you guys are rude

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Submitted: December 14, 2017

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Submitted: December 14, 2017



You guys are rude


“Lo la Lo Lo la” bobby sang in a terrible opera voice. The camera was directed at Miranda in her closet that was a pigsty.  “You are perfect” Uncle fred said excitedly with his eye stuck in the camera. Uncle fred stopped the camera and called Miranda over to the dirty camera, they looked at the screen amazed, just to check if the video was perfect. Of course it was perfect, for them. “And… UPLOAD!” Uncle fred bellowed. The upload was finished, bobby and Uncle fred were watching the view and subscription bar like eagles.

After one seriously long minute, “Why is nobody watching my YouTube video!” bobby said furiously. “It takes a while” Uncle fred said calmly. bobby pulled a really ugly face back at him and screamed “THEY ARE HATERS, ALL OF THEM THEY DON'T SEE MY HANDSOMENESS AND MY TALENT!”. bobby stomped off to the kitchen to get the big box of cheese balls. “Breakfast!” bobby’s Mum, tracey and bobby dropped the cheese balls on the computer table.

Uncle fred, gemma (bobby’s sister), tracey and bobby sat at their messy table.

“It's the usual, a packet of ham cheese and crackers” said tracey proudly.

“You should make REAL food once in awhile Mum” Said gemma, that had a point. Everybody looked at gemma in an annoyed mood then gemma stood up then got her bag to go to school. “Bye” tracey joyfully said. ‘Ding!’ Echoed the computer say that there was one view for bobby’s YouTube channel, bobby jackson!

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