Number 4

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

Asgard the deadliest gang in Miami, until a year of falling outs lost half their members to a rival gang, come to a final showdown.

The first time he set eyes on her, she was in the middle of a heated disagreement. The ape of a guy she was talking too seemed to be getting angrier by the second. Tyr strode forwards anxious to hear what was happening.

“I am so sick of your attitude.” The hulking guy said, advancing on her. The girl looked up from studying her chewed nails,

“Not as sick as I have become of your face, Ryan.” She replied steadily. Ryan roared in anger and took a swing at her. Tyr leapt forward in fury, and abruptly screeched to a stop. The girl was no longer in the line of fire; she had impossibly slipped around behind him as he swung. She turned quickly slamming the heel of her foot into his skull. He dropped like a rock. She turned meeting Tyr with startling blue eyes. He nodded at the unconscious guy sprawled at her feet,

“Whose he?” The girl didn’t even look down as she stepped over his form.

“My ex.” She replied un braiding and shaking out deep auburn hair. She was half a foot shorter than him around 5ft 6 inches, he guessed. Her skin was tan and she was slender, but as she got closer he could see the muscle move under her skin. She stopped just short of him crouching down to tie a shoelace. Tyr watched her as she stood back up and, promptly took her sweatshirt off. She tied it around her waist, leaving her top bare besides a bright red strapless bra. Tyr swallowed visibly trying not to stare too much. She smiled at him her eyes dancing. She stuck out a hand,

“I’m calypso.” He grabbed her hand relieved to have something to do with his own.

“Tyr.” He replied clearing his throat. She smiled and looked him once over.

“You a fighter?” She asked eyeing his chest and arms. He shrugged,

“I can handle myself.” He said casually. The tiniest hint of movement caused him to leap aside as her fist swiped the air where his nose had been. She whirled, both palms outstretched, she shoved them into his chest. He flew backwards catching his balance only just and skidding to a stop in the gravel.

“Not bad, not bad at all.” She said her tone impressed. Tyr rubbed his chest gingerly feeling the shock of the blow run through his entire body.

“You’re not so bad yourself.” He amended walking back towards her. She grinned showing perfect teeth.

“Are you ganged up yet?” She asked him. He looked questioningly at her. “Oh so you’re new to the city then? She questioned. He nodded still confused.

“Come on I have someone I want you to meet.” She held out a hand and without hesitation he took it. Her skin was surprisingly soft for the fighter she obviously was. His hand dwarfed her own, but he couldn’t forget the power behind her blows. She led him away leaving her apparent ex lying in the dust. He let her lead him, noticing the shortness of her ripped jean shorts. They barely covered her ass as it was. He jerked his eyes up in time to see the abandoned electrical company she was leading him towards. He used his other hand to sweep messy blonde hair out of his face exposing the rest of the world to his ecstatic green eyes. His broad shoulders filled out the grey t-shirt he wore.

“Who are we meeting again?” He asked her stopping to look up at the foreboding building looming ahead.

“My friend Osiris.” She looked at his expression and laughed, “Don’t worry he doesn’t bite, much.” Smiling again she looked up at him squeezing his hand reassuringly. She gently pulled him forwards, and he followed. His mind snapping back to her brilliant beauty, he let her pull him along. Tyr had never had much trouble getting girls. He was naturally good looking, and was very popular. He couldn’t remember a time when any girl had made him feel helpless. Calypso had that effect on him. She was so different from anyone he had ever met, not to mention the way she decided to portray herself. He figured she dressed so freely because she could. If any guy or girl got the wrong idea she could and would set them straight, he had seen it. He loved her grace and he loved looking at her. She emphasized her curves and gave you just enough to want all of it. He shook his head snapping out of his daze, as Calypso stopped and waved at someone striding towards them. The new comer had platinum white hair, although he was young maybe in his sophomore year in high school. He was a year above Tyr and calypso. She smiled at Osiris. Tyr snapped back to the present right as the introductions were in order. Osiris laughed and held out a hand, smiling broadly at Tyr.

“Don’t worry man; she has that effect on most people. The girl has absolutely no shame.” Tyr felt himself blush as he shook Osiris’s hand. He felt an immediate kinship to the guy.



Tyr looked over at Calypso for what seemed like the 50th time that day. She was over by Osiris arguing about tactics. He sighed and nudged Arawn with a shoe. The fourth general of Asgard glanced up at him from his slouched position leaning against the empty crate Tyr was sitting on, “Wha?”  He drawled.

“Is she going to be okay? They’ve been at it for like an hour now.” Tyr asked jerking his head towards Calypso who was now nose to nose with Osiris her deep blue eyes icy. Arawn groaned as Osiris took a swipe at calypso who danced out of his reach. He got to his feet rubbing his back he stomped over to where calypso had slid into a fighting stance her eyes hard. Tyr was close behind him his shoulders rigid as he started towards Osiris. Arawn grabbed the hood on the back of his sleeveless hoody stopping him from going after Osiris.

