A Wizard's Curse

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Submitted: December 14, 2017

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Submitted: December 14, 2017



Once upon a time, a young maiden, as beautiful as the starry sky, was sitting on the porch of her family’s home. Her father worked as a miller far on the edges of the kingdom. They didn’t have much to live off but they managed. Sadly, winters got harsher and every spring, when the snow melted, the mill had to be repaired. Those repairs cost them two months’ worth of flour, leaving them foraging for edibles such as mushrooms and berries in the forest. Yet, with a heart as kind as she was beautiful, the young maiden never considered leaving her father. Not a single complaint ever crossed her mind. She knew her father was working terribly hard to provide for her and her mother.
So, every year when they were in a bind, she wandered off to the next town and sold hand crafted jewelry. It was never much, but enough to at least buy few fresh ingredients.

Faith played a cruel card one winter though. The poor maiden’s mother had gotten sick and soon passed away before spring came. Sorrow stricken, her father buried the woman he loved and they placed a beautiful tombstone on top. “Father,” the woman said to the weeping man beside her, “we mustn’t lose faith. Mother wouldn’t want to see us like this. She’d tell us to wipe the tears and smile at the next day.” His lips cracked a soft smile and he nodded. “She would indeed. But for today, let us grief.” Not another word fell between the two as the snow gently laid upon the mother’s grave, putting her to her final rest.

The first birds began to sing their songs as the first sunrays of the day melted the last of the icy winter. Grass covered so much and the first leaves and flowers began to bloom as the spring woke the sleeping woodland critters. “Father, wake up. Today’s the day to inspect the mill. You mustn’t oversleep as I have to leave to the town to sell my jewelry.” Next to the man’s bed, his daughter dressed in her finest dress and her beautiful brown hair braided to her side. “Allison, how often have I told you? You don’t need to sell your…“ Before the half asleep man could finish his sentence, the brunette cut him off. “Not another word. We need the money and it helps me see the world, even if it’s just the next town over, father. Now off to work or you won’t be done by sunset!” Quickly, she turned around and left her baffled father in his room as she quickly grabbed her basket and pouch and hurried out the door.

The warmth of the early, morning sun brushed against her skin. Her pink lips formed a pleased smile as she began walking along the small path through the woods. People usually avoided this way, filled with fear from silly rumors of an evil creature roaming the woods, but Allison knew better. It was the shortest path and the woods hadn’t inhabited dangerous beings in ages. Short before noon, she arrived at the town. The sound of the market, which she already heard a few miles back, echoed through the air accompanied by the smell of freshly caught fish, perfumes, foods and several other scents she couldn’t quite place. Almost immediately, her eyes shot towards her usual spot in front of the fountain. The fountain was rather big and had many decorations telling the story of the kingdom’s founding. On her way there, she noticed a few children playing. One of the girls was standing further away from the others, simply watching with a sad gaze. “What’s wrong, dear?” Allison asked after approaching the young girl. “Why aren’t you playing with the other children?” The girl’s big green eyes looked up at her and her cheeks turned into a soft pink blush at the sight of Allison’s beauty. “Th-They won’t let me, Miss. They say I’m not dressed pretty enough.” The brunettes hazel eyes quickly looked upon the girl’s close and she shook her head in disbelief. “I have no idea what they mean. You look like a little lady. But,“ Allison smiled and slowly reached into her basket to pull out an adorable necklace with a heart formed stone. “if you wore this, you’d look so much more beautiful. And then, they’d have to let you play.”

Having helped the little girl, she walked to her usual spot and placed her jewelry on a blanket before sitting down on the fountain’s curb. “Allison! I see you’re back today? All winter have I waited to buy a new brooch!” Allison smiled at the overly excited woman standing in front of her. “Good day to you too, Misses Drewly. But doesn’t the smith from the capital send jewelry?” With a disgusted look, Misses Drewly looked at Allison. “And pay those prices? Also, yours are so much more elegant. After all, only a woman truly knows what another woman wants! The smith is a man so he wouldn’t know what to make!” An amused chuckle came from the young maiden as she pointed to a deep red brooch near the woman’s left shoe. “This one would look simply beautiful with your bright eyes! Would you care to try it on?” Waving the suggestion aside, Misses Drewly simply motioned she’ll take it. “I trust in your sense of fashion, my dear. I’ll take it! How much is it?” Allison picked up the brooch and placed it in a small bag and added a small pair of earrings to go with it behind her bag. “Five silver coins.” A big grin formed on the woman’s lips as she pulled out a few coins from her purse. “And this, my child, is why I buy from you and not the smith.”

