Finally Accepted

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A family of six children must learn how to make the small town they live in accept them so they can celebrate Christmas again. They struggle in the beginning, but make it through as much as they
can. They each have something special about them that they try and use to persuade the townies. The oldest of them, Alex, tries his best to take care of the family and make sure they can protect
themselves. They have had trouble in the past and he only wants what is best for them.

Submitted: December 14, 2017

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Submitted: December 14, 2017



A family of six children live in an average size house for Minnesota. They have no parents and they are not of the same bloodline. Though they are not blood they all share the same uniqueness. Alex being 18 and the oldest shares the same ability as the youngest, Lluvia, being 7. They have fire-based abilities. The other children Anahi, 9, Bryan, 11, Isaiah, 13, and Corey, 16 all have their own abilities as well. Anahi has electricity running through her veins. Bryan is immortal. Isaiah has telekinesis. Corey has ice-based powers. They all have issues controlling their powers except Alex and Corey. Lluvia and Anahi are still kind of new to the whole powers thing. They both got theirs when they were 5. Since majority of them are unable to control themselves they have had to move quite a bit in the last three years. Especially during christmas. The family has not celebrated a christmas in 3 years. They have grown afraid of the  outcomes from the loss of their control. Towns they used to live in have found out about them and have tried to harm them. Townsmen are afraid that their families will be hurt or even killed.

As the family sets up the house to match this year’s white and blue christmas Lluvia accidently sets the tree on fire. She quickly tries to put it out but instead made it worse. Corey put it out as fast as he could and turned the tree back to its white color before Alex noticed. This years the kids had something important to ask Alex. They waited until after supper to bring it up.

“Food is ready.” called Alex from the kitchen. “Make sure u wash your hands and sit in ur correct seats this time. We don’t want yesterday to happen again.”

“I didn’t mean to sit in Anahi’s spot, I just wanted a wood chair too.” said Isaiah.

“Isaiah I have chosen specific chairs for y’all for a reason.”

“But it’s not fair that we have to all have different stuff cuz we all have different curses.”

“These are NOT curses Isaiah, these are gifts we were born with. We just haven’t mastered them yet. Because they come in when your five it takes more time to master them. Now be quiet and sit down in YOUR seat.”

“Alex he’s right” says Anahi “I’m the only one with a wood chair and Corey is the only one with a heated up chair.”

Alex slammed his hands on the table as hard as he could. All the plates and cups moved everywhere. “Anyone else want to say something?” yelled Alex with an angry expression. “No? Ok then lets eat.”

“Great now he’s mad and we can’t ask him.” whispered Lluvia to Anahi.

“Ask me what?”

“Nothing it doesn’t matter. It’s a stupid idea.”

“Well if you can’t ask me while i’m mad then it must be important.”

“We’ll ask you after dinner.”

“Alright but dont think i’ll forget.”

After supper everyone went into the living room and sat facing Alex’s recliner. When Alex stepped into the living room he was surprised to find them all sitting like that. As he sat down Isaiah and Bryan got him some arm pillows to make him more comfortable.

“Alright what is it? Let me guess, it’s your wish list this year?”

“Nope, we wanted to ask you if we could celebrate christmas.” said Bryan. “Let us talk before you start saying no and never let anyone talk the rest of the night.”

“I wouldn't do that!” laughs Alex.

They all gave him a look.

“Ok Ok I get it. Fine I will wait until after you finish to say no.”

“No listen and actually think about it. It means alot to us!”


Lluvia stands up first and states her points for celebrating christmas. “ I think that we should celebrate christmas because we have all been good and the last time was 10 years ago.”

Anahi stands up next. “First of all it’s only been 3 years” says Anahi as she turns to look at Lluvia for a couple seconds. “Second she’s right it’s been like forever ago and I think it’s time we did it again. Thank you for listening.”

Bryan stands up and starts off right away. “I’m 11 I deserve the right to christmas. I’m only going to get older not younger and the older I get the less I get presents and stuff, you know? Also I think we’re ready. We’ve learned alot since three years ago. Alright.”

Isaiah doesn’t stand up. “I don’t care what we do.”

As Corey stands up he says to Isaiah “yeah thanks for no help. But Alex Bryan is right. I think we’ve matured and grown since then. We practice all the time we need this. You know as well as I do that the older we get the less we care and the more our responsibilities kick in. The last time Lluvia and Anahi celebrated they were 4 and 6. That’s not something you can take away from them. I’m sorry if you disagree but it ain’t right man.cI get why you took it away though.”

