Snapshots of a Night in June

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Book / Fantasy

Alina has never questioned her family's status as Criminals, but when she discovers she has an incredible- and illegal- gift of healing, she decides to fight to change it.


Book / Fantasy

The appeal was only the beginning… Thirteen years ago, Alina Fletcher won an appeal overturning her mother’s Criminal conviction– the first time in twenty-five years that anyone had done so. Now her family lives a quiet life in the small town of Cod Creek, where their heritage is accepted, their magical powers are valued, and they are safe. And that’s just the way all of them like it. But all those years ago, Alina’s appeal started a tiny spark of rebellion against the oppressive Catian government. Now it’s been fanned into a flame, and a revolution is shaking the country. The Fletchers want no part in the conflict, but when Alina is kidnapped, it’s up to her family to organize a rescue before it’s too late. All the while, the revolution is growing, and none of them can avoid it much longer… This is the last book. I swear it’s the last book. I feel like I’ve been saying that this family’s story is “almost done” forever but I promise this time

Puppy's Day at Home

Poem / Poetry

We got an assignment to write a poem based on one of the phrases listed on a paper. I chose "I sound my barbaric yap over the roofs of the world."

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