the final goodbye

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this was something i wrote a while back so please keep in mind that i'm still editing it// this short story is about a girl who finds herself in a sticky situation with her abusive father.

Submitted: December 12, 2017

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Submitted: December 12, 2017



May 14 2017, I woke up that morning not entirely sure of what to expect. Given the news we had received the night before, it was no surprise that  everyone was on edge.It was the first time something like this had happened to our city in a long time. At every turn and every corner, you could sense the fear and curiosity boiling in every soul. Their immense eyes spoke for themselves as they frantically scanned every being, searching for the supposed killer on the loose. The night before we had all received an Amber Alert at about 5pm, it read: “ AMBER ALERT! 5 year old girl MISSING, last seen at Centre Park. Contact POLICE with any information, STAY INDOORS, Police are unaware of killers location.” At first I didn’t think anything of it, in fact I laughed. I mean what kind of parent is careless enough to not notice their child being kidnaped? The day following the alert, I received a text from one of my best friends and neighbor Austin, instructing me to look outside.  As I walked over to the large window in my apartment, I was pretty surprised, seeing a man in a mask holding something behind his back. Once again I laughed, knowing it was Austin. It wasn’t the first time he had done something like that, so I Face-Timed him only to tease him.


When he answered I was forced to take a double take as I saw him in his apartment, also looking out of his large, tinted window staring at the masked stranger. “Bu-I...You-Who?…” I puzzled, I kept on looking back and forth between the two “See what I mean, like what is he doing just standing there?” “... *sigh* You know it's rude not to say anything!” He joked. His smile slowly faded as his eyes grew large, I could tell he wasn’t looking at me, he was looking straight ahead. “Madds,Turn around!” The sternness in his voice told me he wasn’t messing with me so I knew something wasn’t right. I spun around and saw the ‘masked stranger’ pointing a silver handgun at me. “Don’t move...I’m coming over right now…” With that Austin ended the call and in a matter of seconds, he came running through my front door; I didn’t even look, still hadn’t moved, at this point everything just felt fuzzy, my eyes kept focused as I gawked at the gun. I was scared that even blinking or the slightest movement was something I could not risk doing. I felt as Austin approached me, pulling me in for a long embrace and for the slightest moment, I felt completely safe. I turned to look over at the anonymous man  and witnessed the him slowly remove his black cotton face mask revealing what lay underneath. Holding our breaths, we squeezed each other's hand tightly as the gunman smacked a smirk on his face. I gasped,instantly recognizing who the stranger was “ Do you know who that is?” Austin Panicked. I sighed, not sure of where to start “I’m pretty sure that man has been stalking me for the past month or so, everywhere I went, the same man watched me from afar. I mean... I didn’t think it was that serious until a few days before when I saw him watching me in the lobby downstairs. I hadn't told anyone because I wasn’t exactly sure how to say it ya know I had no proof, the whole thing would just turn into a ‘he said, she said’ fias-” with absolutely no warning at all, the audacious man pointed the gun in the air, firing twice, silencing everything. He laughed dangerously before walking away as though nothing had happened. Austin swiftly pulled into me into a corner “Why didn’t you at least tell me?!” I didn’t exactly know how to respond so I just stared at my feet. “ *sigh* Whatever, tomorrow we're going to the police, and you're going to tell them everything you just told me and what we saw today...OK?” “ Alright. Fine I’ll do it”


You’d probably expect me to say something like “*sigh*, last night I barely slept because my mind kept racing, or I was so stressed, I had like an hour of sleep because I kept on thinking about the fact that I almost died last night*gasp*” Nope..not me, I slept like a baby. Giving the circumstances, I’d make perfect sense for me to be worried but for some reason I just didn’t really care. It’s not like he actually harmed me or anything. Going to the police took a lot of convincing on Austin’s end because I didn’t really see a point to it. Obviously I didn’t want to be stalked or held at gunpoint, but going there would just be a disappointment because all they’d say is “ We’ll look into it and contact you ASAP” when really they just shove your folder in the bottom of some cabinet that none ever checks. I would know, because my dad was a police officer.


