Something Missing

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She lives an empty life, always searching for something missing from her.

Submitted: December 11, 2017

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Submitted: December 11, 2017



It was nights like these that were the hardest. Lying in bed, memories like an endless repeating reel in my head. Feeling a void in my chest, empty yet heavy on my heart. Unable to sleep, but unable to get up. In the day, my eyes would wander out the closest window, searching for something. For someone.

I had dreams. They were distant, yet comforting. Yet reality was a cycle of meaningless worksheets, exhausting tasks. How could this be all? Waves of nostalgia would hit me as I listened to certain songs or heard voices that sounded familiar from afar, and something sparked deep inside me. But what memories could I be pining for? I just couldn’t put my finger on it. Sometimes when it was very quiet, and very dark, I would hear beeping from afar. Sometimes at night when I closed my eyes I saw flashes of light. It never made any sense.

I buried myself into the tasks I was made to complete. Tutorials, revision, homework, stacks of books on the table. It felt like mindless, repetitive labour. Writing, reading, eating. An endless cycle I cared nothing about. Yet my soul sought for something to be embraced in. To be wrapped around, to be suffocated. Something to feel deeply. I grew more and more tired as the days passed. The flashes at night and the beeping intensified. Sometimes… Sometimes I even heard muffled voices.

One day I couldn’t get up from bed. It was dark and cold, and my muscles were weak. The beeping seemed to be right next to me…

When I opened my eyes, white bedsheets and a web of wires attached to my arms greeted me. Every breath I took filled me with discomfort. Nurses and doctors with their teal cotton masks and blue latex gloves rushed around me, blending into a blur of activity. I was incredibly disoriented and confused. Had the last few days been a dream?

A familiar face floated into view. Kind eyes framed by glasses, small mouth slightly apart. A soft voice murmuring assurances that drowned me in a sense of security. It was her.

When I saw that face, something in me clicked. Despite the confusion, I knew I was where I needed to be. My hand was wrapped in warmth, and as my eyes drooped, that warmth and a certain scent were the only things that seemed to anchor me to the earth.

"Everything's gonna be okay."

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