Not too long after that, she had sold out. Pleased with her income, she packed her blanket back into the basket, took her pouch and made her way back to home. It was a little later than she had anticipated though, so as she walked through the forest, the sun had already begun to set. She moved quickly, in hope she’d arrive home before dark but it was futile. A cold darkness set and she could feel the freezing air against her bare arms. Animals were running between the trees, rustling in the darkness of the night. But it was no other reason than the oddly flickering light in the far which send a shiver down her spine. Slowly, it came closer and as it did so, fear grew inside of her. “Hello? Is there anyone out here?” She whispered into the night. But there was no answer. The light though had gotten faster and brighter. Fearing for her life, she began to run, tripping over twigs, cutting her cheeks as branches graze her skin and tearing her dress with the thorns from the bushes. Tears were rolling down from her eyes as she kept on running, hoping for the trees to open and revealing her home. But no such luck. Somewhere as she fled the ominous light, she must’ve gotten lost as she found herself at the entrance of a cave. Inside, there was a voice, humming a song. It was the voice of a man. Intrigued and still shaken from fear, she entered.

“Hello?” Allison called out to the man who was sitting on a small chair. His skin and the cave were drowned in an orange light, radiating from the fire. She could feel the warmth wrap around her, basking her skin. “Oh my. Why does such a young maiden such as yourself wander around the woods at such a time?” As he spoke, he revealed a set of rotten teeth. The unkempt hair and wrinkly skin led her to believe he was vagabond. “I got lost, Sir. Would it be alright if I stayed here with you until day time set?” An unbecoming smirk formed on his thin lips as he nodded and pointed to a small spot on his opposite wall. “But don’t snoop around. Who knows what else lives in the depths of this cave, deary.” Thankful, Allison placed her blanket close to the wall and laid down, hearing the wind howl in the deeper ends of the cave.

She couldn’t sleep. Something about the man who helped her gave her a feeling of discomfort. When he finally went to sleep himself, and the sound of the burning fire had simmered down, something, along with the wind, sounded as if someone was crying somewhere in the darkness expanding behind her. Both curious and frightened, she got up and made her way to where he warned her not to go. As Allison walked further into the cave, the whimpers got louder and turned into words of despair. A small light began to flicker in the far back and grew until the small path, she had followed from the entrance, opened into a second bigger area. But it wasn’t just any area. There was a dungeon , more a small cage, in which there sat a man. He looked somewhat familiar but she couldn’t quite place his face.

He stared at her in horror though. “Can’t you leave me alone, you old wizard? Have I not suffered enough from your taunting? Must you now also appear in the form of another?” Baffled and confused by the man’s words, she walked closer. “I am no wizard, Sir. I am nothing more than a mere miller’s daughter.” Anger flickered in his eyes as she spoke. “If you are not the wizard, then let me out of here! After all, I am the prince of this kingdom!” Allison flinched at his claim to be the prince. “If you are the prince, how come your father’s men haven’t rescued you yet?  After all, he is the king.” An unpleasant sound came from his mouth as he grit his teeth. “I am certain his men are on their way! I haven’t been in the wizards capture for too long! Now let me out.” Before Allison could even begin looking for the keys, footsteps echoed through the darkness and the vagabond’s, or better yet, the wizards voice clang between the walls.

“Oh, deary, have I not told you to avoid snooping around?” Anger resonated within his voice and she quickly looked around for a place to hide, but in vain. He was already blocking the exit. “I see you met my little guest, my prince. Sadly, she’ll be leaving us now!” “Duck!” The prince yelled just before the wizard could hit Allison. She had thrown herself on the ground, seeing the ring of keys sliding of the table behind her as the wizard’s fireball broke into the wall. She grabbed them and a rock which landed near her head and slid the keys to the prince right before jumping on her feet and attacking the old man with nothing but a rock. Naturally, he had no trouble sending her flying in a few seconds. “Just give up! You have no chance against a wizard, girl!” Allison pushed herself off the ground again, smiling as she looked over at the prince who by now had managed to escape and grab the sword that had been stuffed in a corner. “I do, though, wizard!” He yelled and launched forward. As he so did, he took the sword out of the scabbard.

They began to fight. The prince elegantly blocked and evaded the magical attacks from his opponent as well as the wizard blocked and shielded himself from the prince’s sword thrusts. Allison just stared at the men fending for their lives. She had to help the prince in some way or another. That’s when she saw a broken flask. She took two of the glass shards lying next to it and charged at the wizard as he was distracted, ramming them into his side and back. He let out a loud scream of pain and agony. With his defense down, the prince did the final blow, slamming his weapon right through the fiend’s chest.