Someone looking on the outside in, would see a loving father and a respected officer if the law, but Killian Alexander Jones was not at all what he seemed, he deceived everyone with his warming smile and conning personality. But really, he was continually cheating on my mother and kept on damaging their already fragile marriage. Friday nights, he’d come home reeking of  booze and alcohol, collapsing on our coach. Some days when he was extra drunk, he’d hit my mom for no reason at all as a kid I didn’t really notice nor did I  mind, but as I grew older and developed morals, I was ashamed to bring friends over or even talk about my dad at all. Much like my father, I disregarded my conscience and became quite the party animal, but unlike him I didn’t hide it from the world. Instead I flaunted it. Can you really blame me? I  was living the life; I came from a well-off family, I was the ‘IT’ girl, all the guys liked me and I was teacher’s pet. It was Austin, my childhood friend that talked me into my senses and help with my shameful addictions. My first year of High-school, my mom could not stand my father’s behavior and was worried about my safety, so she divorced him, taking full custody of me. A year later, she remarried to a man named Damian who also had a son named Matt that was my age. We all generally got along fine, it was nothing really significant. My mother (Kristen) and Matt later had a son together. Steven was the most adorable little brother and always made everyone smile.


The police station wasn’t too far from my apartment, it was only two blocks away so I decided to walk. I was in for the shock of my life as I walked through those sliding doors. I felt as two pairs of eyes followed me as I made my way to the front desk. There were two officers at the desk, so I briefly scanned their name tags. The tag belonging to the officer on the right simply read ‘Officer Kennedy in training’ and the officer on the left’s tag read ‘Officer Jones’ I gasped and dropped my purse as I stared into my father’s deep blue eyes. “ Hey kiddo! How may I help you?” I was so confused why was he acting so normal and what was he doing here?, he lived two cities away! “Dad. uh. what are you doing here?” I was definitely not happy to see him “Well the district decided to transfer here I am!” I was in no way prepared to see my dad, yet alone live in the same city. I briefly explained to him what happened the day before as he created a file on the desktop. He later directed me to the officer in training. I took a look at the training officer and once and I was almost completely frozen. “NO, NO,NO! It can’t it can’t” I

thought in my head. Not only had I seen my dad for the first time in over four years, but I had also seen my stalker: the man who has been stalking me for about a month, the man who came to my living space and threatened me with a gun! “Hi. So it says here that on October 15; which was yesterday, a man stood outside your apartment complex, pointing  a gun, before firing twice in the air. It also says that this man has allegedly been stalking you for the past month and a half...Correct?”  Why was he acting so normal?I need to get out of here!..Maybe I’ll just drop the case “ Uh. yeah. But I-uh I think I should just forget about this. You know it’s probably not that serious.” The officer dropped the file on the desk, looking at me straight in the eye. “Oh, ok. Here, let me just cancel this report.”but, he was clearly taking his time in doing so. He’s stalling...why is he stalling?  My dad walked out from the back and approached me “ Hey Maddison, do you mind if I have a word with you outside?” I glance over at the other officer What’s taking him so long? “Sure. Why not.” We walked out to the parking lot and “ So how have you been these past couple years?” “ U-Good. I guess. You?” “*chuckle* Well things have been better ya know. I miss you and your mother” I didn’t know how to respond to that, I didn’t miss him, I haven’t thought about him in a while. He was just a bad memory. All of a sudden he pulls me in for a hug. I didn’t hug back. The sharp pinch emanating from my shoulders alerted me. Everything around me started to fade slowly. I felt like I was drifting into the land of abis, and my struggle to remain coherent proved in vain.

