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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

this is a story about a girl who's family was killed in a shooting. enjoy!!

Submitted: December 12, 2017

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Submitted: December 12, 2017



I walk down the hall to room 372.  Mrs. Kalsm is standing outside and smiles when she sees me.  I know right away this is something unexpected.  When I get to her, she starts talking.

“I was thinking about how well you have been doing recently, and I thought that it would be good to meet other people,” I groan, and lean against the wall, preparing for what comes next. “So I decided that starting today you will be coming to the school’s group counseling meetings.” I groan even louder, and Mrs. Kalsm goes on.

“Olivia, Ana, and Julia are already there.  Everyone else is still coming, there are about 5 other people including Max. Go in, and once everyone else is here I will come in and start the meeting.” I reluctantly walk into the room and sit down in the corner.  Olivia’s seat is right next to me, and gives me a funny look when I walk in.

“Why are you here?” She asks.  I grimace at her, and she grins back.

“What do you think? Mrs. Kalsm is conspiring against me,” I say with a smirk.  I settle down in my seat, pulling up my knees and hugging them to me.  I don't like to be in large groups, not anymore. I was perfectly happy in my own little world, staying inside my head.  But then I had to come to school.  Mrs. Kalsm had gotten Elizabeth's friends together and told them that she died the day after it happened.  Now they meet every day, and I am forced to go, too.  As if that wasn’t  bad enough, now I have to go to group counseling.  I don't know what Mrs. Kalsm was thinking. I just don't like being around other people anymore, because they ask me questions about why I am acting so weird, and I can't answer them. I am fine with Olivia and Julia and Anna and every other one of Elizabeth's friends because they know everything, but not anyone else.  I sigh and put my head down on my knees, listening to Anna and Julia talking about their civics quiz. I don't like people.  After what happened, it is hard for me to trust people. If I could choose to do anything for the rest of my life I would probably choose to sit in a dark room with a sweatshirt on, all by myself in the dark.  I would like that.  I smile to myself just as I hear the door open and someone walk in.  Olivia pokes me and I lift my head to see Henry entering the room. Immediately I start to stand so I can leave.  This is too much.  Henry hates me, and always finds time to make a mean comment.  Before it didn't bother me, but now it does. As I try to stand, I feel Olivia’s hand on my arm, restraining me. She knows I don't like Henry.  She knows better than anyone, but she makes me stay, grabbing my hand.

“He has never been here before.  Let's see what he does,” She says “Besides, Mrs. Kalsm will be here so he can't really say anything mean.” I nod at her and whisper back.

“Yeah, I know.  But I still don't like him, even if he isn’t being a jerk.” She considers this for a second, then shrugs.  She lets go of my hand, and I curl back up waiting for Mrs. Kalsm to re enter the room.  Henry hasn't noticed me yet, which I guess is good. I try not to imagine what he will say when he sees me.  Soon, I am slipping back into my own world, my favorite place.  I am almost there when he notices me.  Darn it.  

“Oakley, what are you doing here?” He yells across the room.  I shoot a panicked look at Olivia, who smirks and looks at Henry.

