in red. Life in green. Cheerfulness in yellow. The combinations of these colours caused a new swell of hatred in him. If he could take a knife and slash their throats, he would have.

This new found self of Kenn, infuriated him because she was no longer a slave of his erection. Her life began to take another shape - a fine one - while his split into tiny bits. Everything about him had turned around; his love, his world, the serenity of his solitude and her. Loved seemed over for Charles.

He couldn't and wouldn't allow her dump him like a used pad in their once quiet world. What did she think? That solitude was no longer their elixir? He would farther go insane than to see her love this new world of hers, one that was not theirs when they decided to say "yes" to each other.



Two weeks later, Charles injected her cadaver with formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde and methanol. He laid her lifeless body, with mob of tears in his eyes, on a platter in the same room they first commiserated their marriage. Every night he walked in strangled of hope and the willingness to live on, he went into their room and informed her lifeless body how loving he wished she had been. He bathed her rigid body and made passionate love to her. A sexual love that hung him in the middle of love, lust and hope. He would pound and jerk her until his words reechoed in his fear, Baby, I told you death would not do us part. It never did.

Kenn's absence soon became noticed by neighbours who started asking questions. Though Charles lied to them as much as he could until their inkling detected something was wrong and they filed in a report at the police station. Her hushed body and fate was not too difficult for the police to discover after about two minutes of searching his apartment. Naked it laid on the bed, legs spread apart ready for his compassionate thrusts.

Now, death conquered love and Charles amidst his shouts that he had lost his wife, had no one but love to blame for his fate. He pleaded with the police to allow him have her body. He told them he loved Kenn and would rather die than allow death come between them. For love only comes alive after death in him. He asked one of the inspectors to kill him because a lonely life without Kenn, his beloved was breathless and still. In his case, death could not conquer love but now it did, as Charles was sentenced to death few months later.

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