The Justice Warrior - Telekinesis

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - True motives.True Power

Submitted: January 06, 2018

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Submitted: January 06, 2018



True Motives.True Power

"I'll try to finish this as fast as possible."Jason says."I really want to come home too."

"Boy,i will not force you to spill the beans but ....when you are ready,i hope you can tell us what is truly going on."Ronald advices as Jason nods and as he painfully watched his parents disappointing leaving the lobby of Draco Industries.


"Jason.Training in an hour,you want breakfast?"Bitti notifies him through his earpiece.

"Yea.You guys still at the cafeteria?""Jason asks.

"Jennie and Ava is there.We have work to do."

"Alright then.I'll join them."


Jason proceeds to the cafeteria where he sat down at the table where the two girls were.Jennie and Ava sat next to each other while Jason awkwardly sat opposite them at right in front of him,a well prepared American Breakfast set with a warm cup of coffee.

"Is this for me?"Jason asks.

"Yup.Treat this as my thanks for you having my back during the mission."Jennie elatedly replies.

Jason smiled at her as Ava asks:


"I heard you can move things with your mind."


"Uh....Yea?"Jason says as he took a slice of a bread and began applying butter.

"Ava?How many things do you not know?"Jennie asked.

"I know he could ...I know he has telekinetic abilities but i just wanna confirm that it is a fact so can you please show off a bit please?"Ava eagerly pleads.


Jason looks at the cafeteria,but many employees already left for work and only a few people remain,all of which sat a relatively good distance away from them.

Jason grabbed a spoon to his right as he places it in the center of the table and concentrates......


The spoon began floating as out of the blue,Draco's words echoed in his head.

"You had Airslaughter.Your powers?You could have easily grabbed him with your telekinesis.Yet,you let him escape."

Jason sunk into his thoughts.What if Draco was right?Airslaughter is still indeed out there....


"Go home,he will find you.And not only that,your family will be endangered by your mere presence."

Those words slowly dived deep into his mind as he began thinking of a horrifying vision where Airslaughter was standing over the dissected bodies of Ronald and Sherry Leodart,his foster parents.

His heart sank as anger and devastation began swirling in his chest as he was reminded of the exact same pain he has felt 11 years ago when his true parents were shot to death because of him.........


"Jason?"Jennie's voice burst into him as he lost concentration and the spoon began crumbling in towards itself and was crushed into a ball of metal.

"Jason you alright?"Ava asks as Jason was knocked out of his thoughts."I'm fine.I'm fine."Jason says as he looks at the crushed spoon and concentrates,using his powers to slowly straighten it back to it's original shape.


"You look like you just seen a ghost."Jennie says as she places her palm on Jason's forehead."Relax,I'm really fine."


Jennie studied his expressions as she dismissed her paranoid thoughts and tells him:"Alright.Quickly have your breakfast,I'm afraid training is not going to be easy."





A good hour later.







The tension was there again.

The training room had air conditioning on ,thus adding on to the tension even more.

Romeo and Kenny was at the top center in the viewing room and Bitti was at the right corner of the room with a tablet in his arm,seemingly keeping track of of the suit's performance.There were also many obstacles that was added to the area,some of them resembling skateboarding and parkour facilities.Ava was also there on the other corner with her arms crossed,just waiting.


Jason had his armour on as Jennie heading to the viewing room too,leaving him alone and a figure standing in the very center of the room.


He was about 6 ft tall ,in a knight type armour with no openings to the skin whatsoever.The armour had hundreds of pieces,several of them shaped like shards and all of them,obsidian black.It has a sleek streamlined muscular shape,with a translucent chain eye protection sliding across the face to allow sight.


"Welcome Jason,to your first training session with me."

The voice was deep and familiar as Jason discovers:"Draco?"

"Remember when I told you that i am a vigilante Jason.Let me show you what it means to be a fighter."


Jason was still slightly pissed at Draco but he was not wrong.He still had to learn how to fight properly in order to protect the Leodarts from Airslaughter."Fight me Jason.Use all your strength,all your skills.Use your powers,i don't care,but you need to know how to fight."

Jason gulped as he clenched his fist and nods:"Alright then.Good luck."

"Likewise,you'll need it more."Draco confidently replies.


Jason looked up at Jennie,who gave him a confident smile as he gave her a thumbs up."Attack me."Draco commands as Jason yells and charges at Draco.Draco studied his movement as he sidestepped and elbowed Jason in the back before kicking him in the shin,then his stomach and then in the shoulder as Jason fell backwards.

