Odes of a Lyrical Soul

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

It's collection of assorted poems on nature, love and personal experiences of the poet.

Submitted: December 11, 2017

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Submitted: December 11, 2017





You passion’s flower…

Oh, how I’ve loved you…

You mystic ocean…

Dear beloved …

I always there for you …

Let me caress you

With the gentle showers

Of Dawn….

Let me melt you

In Kisses of honey…

Let our bodies

Echo the music

Of sublime symphonies ….

Let’s submerge in the

Seas of passion.



Flaming ball of fire/

Orange petals stuck in the sky an/

 Art deco of a dream/



Bird chirp a music/

Of poetry lulling the ears/

To happy catharsis/ 



Let me awake your/

Body; coax it with the antidote/

Of love and lyrics/



Let me adorn your soul/

With decorations of my heart/

Let’s celebrate love/



Flowing rhythms of/

Poetry seducing the mind to/

Float in a lullaby/





It poured as Jazz an/

Echoing stream of music/

The ears are tuning/






You passion,

Dew of the early morn…

You have woken in

Me the music of love…

Your kisses were

Melt flowers

And raining a passion….

I miss you so much…

Making love to you

Was a poem in the making…

Art of music is in us….

Our soul’s beauty

A mesmerizing honey pot…






Moon a half circle/

Shining pulchritude of a/

Clothing, a metaphor/




Darling let me 

paint words 

in your heart 

and etch a poem...

Our passions lie

deep like roots of a tree....

Your sweet embrace is 

a calypso....

Kisses are medley

of music in jazz...

Love pours like a poem, 

making the heart 

warm and cozy....

Our feelings are 

painted as a rainbow of petals...

I love to taste the 

wine on your lips ....

I love to taste the 

erotic fragrance of honey 

on your lips ......

I would love to hear 

you moan in ecstasy 

Oh passion my depth 

of heart and soul is for you. 



 Love is a passionate 

soaring bird, 

a tranquil poem of love...

In my heart there are 

many poems to tell...

Words to speak to 

my dear one like music...

Love's mystic stream 

overflows in cadences ...

My heart speaks of 

love for you...

You are passionate 

garden growing 

many fruit trees...

Let's make love 

in setting of dusk...

Let's paint our bodies 

with lyrics of beauty....

Love let it lie 

submerged in us 

as musician's flute

is on his lips. 



Mystic white beard/

Settling on the ground, a bard/

Sings the hymn of earth/



Pouring rhythms a/

Symphony of music; poetry/

Rhymes in wet melodies/



Orange robes spread out/

Sky is a poetic lullaby/

Soul is bubbling joy/


Thunder and Lightning

Loud clap of the sky/

Pink clothes sway in the frolic/

Zeus is ornamenting/



My first love passionate/

As streams of poetry; alas/

It was a dead a leaf/



You love, you pure grace/

Slain on the cross, the meek lamb/

You brought me freedom/




Love awakes as poetry/

Let’s make love, sublime poetic/

Art’s painting ecstasy/




You passionate

Flower of morn,

Let me embrace

You with songs of love;

Let me kiss you like

Mountain dew;

Your breasts

Are soft tender hills,

Your orifice is

Passion’s valley …

How I long to

Make love to you.



You beauty’s meadow,

You passionate music,

You erotic lyre,

Let me wander

On your body

As playful harp….

Let’s melt into a lake

Of joy.



Darling Mignonette,

Let me serenade you

With a waltz of an embrace…

Let me mouth you

With kisses like butterflies …

Lie on me,

You delicate sensual flower,

Let’s lick each other’s passions….

And swim to a sea of ecstasy.



Your lip is seen as/

Pouring out a mystic smile/

A gaze beatified/



It pours as a lyric/

A melody of whispers, a/

Dream is coming true/



You hang in the air/

A ghost returned from the grave/

I gaze at you fond/



Covering like a sore/

Wound; lamenting on the soul’s/

Raging a stormy sea/



You enchanted garden…

You blossomed rose….

Let me fondle your

Breasts with ardent passion….

Let me kiss you like a

Flowery rainbow…

Let’s make love

Forever, a passionate music.



You yellow blossomed/

Flower dancing on flowers/

You are art’s beauty/



Your mermaid of the ocean—

You nymph of the woods—

I delight on your body,

A lover’s gaze—

I marvel at your skin

All sculpted in Gold—

Embrace me like a rainbow,

You poetic soul,

Arouse me in

Sweet undress;

Let me melt kisses on

You like wild honey—

Let me fondle your

Tender breasts

And suckle them

With poetic splendor…

Let me play the lover’s

Flute in you…

Let me insert my

Phallus deep within

You and ode you to a joy

Of a stream’s ecstasy.



Dawn burst music …

And painted colors,

Purple, Pink and Orange…

Clouds are floating as

Magic realism…

Color echoes poetry …

Clouds dance in

Nirvana’s delight…

I looked at the blossomed


Wonder of God’s creation,

Lord, I find you in all things,

Your mystic mystery of

Creating nature’s lullabies…

Dawn makes me dream…

I am so happy, my soul


Time is a petal on

Strings of a harp…

I think of the Psalm

Let all things that have

Breath praise the Lord…

I muse on Rilke

Whose poetry is

A catharsis of pantheism…

Wordsworth, you

Are a romantic cloud…

Shelly, you are pouring

Waters from an urn

In the clouds…

Keats you are on wings

Adorning metaphors in

The sky…

Eliot, you are a picture

Of clouds floating

In mystic space…

Ezra Pound hammers

The sun into a

Glowing ball of orange…


Night a twinkling eye/

A reflection of poetry’s/

Gift from the high God/



Flowers have opened; /

Colors scattered as veins pour/

A beautiful dream/



Ripe mangoes

Yellow tainted

Cling in clusters …

A bard’s eye

Longs mesmeric…

Monsoon Kerala,

You are a song of

Rhythmic pounding

Of rain…

Your tranquil backwaters

Are a sedative for the soul…

Twinkling eye of the sky…

A longing nostalgia

To break into an epiphany..