Fear was all that could surround me as I woke up in complete darkness. “HEELPP! Someone please help!” I knew the chances of anyone hearing me and coming to my rescue were very slim, but screaming only felt like instinct. I silenced myself, hearing voices and footsteps nearing my mysterious location. I try to listen to what they were saying, but I only got a few words: unconscious..Room...Kill..after..Maddison *DOOSH* Before I had time to process what I just heard, blinding lights flicker on as three men approach me till they were only inches away. Two out of the three men were wearing masks “What is with you and why do you keep stalking me?” I ask directed at the man without a mask but he only laughed. Insulted, spit in his face which provoked the two masked men to pull out their guns. All the fear that once was had departed from me completely “Shoot me!” I dared. “You little fool. Grab her! We wouldn’t want her escaping.”  While they each grabbed my arm, one of them scratched me, causing me to bleed “Ow. Watch it. I’m warning you.” “ *chuckle* You’ve always been so petty” Wait. I recognize thatlaugh and… that voice!  “Gee. Sure good to see you too! I never thought that after one year apart from my brother we’d meet like this; You know. With you kidnapping me!..Oh ya and when am I ever petty” I snared. Matt slapped me across my face and whispered into my ear “Don’t you dare call me your brother again. You robbed from me, you were always the favourite, my dad like ‘you’ better than his own son! Do you know how it felt when he had the choice to send me to college or to pay for your trip to Europe *sigh* AND HE CHOSE TO PAY FOR YOUR STUPID TRIP?!” Damn. I never knew Matt felt that way; he always acted like everything was normal. But. I guess I did see his point with my trip, but I really don’t think I was the ‘favourite’ I would’ve known… right? “I-oh” those were the only words I managed to choke out “ Ahh so you can be quiet” Matt vexed. I looked over to the other culprit “And you mister? I assume you must also have something against me. So please. Do tell”. There was a long stiff pause before the unknown man spoke up “Well ya know kiddo, I never really had a problem with you until ya got older and your mom decided that you weren't safe enough with me. Because of YOU I lost my marriage, I lost the respect of many of my coworkers and friends, and worst of all, I lost the love of my life.”  I’d never been so angered in my entire life, what kind of father says that.What kind of father blames his own daughter for his own mistakes?! “Wow. I’m officially at a loss for words.Oh and you? I’m guessing you too have something against me. Though I can’t say I know who you are” Mr. Kennedy quietly shook his head. After I thought it through, it was kind of funny seeing grown men so distressed about things that happened years ago. “ what exactly was the point of all this? To kidnap me and tell me how I ‘ruined’ your lives and then what? You let me go and think I'll actually feel anything?” Matt chuckled to himself “ Aww, you don’t get it. See you took away the people that mattered most to us, so we’re gonna take away the person that matters most to you.” “That’s where I come in, see watching you for the past month now has been an absolute blast. But although you may not know it, Your friend, Austin. He’s the guy were going to kill today.” I laughed hysterically and couldn’t stop until I was almost out of breath “ *cough* *chuckle* Ok so, you’ve seen a tiny, minute fragment of my life and now you're an expert. No see I think I would know who the most valuable person in my life is and-uh it’s not Austin. Sure he may be my best friend and all, but family is most important to me.” I glared at Matt as he nodded his head as a way of agreeing to disagree “Bring him in!” he yelled at the door. Two other men with masks entered the cold, big room, Austin between them *gasp* Our eyes locked as the men placed him in front of me. I saw as they all pulled out their guns and loaded their bullets I wanted so desperately to save him, but I knew nothing I would say or do would change their minds. Unlike all the scenes in the movies, everything happened so fast “Please don’t shoot” I whispered as tears streamed down my face *BANG* “NO!” I shrieked, freeing myself and running over to him. Kneeling down beside him, I grabbed his hands and wrapped mine around “I love you Maddis-” Those words were the only perfect thing about that day. Maybe Mr. Kennedy was right, maybe Austin was the person I treasured most. Afterall I have seen ultimate betrayal from family. “Now. It’s your turn Maddison” Matt raised his gun and pointed it at me. Good. I happy that he was the one going to do it. I want him to have to explain to our parents why he did this. I want him to explain to our brother and most of all, I want him to live with the guilt for the rest of his life! *BANG*.



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