I Went to the Zoo!

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A little girl describes her recent visit to the zoo

Submitted: December 12, 2017

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Submitted: December 12, 2017



I argued with anteaters, burped at the bats,
and I cleaned myself off in the sun with the cats.

I danced with the dingos, embarassed an eagle,
had fun with a ferret whose fur was quite regal.

I growled at gorillas, I hugged a hyena,
impressed the impalas with drawings of Tina.

I jumped with the jackals, I kissed kangaroos,
and I laughed with the lemurs, the llamas did too.

I met a few minks and I nuzzled some newts,
then I oggled an ostrich in black rubber boots.

I pranced with the penguins, I queried the quail,
and I ran with the rhinos to pick up the mail.

I slept with the sheep and I tickled the tapirs,
uncovered a unicorn (it’s in the papers).

I visited vultures, I warbled with whales,
and I Xeroxed a xenops, my pen having failed.

I yawned with the yaks, I was ready for bed
as the zebras kept zipping around in my head.

There were elephants, ocelots, otters there too;
there is oh so much fun to be had at the zoo!

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