Halcyon ~ part I

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Submitted: December 11, 2017

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Submitted: December 11, 2017



HALCYON part I: forgiveness


Let’s start again.

Kill off the old us.

Jump off the bridge and into the fire.

And be reborn from our ashes

like a phoenix.


 We’ll meet again, fall in love,

 We’ll take the right road instead of the wrong, the road to happiness and halcyon;

A journey filled with music and art.

The music of life and the art of living.


 We’ll travel along that bar-line road, and dip our feet in paint.

Then create the notes upon the stave, uniting the treble and the bass.

I’ll slice my fingers again and again atop your strident e-string,

to create the perfect  sound

of strolling through nocturnal harmonies, keeping the rhythm alive.


We’ll carve each other’s names

in wisps of cerulean smoke,

and let them dance to our melodic designs.

We are the dead trees, charred and pulverised,

the paper and the charcoal.

 Let’s create that new splendour,

A second life with a second chance;

And gradually drop the heavy load we bear upon our shoulders,

a weight shared and forgiven.

© Copyright 2019 Eileen Cloonan. All rights reserved.

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