Jason felt the pain slowly fading away ,but the areas where Draco struck was still sore as he stood up."Again."Draco says.


Jason forced himself to strike a defensive pose as he places his palm on the ground.I tried this once while at the playground years ago,please don't fail me.Jason tells himself as he concentrates a portion of his strength on the floor and quickly,fissures started appearing in the ground as he raised his hand up,and following his movements,the rubble from the fissure floated.

"I see that you have experimented on your powers before."Draco says.

"Glad you noticed."Jason replies as he thrusts his arms forward and sends the rubble flying towards Draco.


Draco didn't even flinch as he drew a long black katana from his back and spun it skilfully in a circular fashion as the rubble that flew straight at him was sliced into pieces and soon,the rubble ran out as Draco points his katana at Jason."Nice try."


Jason saw the way Draco moved as sweat dripped down his neck.He was simply too skilled.It's near impossible to attain that level of reflexes and speed.He had to attack from afar.Long ranged.

Jason looked around him and noticed that the wooden dummies are still there.Jason concentrated but at blinding speeds,Draco leapt towards an obstacle and wall-ran across the field and struck his sword.Jason quickly leapt backwards in time to dodge the katana strike."Draco are you trying to kill me?"Draco looks up and swung his katana again as Jason uses his powers to hold the blade in place.

"That's it Jason."Draco says.


Jason realises what he has done.Using his powers on a person as he broke his concentration and allowing himself to be vulnerable.Draco did a quick side flip as he delivers a powerful kick right at Jason's ribs as Jason was launched into a wall.Pain numbed his right torso and his vision was beginning to blur out,his body was burning internally as he looked at Draco walking towards him,sliding his katana into his back.

"Jason!"Jennie's muffled voice rung in his ears as he saw Jennie running between him and Draco as she pushed Draco away from Jason as she places her palm on Jason,lightly patting him and seconds later,Ava arrived too as she raised her palm.

Red and Blue light in the shape of strings popped out from her palm and struck Jason in the forehead,it was freezing as his head was numbed but after a few moments,all form of pain that was in Jason disappeared completely as he blinked his eyes and his vision was perfect again."I knew i couldn't go to work today."Ava grumbles as Jennie turned at Draco:"What the hell?How is this training?"

"I think Jason knew."Draco says as he unlocked a piece of his helmet and removes the metal helmet,revealing his messy,uncombed long hair.

Jennie looks at Jason who just realised what Draco was trying to tell him,he was showing him the brutality of combat,the lack of mercy Airslaughter has.He was trying to show Jason the wise thing to do."I understand.But....."

"You should understand.Take some time off and when you are ready,I'll let you fight Airslaughter again."Jason stood up as Jennie asked him:"Are you alright?"

"I'll take some time off."Jason replies.Jason looks at Draco and right into his eyes,where he discovered something that was never there.He looked hurt,damaged,but yet he was trying to be as emotionless as possible.

There must be a reason behind all this.Jason tells himself as he ensures himself to trust Jason and started waking out of the room,with Jennie beside him,following.

"You have your ways eh?"Ava says smirkily.Draco sets his helmet down on a metre tall obstacle when Bitti came over with his tablet,with an extremely satisfied smile streaking across his face."Vitals are perfect and also,his power lifts of objects has increased to an astonishing 20 tonnes worth of force."


"I don't really understand your nerd language Bitti.Can you simplify it?"Ava says.

"Basically he is able to lift things that are 250% more worth of mass with his powers.His last personal best was just a ton and a half."

"It's his rage."Draco says."Rage numbs pain and gives some people strength,Jason is one of them."


Romeo looked at Draco and Ava,then he turned to Jennie and Jason who entered the lift,leaving the training room.If only Draco knew that Jason was responsible for the NorthStar incident.Would he react positively or negatively?Romeo decided to stay silent until he is certain that the time is ripe.


"Jason if only i knew,I wouldn't bring you here.Draco is not the best guy to work with,considering his past with superhumans."Jennie apologised.

"No,it has nothing to do with you.Draco is not wrong.He has his logic,logic i failed to understand till now."Jason explains.Jennie had some doubt in her,but ultimately she closed her eyes and replies:"It's still up to you Jason.If you are willing to stay,i will be here for you.I have a job to do after all,using my powers for good."

It was then Jason stopped her as he asks:"You and Romeo has always mentioned something Draco had with superhumans.I really want and need to know what it is."


"Im afraid not yet.I myself do not even know the full story,only a few Hacksourcers do.But all i can say is he has good reason to doubt superhumans and their allegiances."


