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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Autumn had just begun, leaves of fire and auburn fell gently on the streets of Fiaresta. Fillies and colts played outside, jumping in the piles of leaves and playing pretend, unaware of the danger that was in their home town of Mallow Wood.

“Variscite, town was perfect a month ago. I don’t know what’s going on,” the princess huffed, annoyed and distressed. She paced around the castle, her dark blue hooves tapping the cold marble floor with tiny clinks from her royal armor.

“Here’s your hot cocoa, Princess Moonlight,” a pale pink mare smiled and levitated the drink in the air with her unicorn magic.

“Thank you, Coral, this is just what I needed to relax. Oh, and it’s just ‘Moonlight,’” the dark blue pony winked and smiled back, taking the drink in her hooves. She stretched out her wings and shook her black and indigo mane around her horn.

Variscite Dusk, the Prince of Fiaresta, smiled at his wife, “Moonlight, don’t stress, the Mallow Wood police are taking care of the robberies and the kidnappings.”

“You’re right. Remember to get ready, Aurora Bloom and Sunburst Spirit are meeting us later to go shopping,” Moonlight called while trotting out of the work room. Variscite smiled and followed behind her to their room to get ready.


“Auntie Moonlight!” a young, high-spirited voice called out from a cantaloupe-colored filly. Small hooves hit the dirt road with deep thumps as she ran towards the princess, wings spread as she flew into her aunt’s arms.

“Hey Sunburst! I haven’t seen you in so long. How’s my favorite niece?” Moonlight winked and nuzzled the filly’s mane.

“She’s been a piece of work,” Aurora Bloom laughed, answering her sister. “It seems her ‘terrible two’s’ have turned into ‘frustrating five’s,’” they all laughed, except Sunburst Spirit, who was distracted by small garden windmills from one corner shop.

“Can we go look, Auntie Moonlight?” Sunburst smiled wide.

“Why don’t you take your uncle, so Mommy and I can catch up?” Moonlight responded, smiling back.

The filly giggled and fluttered her wings, grabbing her Uncle Variscite by his hoof and dragging him off to the corner shop. Moonlight stood next to her sister, watching Sunburst and Variscite run to the shop.

Moonlight and Aurora talked, looking around at the shops while they walked to meet up with Sunburst and Variscite. When they caught up, they looked at different shops together, smiling and laughing.

“Hey Aurora, what do you think of this for Sunburst?” Moonlight asked, holding up a ruby necklace. Her sister nodded, looking at other jewels.

“What do you think, Sunburst?” Aurora asked, still looking at the various gems. There was no response. “Sunburst Spirit?”


Aurora looked around for her daughter, but she couldn’t find her.

“Sunburst Spirit?!” Aurora called, looking around frantically.

“Aurora? Where is she?” Moonlight asked.

“I don’t know. Sunburst?! Where are you?! Sunburst! Answer me!” Aurora yelled. Realization hit Moonlight like a punch to the face.

“No…” she whispered, panic setting in. “Sunburst! Sunburst Spirit! Variscite, help!” Moonlight yelled, beginning to fly into the air to get a better look.

Calls of the filly’s name were everywhere, but she was nowhere to be seen.


Moonlight rushed into the police station, shouting, “What do you all think you’re doing?!” Silent stares hit the dark blue mare, doughnuts fell and coffee mugs hits tables.

“Moonlight, what are you-” the police chief, Jade Shadow, began.

Princess Moonlight,” she corrected, scowling, “Why are you not working the case of the kidnappings and robberies?”

The police chief went pale, “I-I’m sorry, Princess. We have all our best stallions on the job.”

“That’s not enough!” She yelled, trotting around the halls, looking into each room. She stopped by Room 7 and went in, pictures of the missing ponies were hung on a board next to the location they were taken from- all in Mallow Wood. Moonlight stared at the board, looking for clues. The police chief, Variscite, and Aurora followed her.



There were six ponies on the board, all in their teens. A reddish-grey filly with a dark mane smiled at Moonlight through her picture. Her eyes were the same as Sunburst’s. Moonlight’s eyes brimmed with tears as rage filled her bones.

“How many ponies do you have patrolling the streets?” Moonlight asked, with a stern look on her face as she trotted back out to the main floor.

The police chief stuttered, “A-about five, in different areas of the town.”

“That is not nearly enough!” Yelling, tears flooding her eyes.