“What are you doing here?” I ask in return, hoping sass will scare him off.  It works, thank goodness. He is officially the most annoying person ever.  Satisfied that he will not question me further, I curl back up.  It makes me feel safe and unexposed, so it puts my anxiety at ease.  At least, that is what Mrs. Kalsm said.  Henry is looking at me again.  I stare right back, not caring what he thinks.  Thankfully, one more person walks into the room and the meeting starts.  The whole time I zone out, thinking about everyone here.  Mostly Henry.  Even though he is so mean, I envy him.  After school, he walks home with his sister.  His parents are there, and they make his snack.  He goes up to his room, maybe hangs out with friends.  My life, not so much. He doesn't know it, but he is the lucky one.  I started going to school 3 days after it happened.  That was not my choice.  Almost nothing in my life is my choice anymore.  Probably because I don't care.  Sometimes I care.  When I am around Elizabeth's friends I care.  I care because I cared about her.  They probably know more about her than I do.  So I listen.  I listen and watch and do everything I can to stay afloat.  When I am in my head, I can be whatever I want. I can be sad, I can cry.  But when I am in the real world, I have to be normal.  Normal means not crying, not showing my panic, my anxiety.  Not showing my weaknesses.  But soon that all will be over.  Soon, we'll be telling the school about Elizabeth's death.  Telling the school about what happened on that fateful day, when the Boeing 575 my family and I were on, crashed to the ground.  It will give people answers, I guess. They wonder why I walk around the school like a ghost, why I don't eat lunch in the cafeteria, why I look like I am about to cry all the time.  But the last one has an easy answer.  I am about to cry all the time.  The worst thing about being in my head is going back to the real world.  It feels like abandoning someone.  But I need to do it, to see where the meeting is. To my surprise, everyone is emptying out of the room.  The meeting must be over finally. Now Mrs. Kalsm looked at me.  I looked back, and she smiled.  Henry walks away, watching me carefully.  He starts to say something, but then the bell rings, indicating the end of class. As the room emptied, Mrs. Kalsm asked Olivia, Julia, and Anna if they wanted to stay.  They do, and so do I. I stay in room 372 during lunch.  A couple other people are there, too. But I don't care.  I keep to myself during all of it.  When lunch is over, I have to go to Social Studies.  I say goodbye to Mrs. Kalsm and walk out of the room toward by locker.  Social Studies isn't bad, mostly we just watch videos.  But there will still be time for people to ask me what happened to Elisabeth.  I look at the ground as I walk up to my locker, ignoring the eyes that stay on me for a minute to long.  When I get to my locker, Bec is waiting for me. She is in my social studies class, and luckily sites next to me.  She has known about Elisabeth for almost as long as I have.  When I have my things for social studies, we walk to class together.  The whiteboard in the classroom announces that we will have a free period.  I hope its a study hall, because then I can work on my story.  My story is just what is sound like: I am writing a story.  I don't really know what it is going to be about, I just write.  Here is what I have so far. I walked down the long, seemingly endless hallway.  My fate, undecided.  The hallway smelled like blood and cleaner, the floor was sparkling white.  There were no windows, only the walls and the ceiling.  The hallway decided my fate.  This was the Hallway of Death.  My name is Yalf Kippah.  My world is different than yours.  My people are different.  When it is time, my people walk down this hallway to find their fate.  Whether you live or die.  Whether you become a peasant or a royal.  According to my bloodline, I will see a crown at the end of this hallway.  The rest of my family are royals, so I should be, too. But I don't think so.  I am not like the rest of them, I am something special.  I catch a glimpse of something at the end of the hallway.  Something blue and gold and red.  Something that is certainly not a crown.  I walk faster, trying to run.  But the spell on this hallway does not allow those in it to run.  So I make my steps longer and longer, until my fate comes into view.  It is a knot, with a shimmering gold blade and a hilt studded with blue and red gemstones. I know my fate now.  To destroy my bloodline.  To destroy the royals.  I don't know why I decided to write it.  I don't think I really had a choice.  But it helps, so I do it.  When I am done with the chapter I sit back in my seat, looking around the classroom.  Most kids are watching YouTube or playing games on their computers. No one paying attention to me or anything else for that matter. I looked around to see if anyone was paying attention to me even though I knew they weren't, than I curled back up into a ball hoping I could go unnoticed for a while. It worked, and soon the bell rang signaling the end of the school day.  I pack up my things and hurry out of the room, hoping to get to my locker before anyone else is there.  I am not that lucky, and as I approach my locker I see Henry in front of it.  

“Hi Oakley!” He says with a smile.  I try to push him away but he doesn't move. “I just wanted to ask you if you are okay?”

“I am fine, except for the fact that you are blocking my locker. Move.” I try again to get past him, and this time he moves.

“I was just thinking, you seem kind of sad recently.  Is everything okay?”

“Yes, now go away.” He walks away, looking upset, almost like I was the one doing something wrong.  It doesn't matter, though.  He doesnt matter.  I sling my backpack over my shoulder and turn to leave.  When I get home, I go up to my room. It's not really my home, though, and it is not really my room.  I am living with Erinn Lancast, my foster mother.  She lets me stay by myself, which is good.  I open up my computer and email Olivia.  

Hi Olivia,

Today was fine in the morning, except for Henry.  But you know that already.  Then, after social studies I went to my locker to get my stuff and go home and Henry was standing there blocking me. Than the weirdest thing happened. He asked me if I was ok?!! It was nice of him, in a twisted way. But why would he care? Right now I am going out of my mind thinking about what that could mean.  Which makes me even more crazy than normal.


Email me when you can,


When I am done emailing Olivia, I start my homework.  It isn't much, my teachers don't give much to me anymore.  I just have to watch a video for science and study for math.  I get those done in less than half an hour and check my email.  Olivia has replied and I read her email.