Camus’ angst the

The Sisyphus,

A rebel of existential irony…

I made love to her Anu,

And she became a flower

Of being…

 Eternity soak me in your dew…

Let’s time’s dials seal my coffers

As a gift to be in heaven…

Rilke had a soul of poet …

His tropes lick the marrow

Of my bones…

Oh God, you have given

Me a gift to be on earth …

Let me live life in

The poetry of music…

My dear beloved,

I long for you …

When your husband’s

Not at home…

Picasso painted the cubist,

An art is breaking the

Irony of ice…

Shades of a dream

You are picture for a poet…

I am in exile and I long

For bedding my passions

In cave enriched honey…

Dali’s persistence of

Memory an echo

Of poetry in an oedipal trauma…

 Angst I shatter you with

The triumph of art…

I listen to Bach

And my soul is caught

In raptures of a celestial


I long to experiment sex

Drugs and altered states…

And eclipse into a shamanic


Existentialism, please my

Longings of desire….

A nymph a mermaid

And the muses, you

Are afflatuses divine…?

I divine the tarot

And it gives me a

Weird sense of meaning…

Pound cuts grass into

Poetic peacocks…

Waste Land of Eliot,

A submerged abyss

Of human existence ….

What is the meaning of life?

The soul is an art to exist…

Life’s rhythm found

In the Jazz of the heart…

Rap, you are black of the soul…

Blues, you echo me

Into a verdant pasture …

I joy her many times…

My tongue in her is a

Flicking pasture…

I am tempted like Eve

And I eat the fruit of flesh…

Nirvana you are soaring

In the wings of a bird…

Life’s a lyric ….

Desire lies in transgression…

I find you God in all things of life…

In all creatures great and small.

Astrologers are shenanigans of

Mischief, the vibrate negative

Tunes for the mystic soul…

The bed remained a vacant dream…

Borges springs from an imaginary

Text as an ugly fang…

A night of ecstasy is

Longing for the soul…

I found the seed,

A tiny marvel of God’s


The mystic halo of the bard

Is reverberating a

Rhythm of poetry….

I every desert of writing,

There’s an oasis of beauty….

The whirling dervish

Sooths my soul with

Cryptic incantations ….

Life, I have found a

Beautiful maiden in you…

My soul will be in heaven

Written by God in the

Book of life….

My father keeps

Visiting me in dreams …

A gentle soul, a poetic


My soul stays

Unplugged on

Eric Clapton’s guitar…

I am music when I live…

How much I relish

Good scotch…

Honey is nature’s wonder …

An echo of God with

The sweet taste of music…

How I long to be with you,

You gentle poetic soul …

Where is the end and

The beginning ….

It all lies with God

The maker of Heaven and


DNA is a cryptic password,

Breathing to life the genes

Of being human….

Human I am all too human…

Life’s destiny where are you

Taking me?

Life, you are an ode of poetry…

Passion found in poetry …

I live in it in her body…

Eros, you are passions

Of an erotic Goddess…

Life, I have found you

In the joy of meditation…

Peace, I am gentle soul….

The slain lamb of Calvary,

Healed all my wounds of sin…

Words are gentle poetries of love…

I smoke in the temple of God

And I feel sorry for it…

Am I corrupt in my heart?

Beatitudes for the soul

Are temples erected by God…

Beauty you are the soul magnified?  

Music is the God of all art…

Life is a mystic mystery…

Where is the song of art?

Let me brothel my desires …

The occult is a taboo for me…

When faced with life’s tempest…

I turn to God almighty for help…

The sky is a painting in abstract…

The moon is a living hymn of the night…

Dreams become prophets of voyages…

God has numbered the hairs on my head…

Lord bless me like you’ve blessed

Jacob and Abraham…

What is the meaning of being?

Reality hits me like a hard savage…

I long to see my generations to be blessed…

God, you are adored, honored and glorified.

Slain was the lamb

But his second coming will be lion…

A bard has sold his soul to God….

Lord have pity on me ….

Have mercy on me….

Lord, I long to travel and write …

I love my life in writing….

How much I long to write for you…

I have stopped hating myself…

Time is set on the wings of a harp…

Poets have to find beauty

In the meaning of life…

The night of passion

Was so lyrically sublime…

We flowed to symphonies

Of ecstasy…

Life is an easy lyric to follow…

Rodin sculpted the

Intellectual in the Thinker…

His gaze is mystic, solemn in thought…

Pop art is a punk crystal…

The gaze of Lacan …

So erotic and sexual ….

Time is a meadow that lies

In textures of ecstasy….

Dreams are memoirs of the heart…

Crystal gazing of a witch,


Poetry is lyric of the soul …

I have found her to be an oasis…

We made love like an ocean

And flowed to a dream of beauty….

The past is fond memory…

The present a life lived …

And the future full of expectations…

God, I have found you Christ alone…

The journey of life beyond death

Is a pleasant surprise.

What a joy it is to be in heaven…

Cherubs are living adorations of poems.

To write is to have the passion of origin.

Catharsis, I wonder at your rich meaning,

I am a poet filled with the heart of it.

When will my dreams be fulfilled?

I have set a lot of hope in my heart.






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