“Princess, why are you taking such an interest-”

“My niece was taken and you are all just sitting around here eating doughnuts and drinking coffee instead of being out on the street looking for her!” The room fell silent. All eyes were on the princess and her family. Everyone could almost see the steam coming out of Moonlight’s ears while Aurora Blood fought back tears. “A filly just goes missing and no one cares. She is my niece and I demand her safe return!”

Jade Shadow was lost for words.

“Get everyone on the street, every single officer you have,” Moonlight ordered coldly, trotting outside.

“Moonlight!” Variscite called, rushing up to her.

“Us too, Variscite Dusk,” Moonlight looked deep into his eyes. He kissed her cheek, she smiled softly, “Be careful.”

He nodded in response and they went outside, each to different spots. The sun was setting while Moonlight waited around a candy store nearby. That’s when she saw him. The maroon


unicorn with a pitch black mane. Crimson Lighthoof, the town drunk. He was always quiet and never spoke to anyone, especially within the past four months. Moonlight waited in the shadows, watching him. A young filly came out of the candy store, Crimson’s body language perked up as he followed her, starting a conversation. Moonlight watched quietly from the sidelines. Crimson and the the filly sat on a bench. His ears went down and he looked around the area. The maroon stallion reached over to the filly. Moonlight sprung into action.

“Freeze!” Moonlight yelled and looked to the filly, “Go home, Sweetie, now.”

The filly had fear in her eyes as she ran home and out of sight. Moonlight looked back at the stallion, who returned the gaze.

“Crimson Lighthoof!” She yelled and used her magic to hold him in place.

“Princess Moonlight?” The stallion responded, confused and alarmed. She released her hold on him and glared.

“You’re coming with me, now,” she demanded. Crimson followed, confused.


The stallion trailed behind the princess to the police station. Dirty looks swept across the room, Crimson looked down at his hooves. Moonlight took him into Room 7, showing him the pictures of the missing ponies, along with a new picture of Sunburst Spirit on the board.

Moonlight shoved him closer to the board, “Where are they?”

He looked at her, bewildered, “I don’t understand.”

“Where are the missing ponies?! Where is Sunburst!” She ordered, bitterness dripping from her tongue.


“I have no idea,” he replied, apathy filling his voice.

Moonlight felt her blood boiling with every syllable Crimson Lighthoof spoke. Using her magic, she swiftly pulled up a chair, forcing him sit down, pulling him to the table. She used her magic to form a pair handcuffs around his hooves, keeping him static. She looked up at the picture of her niece on the board, smiling. The photo was of her first day of kindergarten. She’s not much older now than when the photo was taken. Moonlight sat opposite of Crimson at the table, staring at him directly in the eyes.

“There are no bodies. Where are the ponies, Crimson?” The question of a thousand pounds floated off Moonlight’s tongue like a feather in the wind this time. The stallion said nothing, just looked back at her, slouched in the chair. Moonlight swallowed her anger.

“I know that you know, Crimson Lighthoof. Just tell me and everything will be alright,” she spoke, her voice cracking at the end of her sentence. Silence. Moonlight became the embodiment of fury, she slammed her hooves down on the table, her face turning red.

“Where is my niece?! Answer me!” Her words echoed in the quiet room. She swung the board closer with her magic. The pictures were ripped off the board and placed in front of him.

“If you aren’t the one who took them, why were you talking to that filly earlier? Why did you follow her? Why are your eyes watering at these pictures?!” Moonlight glared at Crimson.

“I-I… I didn’t t-take anyone…” he stuttered, anger growing inside, “I did not take anyone.” Moonlight could smell the alcohol on his breath and looked back at him, loathing visible on her face.

“I don’t even k-know them,” he replied, and sat back in the chair.


The police chief entered the room slowly, “Excuse me, Princess Moonlight, another robbery just occurred.”

Moonlight went pale. She couldn’t be wrong. Crimson had her niece. He had to have her. If he didn’t, then where was she? Without a word, Moonlight left the room and went back to the castle.