Maybe Henry is a human being with a conscience.  Maybe.  Probably not, but just a possibility.  Or maybe he wants to know, because everybody is wondering.  Or maybe he just wants to be annoying.  I don't know.  On the other hand, have you heard the school is getting a new student? She is moving from Florida, and is a 6th grader. I know because Mrs. Kalsm told me after our meeting today.  She is coming tomorrow and I am supposed to show her around the school.  Mrs. Kalsm invited her to our group, because she need friends.  It seems pretty cool, but I wanted to let you know so tomorrow you are not caught off guard.


I lay back on my bed with a sigh.  Of course a new student is coming to our school, and of course Mrs. Kalsm invited her to our meeting.  

“Oakley, it is time for dinner!” Mrs. Lanncast calls up the stairs.  I walk down to the dining room and sit at the table.  Mrs. Lanncast and her son, Daniel are already there, each with large bowls of spaghetti in front of them.  I spoon some spaghetti out for myself and we begin to eat.  

“Daniel, how was your day at school?” Mrs. Lanncast directs her interrogation at him first, and I know I’ll be next.

“It was good. My teacher took the snake out of his cage and let is go all over the classroom!” He keeps shoveling spaghetti in his mouth.  

“How about you, Oakley?” Mrs. Lanncast turns to me right as a shovel a forkful of spaghetti in my mouth.  I gesture towards my jaws, and mumble through my mouth full of food. Mrs. Lanncast sighs and turns back to her spaghetti.  I quickly finish my bowl and go back up to my room, wanting to write more of my story.

One year later...

I walk to the Kodak, glancing around warily to see who is up at this time.  Only the Jawk are walking around, which is as it should be.  Soon, everyone will be walking around, and I can’t be here. I have to eat and get to work.  As I walk across the ground, light fills the sky.  I look up to see Hak, one of our many moons, making its way across the sky.  It is 9351, almost time for the Warx to awake and come out.  I break into a run crossing the distance to the Qdak in an instant, and grab my morning meal form the bin.  I am in and out in a instant, running toward the forest at top speed.  Which is pretty fast, and I am under the cover of the trees by the time the Warx are outside.  As a Royal, I am not supposed to be here.  I am supposed to stay in the forest with the rest of the Royals, away from the problems of the poor. But I don't feel like a Royal. I am not supposed to like climbing and farming and hunting. I am supposed to let the peasants do that.  I am supposed to rule and pretend they aren't there.  But I am not like my family.  I will be the one to end this ruthless cycle.  I know it.  When I reach the place the Royal’s live, Hak is half way across the sky.


By the time I am done writing, it is almost 9:00 and I decide that it is time to go to bed.  I plug my computer in, and turn off my light.  As I go to sleep, I try to figure out why Henry seemed to care about why I seem sad.  I can't figure it out though, and the next thing I remember is waking up to the morning sun.  Well, the sun rise.  I look at the clock, and see that it is 6:00.  I get ready slowly, for I am dreading to go to school. I don't want to see Henry, or be civil to the new girl. But I have to.  At 7:15 I walk out the door, not even bothering with breakfast.  I can eat on my way to school.  Right now I just need to be outside, and walking is always good.  It takes about 20 minutes to get to school by foot, and by the time I get there homeroom has already started.  No one will care if I am late, so I take my time walking to my locker and getting my things for math.  When I get to my classroom, everyone is finishing a worksheet that we got yesterday.  I take out mine get to work.  Just as I finish the worksheet, the loudspeaker crackles to life

“Hi, can you send Oakley to room 372 please?” I start to gather my things, expecting that to be the end of the announcement, but it continues “Can you send Liana, too?” I look around the room.  Liana must be the new girl, because she wasn’t in our class yesterday.  I look around to see a girl with long brown hair standing up with her things.  I pick mine up, too and walk out of the classroom, saying goodbye to my teacher.  The girl, Liana follows me.  I walk to my locker to put my things away, and she stops, too. I ignore her, stuffing my computer and folder into my locker, but grabbing my phone, earbuds, and water bottle.  Then Liana speaks.

“Why do you have your phone?” She looks confused, so I decide to be kind of nice

“Mrs. Kalsm lets me bring it.” Enough information to satisfy her, I hope.

“Oh.  Am I allowed to have mine?” Not enough information.

