Slightly Rude and I sound High :)

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This book is about my "friends" on transformice and how i'm an asshole to everyone I meet this book will explain my feelings on the matter.

Submitted: December 13, 2017

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Submitted: December 13, 2017



Hello, My name is AngelHair, I am a Bi-sexual, I am a toaster, I'd like to say I have a fun personlity, But sometimes I can be an asshole I know, I know, But being rude is just me, I want to tell some one something I'm going to tell them something I'm not going to hold off on a person because oh that'd be rude, No I'm not like that. If I dislike you I'm going to tell you I dislike you It's just that, I'm sure once some of my "Friends" read this they're going to call me a liar but I dont care, They can call me what they want, They can do what they want, But word's, Will never hurt me, Anyway, Carring on, Some people tell you "Oh, Well, Angel Yeah He is a rude person" Other's may say "Okay, he's okay.." I only become friends with people I think are nice or I like, If I don't like you you'll know it. Here comes the section of my friends and their personlities from what ive collected.






Creamrosez: Now Cream was my "girlfriend" She was nice most of the time but sometimes she'd get really mad at me for the "stupid" things I did, Now we broke sometime last month, I feel like im free again, She'll never know the calm side of me, Because she alway's is rude now, I didn't intend for it to turn out quite like this but its whatever. I dont care.




Enigma: Enigma is alot of fun, Sometimes he can be unresponsive, I like him, I consider him to be very interesting. We've only been friends for awhile but he's cool. He seems very nice, and Calm. :>




Saris: Saris...Is...well a very interesting...they can be a little spitful, And rude, But so am I... They can be confusing...But I like that about them
































































































































































































Wollewagers:She's nice
































































































































































































































































Gem: She can go suck a dick, Die, Go to hell, Fuck her 

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