Moonlight went into her workroom, pulled out a map and began placing pins in each spot a robbery and abduction took place. Think, Moonlight! Then, she noticed it. She ran to her desk and rustled through drawers, looking for string. She wrapped it around one pin, connected it to the next, and the next, and so on until she reached the first one again. She knew it, there was a symbol. An atom, she thought.  An atom, with an eye in the center. She recognized it from her past. From when she was just a filly. Obsidianna, a classmate from my old school of gifted students, the thoughts raced in her head. Obsidianna, always had a passion for science, but she wasn’t all together there. Moonlight was trotting around the room, pacing back and forth. She lived in the Black Forest all alone, no one knew what happened to her parents. She was a troubled student, but she was smarter than almost everyone in school. It was coming together. She would always write the symbol on her papers. She had a theory claiming that the right combinations of atoms could create a stronger race. She just needed to be able to see it- the right combination. Her Theory of Atomic Redevelopment. She tried to prove it, but it failed. At the science fair, my theory of Aerodynamic Diversity won over the crowd. She lost her temper and began to fire deadly magic shots at the teachers.She was expelled from the school. Each memory was a piece of the puzzle. She drew a circle in part of the Black Forest.


“ Sunburst,” Moonlight knew. She ran outside and sprinted to the Black Forest, leaving her papers sprawled across the floor.


Variscite Dusk returned from patrolling the area. Aurora ran up to him.

“Have you found out anything?” Aurora begged, tears stained her face.

“No, and everyone went inside. I took an overhead look and double checked,” Variscite responded.

Aurora Bloom’s voice shook, “Moonlight came in with C-Crimson about an hour and a half ago, she hasn’t said anything to me yet. Have you heard from her?”

“Not yet, Aurora. Just rest, everything will work out,” Variscite walked to the police chief, “Where’s Moonlight?”

“The princess left about 10 minutes ago, I thought she was with you,” Jade Shadow responded. Variscite’s eyes widened and he ran back to the castle and into the workroom. Variscite saw the symbol on the board, papers spread everywhere, a big black circle in a section of the Black Forest. Oh, Moonlight, what did you do? He thought and ran to the station.

“Moonlight found them, we need to go!” Variscite had tears in his eyes. “She told me about her years ago. Obsidianna. She went crazy after Moonlight beat her in a project when they were fouls. Something about combining ponies with other creatures to make a supreme race,” Variscite’s voice shook. “If she’s right, she’s in a lot of trouble. That’s why there’s no bodies. Her experiments worked.”



Moonlight found the house in the Black Forest, right where she circled. The symbol, again, written all over the walls outside and carved into trees. She peaked through the windows, nothing but darkness. She knocked on the door- no answer. She knocked again- nothing. Quietly, she opened the door and then- Bam! Everything faded to black.

When Moonlight awoke, she was chained to a wall. Everything was blurred, but she could make out certain things. Bodies? Piles of cotton candy? Toilet paper? Her eyes focused on her niece, Sunburst Spirit, strapped down to a table in the center of the room, unconscious.

“Sunburst,” she called, quietly.

“Oh, I see you’re awake, your majesty,” a familiar voice, Obsidianna. Moonlight could fully focus. An icy blue mare stood in front of her, white and grey mane stuck up in a poorly done bun. She was wearing a lab coat with blood stains on it. They were in a basement, medical and scientific equipment all over. Piles of random objects and a small ruby body in the corner, shaking, without a sound.

“Why?” Moonlight asked, tears in her eyes.

“No one believed me. But I was right. All anyone ever paid attention to was you, your majesty,” the words were bitter. “Everyone only cared about you, the only alicorn in the school. With your perfect wings and perfect horn, perfect project. Casting a shadow on everyone else. Even me, the smartest one in the school,” Obsidianna smirked, “Not so strong now, are you, your majesty?”

Moonlight tried to use her magic to set herself free, but it didn’t work. She glanced up, there was a ring around her horn preventing her from casting any magic spells.


“What are you going to do to Sunburst?” Moonlight fought back her tears.

“I’m going to prove my experiment, to you and everyone. Get my place back in society. Prove that I am successful. More so than you ever could be,” Obsidianna smirked. She walked closer to Sunburst, held up a scalpel with her magic, and boom! Three ponies ran into the room.

Variscite Dusk, Jade Shadow, and Crimson Lighthoof. Variscite knocked the scalpel from Obsidianna’s magical grasp. The icy blue mare turned, her horn lighting up with magic. A sudden burst of bright cyan light illuminated the room and shot towards the stallions. Obsidianna levitated the scalpel once again and moved towards Sunburst Spirit, still unconscious on the table.

“Not another move, or she dies!” The scientist yelled, holding the scalpel on the filly’s chest. A strike of white magic shot the scalpel out of the scientist’s grasp and it turned into dust. Eyes turned to Crimson Lighthoof, the magic still glowing around his horn.