Jason decided to drop the subject as he looks at his phone where there was 3 missed call from Sherry Leodart,his foster mom."Call back."Jennie suggests as Jason smiled and complied:"Hello mom?"

"Jason!I was wondering if you wanna meet up for dinner this evening."

"I'm not certain Mom,but you know i can't come home."

"Then we eat out.Parker Mall tonight?Is it possible if you bring Jennie?"

Jennie overheard them as she nods."Alright.6?Ok see you this evening mom."


Somewhere in Plex City


Rade set down his arm right on his desk ,his purple veins more obvious than ever under his table lamp as he tore a loose feather dangling from his vein and he still had long fingernails as he took a blade and with one lunatic worthy strike,he sliced his nails off with a 8 inch blade.

"Telekinetic powers......the last recorded presence of this sort of power is eleven years ago so it would make sense............"Rade whispers as he took out his laptop and went right into google where he typed in:North Star incident 2007 and articles popped out.







Rade clicks on one of the articles and began reading it before spotting a name."Jason State."Rade says as he smirks."Now i know who you are."


Rsde looks at Shane who was munching on some chips and then,he looks to his right where he had a detailed plan of Draco Industries Headquarters.

280,000 dollars in cash.

Perfect samples of eagles.

A perfect lab made by him.


These are all the resources he had.His son's eyes were still depleting everyday.He had mere weeks before his son would face death.An eagle's sight was always the best in the world,thus by his research,he could possibly use his shapeshifting biology to help his son,the only problem left was an equipment were he could properly do the surgery on his son.And that tech is in the possession of the Hacksourcers. He knew he had to do a heist,if only he had the means to do so.....


"I will find a way."Rade tells himself as he grabbed some cash and headed to the local mall to get some items.


Parker Mall



"So where do you currently live?"Sherry asks.

"I rented a small apartment in Draco Industries.It's kinda like a dormitory for employees."Jennie replied as Sherry began:"And your family?"

"Sherry!"Ronald warns as Jason signaled for his foster mom to stop.

"Jennie i'm so sorry,she doesn't know."Jason says as Jennie nods her head lightly:" no it's fine.I ran away from home when i was younger.My dad died in a car crash and my mom,as well as my step dad were biased towards the daughters of the family.So yea..."Jennie says as she took in a deep breath:"That's my family."

"I'm so sorry honey."Sherry says as Jennie just gently whispers:"It's fine."


"So how long have you two been dating?"Ronald jumps in as Jason blushed and looks at hi foster dad:"Dad!"then turns to face Jennie who can't help but smile."Are we even..."Jason asked.

"I think close to two weeks."Jennie replies.




An awkward dinner later.




"So when did you realize you like me?"Jason asks as Jennie shot him an annoyed look as Sherry grabbed Jennie and lightly whispers:"I never thought a girl would like him....."she jokes."Nah he is fine."Jennie replies."Ronald come with us."Sherry says as Ronald tells Jason:"I better keep an eye on things."

"I'll go look for gundams."Jason replies as they separated in the mall.


Jason walked throughout the mall ,looking for those gundams as he found himself in the largest crowd ever.Apparently,there was a Starlio Stex product sale going on as he pushed through the crowd when a cold sharp solid object pressed the right of his neck.


"Hello Jason."a deep cold voice says.

Out of the corner of his eye,Jason saw a inch long fingernail about to sink into the flesh of his neck."You may not know who i am besides my name,but..."

Before Rade could finish his sentence,Jason raised his left arm,about to attack when his other arm was grabbed as Rade continues:"I have no intention to hurt you Jason,nor did i even expect to meet you here.So if you do decide to use your powers,remember what happened before..."


"How did you know who i am?"Jason says.

"That i will not say,but i will thank you for sparing me back there in the police station."Rade replies.

"I did not spare you,i spared my own morals."


Rade let Jason go who quickly turned and faced him,as the two come face to face properly for the first time."What do you want other than killing me."Jason demands.

"I do not want another enemy,neither do i want a friend,but you ...i want you to get out of the way."

"Like hell i would."


Rade sets down his shopping bags on a nearby bench as he sat down,which made Jason relax a little."I don't think you know what Draco is really doing.I don't know what he thought you or what he told you,but let me tell you this.....find out who his wife is.That is all i will say and you will decide what you will do next,but until we meet again,be it in combat or something."


"You don't want to kill me?"Jason says.

"Do not mistake me for a nice guy Jason,all i am saying is i would rather have one less enemy but if it comes down to it,i will kill you."Rade says as he grabs his shopping bag and disappears into the crowd.

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