The Porch Pirate

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Submitted: December 13, 2017

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Submitted: December 13, 2017



Caught in the act. A dim shadow casts over Miss Bradley's two story estate. It is nearing dusk. People are coming home from work. A UPS truck is seen driving down the road and making frequent stops in front of the houses lined up on Mayberry Street. A cool breeze is in the air, dry almost. Agatha Holmes--exhausted and down on her luck--is carefully following the UPS truck, making sure to stay far behind as not to make herself look too obvious. She is taking mental notes of where the UPS truck is dropping off packages. She is sizing them up in her head. Which package would contain the most valuable gift? Which package would contain the means to make the most money? 
Agatha finally saw it. The biggest box she had ever seen. It must have contained the most expensive of stuff! All ordered off, with the click of a mouse. And a loaded credit card. Agatha pulled over to the side of the road and wrote down on a small piece of notebook paper the address of the house. She would be making a visit later that night.
The house she jotted down was Miss Bradley's. A widow, nearing the age of fifty and two years. Lonesome, but nonetheless very pleasant and friendly. The package on her porch was a Christmas present for her two grandchildren. Agatha didn't know that. And really, she didn't care. Times were tough for her. Rent was due. Her boyfriend had just left her. And her job barely covered the bills. She was desperate.
Unfortunately, Miss Bradley was not at home at the time the UPS driver delivered her package, giving Agatha the perfect opportunity to steal it. Around eight o'clock that night, Agatha oozed back over into the neighborhood, and parked a few houses away from Miss Bradley's house. She got out of her car and casually but cautiously walked up to the house, looking over her shoulder to make sure no one was watching her. The coast was clear, she thought. So she made her move. 
Agatha approached the porch with a dumbfounded look on her face. She hoped no one was home.  The lights were turned off inside the house, that was a good sign. But as soon as her feet reached the edge of the porch, a tiny camera near the doorbell swicthed on. Agatha was being recorded, but she was unaware. She knocked fearfully on the door. One last test to see if anyone was home or not. Her heart was pounding, her palms sweating. What was she going to say if someone answered the door? 
A minute went by. No one answered. Agatha sighed in relief. 
She proceeded to pick up the big box with her arms. It was much heavier than it looked from the street, she thought. She grunted and waddled all the way from the porch back to her car with the heavy box in her arms. She almost bowed over in the front yard from the pain. After she stuffed the box in the back seat, she drove off. Not even looking back. There was no time to. The deed had been done, and the box was now hers. 
Miss Bradley came home shortly after ten o'clock from Bingo Hall at the nursing home where she volunteered weekly. To her surprise and great sadness, her package that she knew would arrive that evening was...not there. She went inside and checked the status of her order with Amazon and they told her it should have been delivered that afternoon. Miss Bradley said it was a mistake, because the box was not there. There was no trace of it anywhere. 
Suddenly, Miss Bradley had the idea to check her porch security camera. She looked through her phone, opened up the app and looked at recordings that were taped between the hours she was not home. Then she saw exactly what had happened. A Porch Pirate had paid an untimely visit to her home. She was the victim of petty crime. The only question was, was she going to get it back? She had spent a good amount of money on the gift. It would be an utter shame if she could not retrieve it. Closure was needed. Miss Bradley hardly slept a wink that night. And neither could Agatha. 
As soon as Agatha returned home, she opened up the box in her living room and saw many toys for young children and two small bicycles. Suddenly her heart filled with shame. What had she done? She had stolen some children's Christmas presents! She folded the tops of the box back together and went to her bed and cried. 


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