“We did it!” Allison smilled as she fell to her knees in exhaustion. “Did we not?” Her new found ally placed his foot on the corpse’s body and pulled out his sword. “Indeed we did. Let’s leave this godforsaken cave.” He offered Allison a hand who accepted it gratefully. “We need to take his body with us so we can deal with him the right way. There’s a special way to discard magical bodies. We don’t want to be cursed.” The brunette nodded and they put together a barrow with the things they found in the cave. As they finished, the prince placed the dead body on it and dragged him outside, followed by Allison.

Never was Allison so happy to see the morning sun rise and drown the forest in its calming light. The prince let go of the barrow and stretched. “Ah! Fresh air! How I have longed for it!” As he turned to Allison, he was enchanted by her beauty. Her happy smile, the tender skin – It was as if he saw an angel. She glanced over to him. “Is everything alright, my prince?” He nodded and looked around, not to seem too lustful. Allison instead looked down in discomfort. “I must apologize! I questioned your claim to the throne, your majesty.” “Oh- No! Don’t worry! How were you supposed to know?” “You are the prince. Everyone should know.” He just shook his head and smiled warmly at her. “Please, don’t worry. After all, you are the one who freed me from the wizards grasp.” With those words a blush formed on her cheeks and she quickly looked up on him. “But-“ She was cut off by the sound of horses galloping through the woods and the occasional cursing.

It wasn’t much later than summer that year that the prince took Allison to be his wife. She invited her old father to live with them but he’d rather stay with his mill. She smiled and every year send him enough money to live on. After their marriage, her freshly wedded husband was crowned king, making her the new queen. The kingdom fell in love with her and her kindness. She never forgot her humble beginnings and kept sending brooches and jewelry to her home town, never raising the prices. Happiness filled her heart and every day she got to spend in the capital, she made sure to help those in need. And a year later, a beautiful set of twins was born into the royal family. James, the older twin and heir to the kingdom, and Lyra, the princess whose looks most defiantly took after her mothers.

“Mother? Father?” James came up to his parents who were in their private quarters. “Have you seen my sister anywhere? She told me, she’d meet me for our lessons. But she ha-“ Before he was done, the doors opened and Lyra came inside. “There you are, James. We must hurry!” The boy frowned. “You’re the one being late, not me. Where in god’s grace have you been?” She just shrugged and turned around. The siblings hurried to their lesson.

Later that day, Lyra, once again, tried to sneak off. Annoyed with his sister’s shenanigans, James followed her.  It didn’t take long before the female led him to the treasury. He waited outside the door and eavesdropped. He could hear her talking to someone but not what she said. There was another, somewhat distorted voice answering her. It send shivers down his spine and made the hair in his neck stand. “What is she doing?” He muttered under his breath. When he could hear them stop talking, he quickly ran up, hoping not to get caught and went straight to the queen. James told Allison what he had witnessed. “Are you sure that she was talking to someone?” She asked. Her son nodded. “Alright. Thank you for telling me, James. Now, let’s go to supper. I’ll talk with Lyra later on.”

A few weeks later, James hadn’t seen much of his sister since the day he heard her in the treasury, he could hear commotion in the castle square. As he hurried to a window, he just stared in disbelieve. It was his sister, the princess, an arrow through her chest. He yelled her name but her fragile body simply collapse and fell lifelessly to the ground. He looked around, trying to find out what had happened. As his eyes shot from one corner to the next, he could see his father hurrying towards the treasury. Drowned in tears he ran after him, hearing Allison’s cries of sorrow for the fallen princess. When he reached the treasury, he couldn’t believe his eyes for what he saw was so surreal.

In the midst of the piles of gold and valuables, the king stood tall, talking to a mummified corpse. “You old mummy of wizard! How could you do such a horrible deed? She was just a child!” His voice was cracked in pain as he spoke to the dead body. “You might’ve made my physical return impossible but you haven’t done the one thing you had to do to rid yourself of me for all eternity, deary.” The sound of the distorted voice drowned James’ thoughts and fell. The king though kept standing there. “You monster! I have killed you once, I will kill you a second time!” He yelled and drew his sword, cutting the already mummified corpse into small little pieces. But as a reply all he got was laughter. “For years have I lived here and you haven’t even bothered to even check once! Your daughter was such an easy target!” Blind of rage, The king kept on slamming his sword into the corpse. With one hit, he finally reached the longed for silence. It was when the metal blade sliced through the wand, breaking it in two and breaking the curse. But even if finally the shadow which had been hovering over the kingdom was lifted, it still left everyone in a depressed darkness.


The End. 

© Copyright 2019 Honta. All rights reserved.

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