Ho0d!e on(hoody)

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im not a thug. im just thug'd out. im a old school gentleman. if out dont know what that means then thats on you

Submitted: December 12, 2017

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Submitted: December 12, 2017



i walk to the flow of the music 

yeah i know my pants dont fit

i do what i gotta do live with it 

i never forgot what i been and went through

im not here to tell you what you should do 

so dont say shit bout what it looks like i might look like

i dont like to fight

but i have a hard hit

i rather defuse it with words

in school i hung out with the nerds

but i was more with the out kasts 

the have nots 

the tainted youth 

but to tell you the truth 

i  loved it i loved being in the back round 

watching n studying everything that goes on 

gave me the skills n abilties to do the things i came to do 

so i thats why i walk with my ho0d!e on .




(tribute trayon martin). r,i,p


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