“Step away from the filly,” Crimson demanded, taking a step towards Obsidianna.

The icy blue mare looked back, anger filling her eyes. She lit up her horn and fired a shot at Crimson. Slashes of cyan and white hit each other, illuminating the room with each burst of magic. Deadly bolts of light, strong as lightning, came from their horns, clashing in the room.

Variscite ran to Moonlight and began to take off her restraints.

“No, Variscite, get Sunburst,” Moonlight whispered, tears pouring from her eyes like waterfalls. Variscite Dusk nodded and trotted to the table in the middle of the room and began to unlock Sunburst Spirit. Obsidianna noticed and turned to him.



“No!” She screamed and shot a magic bolt at him, hitting him right in the arm. Jade Shadow ran towards the mare and body slammed her to the floor. Crimson shot a final bolt at Obsidianna to her horn, breaking it in two so she couldn’t use her magic anymore. Variscite got up and removed Sunburst Spirit’s restraints, slowly taking her off the table. He set her gently on the table and removed the chains from Moonlight and the ring from her horn. Moonlight ran to her niece and nuzzled her cheek softly. The room fell silent.

“Sunburst, it’s time to wake up,” Moonlight whispered. Variscite looked at his wife, tears in her eyes. “Sunburst Spirit, sweetie, come on, it’s time to go home.”

There were bruises on the filly’s hooves and scrapes all over her, a gash in her hind leg. Moonlight held her niece and rocked her close to her chest, tears falling like rain.

“Sunburst, wake up. Wake up,” Moonlight shut her eyes tight and cried, rocking her niece. Variscite stood next to her, tears brimming his eyes.

“Auntie, why are you crying?” A small voice spoke like a gentle summer breeze.

“Sunburst!” Moonlight exclaimed, tears of joy now filling her eyes. Moonlight gently set her down and walked over to Obsidianna.

“Lock her up,” Moonlight said, looking down over the mare. Obsidianna struggled as the restraints were put on. Jade took Obsidianna out of the basement, everyone else following behind them.


Moonlight looked over to Crimson, panting, covered in blood, sweat, and tears. She pressed a cloth against his wounds.


“Why did you help me?” Moonlight asked, embarrassed, “After all I’ve done to you.”

“Moonlight, this isn’t about us. This isn’t about what we did or how we felt. It’s about so much more than that,” Crimson responded. “My sister was the first to go missing, four months ago.”

Guilt consumed Moonlight, her whole body ached with sadness. Suddenly Moonlight realized, the picture on the board, the body in the basement, she resembled Crimson.

“Follow me, Crimson,” Moonlight said softly, heading down to the basement. They walked into the dark room and illuminated the room with their magic. Moonlight moved to the corner with the shaking body and stopped.

“Crimson, I think you know who this is,” Moonlight stood back and watched. Crimson slowly moved towards the body.

“No…” Crimson’s eyes filled with tears, “Rosie, is that you?”


“Crimson?” A small voice chirped, and tiny hooves emerged in front of the stallion.

“Rosie!” Crimson exclaimed and hugged the small filly. “I thought you were gone,” he sobbed.

Rosie looked up at her brother, smiling for the first time in months. “I missed you, Crimson. I knew you would find me,” she sobbed and hugged her brother. Moonlight smiled and they all went back upstairs.


Back in Mallow Wood, Sunburst Spirit was reunited with her mother at the police station. “Sunburst!” Aurora shouted and ran to her daughter.

“Mommy!” Sunburst yelled, hugging Aurora close. Moonlight smiled at Variscite and watched the reunion.

“Princess Moonlight, I am sorry for not taking this case more seriously,” announced Jade Shadow, standing behind the princess.

“Oh, Jade, no. I’m the one who’s sorry. I haven’t treated you fairly. I was quick to judgement and I should’ve taken on this case with you from the beginning. I am truly sorry,” Moonlight responded, bowing to the police chief. “Oh, and thank you, for protecting our city. You do great work. We captured Obsidianna and returned Sunburst and Rosie,” Moonlight smiled. The police chief smiled back.

“Thank you, Princess Moonlight,” he replied.

“Oh, it’ just ‘Moonlight,’” she laughed.

All the ponies in the town of Mallow Wood were safe. The string of robberies and kidnappings had ended and families were back together that could be. Everything was once again perfect in Mallow Wood, Fiaresta. For now…


Submitted: December 15, 2017

© Copyright 2021 Mousergirl. All rights reserved.

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