“I don't know.” Please, just leave me alone! I end the conversation by walking away, and again she follows.  If she is as annoying as she seems, Olivia is in for a treat. I run down the stairs, trying to get rid if her.  It kind of works, she walks down them slower than a snail, and I speed walk all the way to Mrs. Kalsm’s room, which isn’t that far.  When I get there, the door is open so I walk in.  The only other person there is Olivia, and I sit down in my favorite chair in the corner.  A few seconds after I sit down, Anna comes in and sits down near Olivia.  Then a few minutes later, Liana walks in and picks the light blue chair in the opposite corner.  I look down at my chair. In my opinion, it is the best in the room. In second place is the big beanbag chair, and in third is the chair Liana is sitting in.  I stare at her for a few minutes but she doesn't seem to notice.  She is looking at all of the signs on the walls of Mrs. Kalsm’s room.  They are mostly notices for different clubs and events the school is having.  I stop staring at her because she is so boring to watch. All she does is blink and look like a wide-eyed idiot. I roll my eyes and think about when I first came here. Even I wasn’t that clueless.  Mrs. Kalsm finally walks in, but when she does she looks around trying to find who is the new girl. Her eyes then settle on Liana, and she watches her as her eyes scan the walls. Mrs. Kalsm then nods her head in a satisfied way. She then smiles and shuffles around me to get to her desk.

“Well girls, how is everyone?” she asks. She has that plastic teacher smile on, as she looks at me. I start to retreat back in, but before I can she asks me to stand.

“We are just going to play a little name game, so that our new addition can get comfortable here.” Mrs. Kalsm commands. I try hard to hold in my snort. Liana is just innocently looking around, but her eyes only see my phone. All this girl cares about is bringing her phone. Just as I expected, her hand shoots up into the air.

“Mrs. Kalsm, can I bring my phone, just for the first few weeks? It’ll help me settle in.” She looks up and pretends to be uncomfortable. Mrs. Kalsm smiles.

“Of course dear, but just for a few weeks. It is against the rules to bring a phone in a classroom during school hours.” Mrs. Kalsm chirps. Mrs. Kalsm keeps on talking, as Liana looks sideways at my phone and smiles triumphantly. Am I the only one that saw that? Wow, this girl is sly.

“Well let us start, Oakley you first,” Mrs. Kalsm points at me. I stand up and take a deep breath.

“My name is Oakley. I like the color black.” I start to sit down, but Liana decides to chime in.

“What is your favorite hobby?” She chirps like a bird on a sugar high. I roll my eyes. Maybe she is a bird on a sugar high.

“I like to do stuff.” I say with a smirk looking at Olivia.  She grins back at me.

“What kind of stuff? I like to sing and dance and write poetry.  My mom calls me a ray of sunshine!” Her voice is high pitched and sort of bragging as she says it daring me to argue back.  I do,

“Well for one thing, I don't dance, or sing, or write poetry. Usually I do better things, stuff that doesn’t waste my time. Like enrich my mind by reading a book, or even writing one.” I said with satisfaction of the look she was giving me.

Mrs. Kalsm decides to interrupt us,

“Girls, try to be nicer please. Oakley, go take a walk, Liana, can I talk to you for a minute?” I walk away smiling because I know I got the last word. When I see Liana staring at me I smile smugly at her.  Mrs. Kalsm walks out the door and I follow her, turning right and heading toward the stairwell.  I want to go to my locker and get a snack. Liana follows me but stays with Mrs. Kalsm. They talk for a minute, but by the time I reach the stairs Liana is following me.  She stops at my locker when I get there daring me to tell her to leave. I don't, instead I just ignore her, getting the food out of my locker and walking down the hall.  Yet again she follows me, and I smile to myself.  I know this school better than she does and can easily lose her in the hallways.  I decide to walk to the computer lab through the front door, and leave out the back door.  It will lead me into the library so I can go out of those doors and head back to Mrs. Kalsm’s room.  The plan works.  I sprint back to Mrs. Kalsm’s room and run in, out of breath. Olivia looks at me strangely but doesn't say anything. I plop down on my favorite chair and stare at the door. I counting under my breath.  I want to see how long it takes Liana to get back.  When she is still not back after 5 minutes, Mrs. Kalsm looks at me suspiciously.  She motions to me, and tells me to go find Liana.  I smirk and walk out the door.  I think I know where she will be, so I head first to my locker.  She isn't there, so I quickly stash my food and walk down the hall toward the tech room. I find Liana on pretending to use the computer, but I see her texting on her phone.

I quietly sneak into the tech room.  When I am right behind her, I practically yell in her ear.

“What are you doing on that?” Liana shrieks and drops her phone, then quickly stands up which knocks her chair over.

“What the heck?! My phone could have broken!!” She shrieks at me, grabbing her precious phone and scanning it for any damage.  I smile, pleased at what I have accomplished.

