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Promises are meant to be kept but we always break them and end up hurting those we love. GRACE..

Submitted: December 13, 2017

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Submitted: December 13, 2017



Take us back to the past...

We used to swim in the mud like pigs

Pour our hearts out without caring

We had no tomorrow

All of the words were uttered confidently

Our love unconditional, no feelings were spared

Then we were always together and went on without fear

And we climbed the talest trees fearlessley

We talked eachday

We were always together, inseperable...


The future....

We always dreamt of it together

Noone was missing in it

It was a perfect little world we made, for ourselves



I can't remember your face

Or where we've been

We lost ourselves in the way

All promises made were broken

Today is different without you

The days are now empty

My tears well down easily now, without you

I never expected to be this far without you

Our perfect little world we imagined ..gone

As each second passes, I think of you, and where we would be today

You moved on, without me

Your life goes on, without me


I wonder.....

Do you stop to think of us,

The plans we made, the world we built...

About us....

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