Knuckles On A Steel Fence

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Submitted: December 14, 2017

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Submitted: December 14, 2017




Knuckles on a Steel Fence 


It was one of those horrible cold winter nights, in the shitty country called Ireland. The cold was bearable but when the wind blew it was like someone throwing broken shards of glass at you, it got in everywhere and was painful. I was in a friend's house finishing my last beer, I drank the final mouthful of my can, said my goodbyes and began my adventure home. I hadn't been outside nor looked out the window in quite a few hours so it was to my surprise that there was a nice thin layer of Snow on the ground, but more ice than anything. 

As I approached one of the landmarks in the area , The Hole In The Wall, a man cycled by on his bike, he was wearing a hat and a scarf pulled up like a face mask. I know most of the people in my area but I wasn't able to make out who he was so I just said Hello and smiled but I wasn't even acknowledged let alone replied too. I didn't mind too much I just felt a bit stupid but these things happen, I just kept on walking. I was just coming up to the small green that is just around the corner from my house, normally I just walk straight by it without any thought but this time it just brought back some memories, maybe it was my drunk state. So, I stood there for what felt like 30 seconds or so reminiscing on all the times we used to mess around climbing the trees and playing football. It made me feel really old but I convinced myself that I am only in my twenties so I am still young. Delighted with my own compliment I began to continue my walk home. 

I was only five or six steps into my newly embarked adventure home when I was slammed to the ground by someone that must have snuck up behind me, the person came crashing down full force onto of me and instantly got me into some type of full body lock, like something you'd seen on the UFC. I had no idea what was going on, he one of his arms wrapped around my neck and my mouth so I couldn't scream. His legs where wrapped around my hips and down to my legs. I was stomach down and couldn't move my arms because of the position I landed in I was completely immobile. He held me there with ease as I wiggled and screamed wasting every bit of energy I had in me. The moment I took a huge breath signaling my exhausted defeat trying to struggle away, the one arm he had free finally started to move. The scariest bit about this whole ordeal up to now was this guy hadn't said a word, hadn't even slightly made a sound. It was me struggling for my life while everything was dead silent.

I felt his freezing cold had go in under my jacket and even under my T shirt, directly in contact with my skin. It was horrifying, his hand slowly moved upwards pulling my jacket and T shirt up with it, right up to my shoulders. My whole back was exposed, he reached around with the same hand that was holding my neck and covering my mouth, he grabbed my pushed-up jacket and T shirt up with it, while his other hand went down into his pocket, he pulled something out. At the time I had no idea what it was, I instantly thought it was a knife and began to squirm again with every ounce of energy left in my body but I just couldn't move. When I just gave up and my whole body went lose I felt a pointy but blunt object stick into the very end of my back, right in the middle. It was something steel, it was freezing. It was a screw driver, he started to slowly rub it up my back while pushing down so hard on it I could feel it on the verge of breaking the skin but it was just to blunt to puncture through. 


Out of nowhere he started moving the screw driver up and down my back in a fast motion, following the exact shape of my spine. As he applied more and more pressure each time he done a lap of my spine it eventually buried down to the bone of my spine, he kept going, faster and harder. As he dragged the screwdriver along my now exposed spine, it would bounce in and out of the gaps where it went from bone to disk to bone, the noise of it was echoing in the cold silent night, it sounded like someone running by a steel fence with gaps in it dragging their knuckles across the front of it. This is normally a soothing sound for me but it this moment it was the most horrific noise imaginable. 

Out of nowhere he froze still with the screwdriver still directly on my spine, it was down near the lower end. "Found it" the guy said, the first fucking words in this what felt like 10-hour long ordeal he spoke. I panicked and a thousand thoughts ran through my head, found what, what the fuck is this guy doing someone please fucking help. Then he rammed the screwdriver as hard as he could straight into my spine and just let me go. I remember screaming in pain but thinking at the same time finally its over he let go. But I still couldn't move, what the fuck was going on. He had found the exact spot in my spine to stab that would permanently render me paralyzed from the neck down without any surgery ever being able to fix it, I know this because I am telling this story from my hospital bed where I have been laying for the last 2 years, I just can't bear the thoughts of being pushed around in a wheel chair, I just gave up on life, then the guy just walked away slowly, no other words nothing. I lay there not moving, just screaming for help over and over. 



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