“Alright we can have christmas back” sighs Alex.

“You didn’t even liste-Wait what!” shouts Bryan.

“Yeah you guys are right. It was wrong of me, but I also need you guys to understand I did it for a reason. I love you all and if I would have lost any of you to a towney...I couldn’t live with myself.”

“We love you too A” smiles Lluvia as she climbs into Alex’s lap for a hug.

“On one condition are we allowed to celebrate christmas.”

“Ugh-what now?” pouts Anahi.

“You have to get the towneys to accept us for who we christmas morning”

“But that’s 5 days away!” cries Isaiah. “We’ll never make it. I knew it was to good to be true.”

“Thats one day for each of you to show them what makes you good and why you deserve to be just like them. They need to know you. ALL of you separately.”

“What if something bad happens to us or they try to hurt us?” says Bryan.

“Then you give all you got and defend yourself. The point is at least we try guys!”

“I dont have nothing to give...I still feel pain. I just can’t die remember?”

“Then let them kill you and before they do get a couple of good licks on ‘em here and there. Then just come back and do it again. Come on, you guys know you all know exactly how to defend yourselves. Now get some rest. Lluvia your up first.”

The next morning Lluvia is the first one up. She is pacing back and forth trying to figure out how she was going to make the normal people like her. She was lost. She felt like she was going to ruin everything. Lluvia had a habit of setting things on fire when she got nervous or anxious. She stopped where she was and looked up at the ceiling as if trying to look past it to the stars. She closed her eyes and said a little quote for good luck.

“If you can imagine it you can create it. If you can dream it you can become it.”

After she opened her eyes she felt a little better. She could hear her brothers and sister waking up as well. Every morning they fight over the two bathrooms. Lluvia thought it was weird that they fought over something so small. Maybe because she never had to wait to use it. She always got there first or last. As she stood in place she could hear the clanking of the silverware from the kitchen. Maybe Alex already made breakfast.

“Lluvia come on and get some breakfast.” shouts Anahi from the kitchen.

“Ok i’m coming!”

“It’s your day today and i just know you’re going to change their minds!”

“If they even decide to listen...what if they go right away to the killing?”

“Lluvia why would you say that?” says Bryan with a little anger in his voice. “They won't do a thing to you because they have common sense. They would know you’re not alone.”

“That’s true, but some people don't think before they act duh Bryan.” states Isaiah.

“Stop it all of you. Wish your little sister good luck man! Your going to do just fine alright.”

As the family finished up breakfast Alex and Lluvia took the car to town. They went to where the most town people were: the town square. Lluvia got out of the car and Alex drove away. She was so scared she didn't know what to do. She accidentally lit the ground under her on fire. Some of the normals looks at her in shock. Some ran to help her. She thought they were going to hurt her so she started her whole body on fire. The people got scared and started to move back. Some ran to get stuff to put her out. She repeated the good luck quote in her head and she put herself out. Everyone was staring at her now. They all gasped as she began to say her name.

“M-my name i-is Lluvia.”

People began to shout at her and call her names.


“How are you not burned?”

“She’s cursed by the devil!”

“No i’m not cursed! I’m unique! Please listen to me! Let me show you i’m not harmful!”

“Go on show us before we kill you!”

“Yeah show us then!”

“A-alright” she said as she closed her eyes. She opened them and began to walk to the bonfire the town had put together. She saw some sticks and marshmellows on the ground. She picked them up and put the marshmallow on the stick. She put her hand palm up and couple inches below the marshmallow. She lit her hand up and roasted the marshmallow to the perfect golden brown it should be. The town people were not impressed.

“Go home. We don’t need you that’s why we got the fires!”

“You could still be harmful”


Lluvia ran away crying until she made it home. She opened the door and slammed it shut. Her family all came running to her side.

“What’s wrong?” asked Bryan.

“What did they do?” asked Isaiah.

“Did they hurt you?” asked Anahi.

“No...they said they didn’t want me and that I was useless! It’s true!”

“No it’s not. They won’t get away with this!” says Bryan angrily.

“What choice do we have? We have to let them be. They will kill us all if we even try to stop them!” states Corey. “I will not let that happen over some stupid words said. Lluvia don’t listen to them they’re stupid.”

“He’s right guys! We have to protect family first. They might come try to find us or even try to kill us, but we stay together and defend ourselves...only if we have to. Ok?” says Alex.

They all go to the living and sit on the couches. They decided to wait it out and see if the townsmen come for them. While they sit there


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