The Story of Light and Dark: Part One

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Chapter 19 (v.1) - Chapter 19

Submitted: June 12, 2019

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Submitted: June 12, 2019



Chapter 19

As Jonathan and his family are now heading to the Charlotte Douglass Airport to board a plane that will them Athens, Greece to the Temple of the Goddess Athena, to save his family from the terror that is King Goliath’s Wrath; He begins to wonder if this will be the last time that he will see his wife and children again or hold his wife in arms.

Because the sad truth is that order for Lisa and the Twins to make it to Temple unharmed Jonathan knows that he sacrifices his life to so they could make it to Temple; Jon has been thinking about this for a very long he knows that he must tell his wife so that she can be prepared when comes time her to be alone for the very first time in their lives.

 So, with that thought in mind, Jon now must think of a better way to tell Lisa that he will not make it to the Temple with them. So, the Question is how does a husband tell his wife of 39 years that he will not be making the full trip with his family?

“Lisa, can you with me for a moment please I need to talk to you about something,” “Is what Jon had told his wife,” “don’t worry it’s nothing too serious I promise you but is important; I need for you to listen and say anything yet ok.”

“Ah! Yes sure, is there something wrong Jon because you look a little pale” “Is what Lisa had asked her husband,” “I mean the Kids are almost finish with loading up the Van so that we can go to the Airport.”

“You don’t missed a thing do you Babe; listen I’m going need to for you to call your sister Davina so that she can make this trip with you and the Kids,” “Jon had told his Beloved,” “I ‘m only asking you to do this because I have a feeling that something is going to go wrong once we get to the Airport, now I be wrong about this However; my instincts had never stirred me wrong before.”

“Why do I need to call my Sister, Jon we have not spoken to each in years since Davina took our father’s and Brother’s side,” “Lisa had told him,” “I’m mean there’s no need for us to call my Sister Jonathan, and are you telling to call her now when we are about leave for the Airport once the Van is loaded.”

“Lisa, please I ask that you bear with me on this, there will come a time when I’m not going to be with you and the kids,” “Jon had said to Her much to his dismay,” “My Love when that time comes you will need your sister by your side, she will able to help you more for when I won’t be able to; I just need to that you and the Kids will looked after.”

“Jonathan I’m not calling my sister unless you tell me what hell is going on, just you are asking me to do something is not a very good motivation Beloved,” “She had just expressed to her husband,” “And remember Jon, you once told that it was you and me against the world, and now you want me to call my big sister at lease tell me why Jon you own me that much.”

“Alright Beloved! I will tell you of the reason why I want you to call your sister but afterward you must call her Okay,” “Is what He said to his wife.” “Now the reason why I want to call your sister now is because I have a feeling that I will not be making this trip with you.”

“Why? What makes you think that you will not make this trip with us Jon we need you, I need you,” “She said to her husband,” “You can’t just up leave me and the Kids Jon just are you thinking, no don’t even say anything because clearly you were not thinking at all.”

“Are you finish? Now than if you had let me continue than you would have been able to hear the hold story alright; first of all it is my intention to leave my family or you Lisa, you must believe me on that,” “Jon had explained to his wife,” “And the real reason that I’m telling you this is because I had a talk my mother the other day and we both had gotten the feeling that Both Goliath and his Whore Sorceress will try to stop us from reaching the temple by attacking the Airport, so you see My Beloved that is why you must call Davina now.”

The End? Is it

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