“Well, you said you wanted to carry your phone, so stop being a brat. Mrs. Kalsm wants you to go back to her room!” I shout over my shoulder as I walk out.  I go up the stairs, down the hallway, then back down the stairs.  I want to avoid Liana, so taking the long way is a small price to pay. As I walk into the room I see that Liana is sitting in my favorite seat, and when I walk in she sneers.  I smile sweetly back and take the next best seat on the beanbag. Her lips turn down as she sees that I don't care that she is sitting there. I smile at that and in my head I vow to sit here for the rest of the week just to annoy her and show her I don't care.  But I regret that decision when she gets out of that seat and comes to sit next to me on the beanbag.  As she sits down I break that vow, leaping up and jumping into the seat she just left.  I look over at Olivia, who has a look of amusement on her face. I stare at her and she stares back. Then I quickly look away.

“Oakley, you okay over there?” Olivia is still grinning, and I grin back.

“Yep, I am good.  I just wanted to sit here, that is all.” I reply simply, trying to hold back my laughter. I look over at Liana trying to see what her next move will be, thinking over all of the possible things she might do. Than she does something I do not expect. She went over to Mrs. Kalsm whispered something then pointed to me. I looked at Liana uncomprehendingly and she smirked back. Right then and there I knew I was in to a  lot of trouble. About fifty thoughts flew through my mind.  Why was Liana so intent on getting me in trouble? What did she want from me? Why was she so annoying? And so on.  But surprisingly, Mrs. Kalsm did not call me out into the hall, she didn't even get me in trouble.  Instead, she took Liana out into the hall!  I can only imagine what she told Liana.  I do know that Mrs. Kalsm told Liana about Elizabeth in some way, shape, or form. When Liana came back in she looked at me with a weird expression, almost like she felt bad for me.  It was really funny. Then I thought about just walking out of the room. I mean I don’t need to deal with this right?

This is what I was thinking until  I realized that Mrs. Kalsm wanted me to be kind to Liana, and that did not include walking out of the room when she was trying to talk to me. Then Liana decided to get on my nerves even more.

“I don't get what the big deal is.  My brother’s fish died a couple weeks ago and he didn't even cry!” At this point, Olivia is cracking up and Anna looks scared as to what I will do next. While Mrs. Kalsm is looking very angry. Anna is right to be scared, because I almost killed Liana.  Luckily for Liana, Mrs. Kalsm calls Liana into the hall very angrily. I decide right then and there that I am never talking to Liana again after I get my revenge.  I may have been being a little ‘harsh’ on her before, but even if she wasn't then, now I know for sure she is a colossal jerk.  Oh, Liana I feel so bad for you.  Your brother’s fish died.  How awful and depressing that must be.  I am making a big deal out of the fact that my whole family died. No.  That is not how things work.  I wouldn't have minded it if she didn't say anything about it, but she had compare my whole family to a fish!

“Mrs. Kalsm, can I talk to Liana, alone?” I sweetly asked, “I would just like to explain some things.” I grabbed Liana and practically dragged her out into the hall. I brought my face close to hers and yelled.

“Who do you think you are? Oh wait, I know! You are an idiot who is soooo condescending and stupid. You think you are the center of the world. Why would you compare my family to a cheap dollar store fish? Your brother probably didn’t feed the fish!  In fact, I think that everyone in this whole school thinks that you are a moron who cheated her way into this school. Oh and here’s a tip, STOP BEING A JERK!” I was out of breath struggling to not slap her. Liana’s face looked like a perfect picture of disbelief.  I stomped off to my locker not even bothering to tell Mrs. Kalsm that I am leaving. I know one thing for sure, Liana will not tell Mrs. Kalsm.  I yank open my locker and start packing up. I can’t do this now, I have to go home. Just as I am walking out the back door, Olivia runs up to me, and grabs my arm.

“What are you doing? It is the middle of the school day!” She exclaimed. I shrugged and walked out into the cool autumn air. I texted Mrs. Lanncast to pick me up.

“Just tell Mrs. Kalsm that I am not feeling well,” I shouted to Olivia. My foster mom pulled up right in front of me and unlocked the doors. I climbed in glad to finally leave this place.

“Oakley are you okay?” Mrs. Lanncast asked, her eyes full of worry. I turned away from her and blinked back tears. After my family died I felt like I became a brat. I thought about Liana’s behavior, did my friends think that way about me? I shook my head trying to clear my thoughts. No, I’d never become like… like her.  What was her problem anyway? It took me sometime to realize that the car wasn’t even moving. I looked over and Mrs. Lanncast, and I saw her head resting on the wheel. She was crying.

“Mrs. Lanncast, are you okay?” I lean forward and rest my hand on her shoulder. She jumped up like she just realized I had just entered the car. She looked back at me than sighed.


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