“Ivy, Aamir, quit, I don’t want to have to stitch the both of you up.” Arawn stood between the two of them hands outstretched. Ivy stepped forwards leaning over Arawn’s shoulder,

“Move Alex, If Aamir wants to be a little bitch then he should be treated like one.” She started to push past Alex who growled,

“Jace.” Tyr grabbed Ivy around her waist pulling her backwards away from Alex and Aamir who was glowering at her his fists clenched. He took a step towards Alex his eyes fixed on Ivy who was beckoning with her finger mockingly. Alex grabbed Aamir’s shoulders gritting his teeth he barked at Tyr, “Get her out of here.” He turned his attention to Aamir and caught Eris’s eyes. She sighed inwardly and shifted her already short skirt up on her thighs. She grabbed Aamir’s shoulder and spun him around. He started forward the growl stopping in his chest when he realized who had touched him.

“It’s been awhile since you and I had a chat”, she said silkily. Her eyes raked his figure lingering on his crotch and she bit her lip suggestively. Aamir straightened immediately his anger turning swiftly to lust, He raked his platinum blond hair away from his face settling it into its usual pony tail.

“I’m onto you’re little game Alyssa”, he said quietly, but followed her towards his quarters all the same. Alex shook his head, his shoulders slumping he made his way back to where he was sitting before.

Ivy turned on Jace outside in the abandoned factories yard.

“What the hell was that? I don’t need your help.” She hissed at him pacing back and forth as Jace leaned against the concrete wall.

“You don’t need to get into it again with Aamir, that’s like the fifth time this week alone.” He took a step back forgetting he was already against a wall as Ivy turned her murderous gaze on him. She walked towards him stabbing a finger into his chest,

“You aren’t my keeper, If Aamir wants to be a shit then fine, but he’s not going to walk all over me.” Jace sighed looking down at Ivy her jeans and sweater rustling in the wind.

“Look I just don’t want to see you get hurt, I know you can take care of yourself. Besides when you have bruises you get really crabby and don’t like to cuddle.” He said his voice light. She looked up at him catching the change in his tone, and turned away from him in disgust. The smile left his face and he grabbed her bicep and slung her into the wall turning so his arms boxed her in on either side of her head. She gasped as the wind was partially knocked out of her. She grabbed the back of his neck bringing his lips down to hers. Jace groaned deep in his throat and pushed her harder against the wall his other hand coming down to clench the left side of her waist. He slipped his tongue into her mouth deepening his kiss. She pulled him closer and he got his hands up under her thighs. She wrapped her legs around him as he boosted her up around his waist. He spun her around putting her down he disengaged trying to discreetly tuck his boner in his waist band. Ivy giggled and stepped in close to him her hand stroking his appendage. He groaned his hand locking on her wrist,

“Don’t. You don’t want to do this here in the open, besides its cold.” He pulled her towards his room in an adjacent building to the factory.


The nine generals of Asgard used to be a united front recruiting members for the cause. Now they were scattered among different gangs that had risen up to challenge the authority of Asgard. Tyr clenched a fist his startling green eyes sweeping over the mass of people gathered together facing off one another. The final battle had arrived after almost a year of falling outs. His eyes met briefly with one of his closest friends, Kaid. Kaid had been a lieutenant in Asgard when he quit joining Tyr. Tyr was the 3rd general of Asgard his name meant lord of the skies according to Norse mythology, and he had picked it out back when the gang was new. That was over six years ago.  Everything had been going fine until a year ago when the first general Osiris had ordered him to kill the person he was fighting. He had left Asgard and joined Avalon a rival gang, but one who had the ridiculous idea of becoming a force for good. Rather than go after territory and recruits Avalon had turned themselves into fighting for the people of Miami. He had been disconcerted to learn that instead of a chain of command and rulers, there was friendship and equality. Only the best fighters of Avalon have street names however, the rest like Kaid used their birth name. Tyr glanced to his right sweeping erratic blonde hair away from his face. Atlas stood beside him arms folded across his massive chest, brown eyes leveled at the approaching forces of Asgard.

“This is going to be one hell of a fight.” He drawled in his deep south Texas accent. Tyr nodded his head in agreement,

“I wonder if everyone will get here in time.” He said shading his eyes against the glaring sun. He blinked as Nike landed gracefully beside him saying,

“Oh come on Tyr we wouldn’t miss this.” He smiled at her as she shifted her flaming red curls out of her face. She was one of the fastest in the gang. Nike bent to tie a loose shoe lace, straightening she put a hand on his shoulder, “She’s going to be fine, besides you never know what she’s got planned. I wouldn’t worry about it.” Tyr sighed rubbing his eyes and flipping up his hood. He glanced behind him his mouth almost dropping open. Everyone had come, silently filling in the ranks of Avalon. Dewi always last vaulted into the ranks grinning the light of battle lighting up his grey eyes. Tyr turned his eyes to Asgard who were now only about 100 feet away from them. Osiris led the bunch his eyes growing cold as he spotted Tyr. Osiris eyed his fighters out of the nine generals that had founded Asgard only five were left including him. He turned growling to Arawn the fourth general,

“Where the fuck is Ivy?” Arawn shrugged,

“Dunno, you know her she’s impossible to order around, but she wouldn’t miss this; she’s probably just running late.” Osiris turned on him eyes shining in anger. He slapped Arawn across the face yelling,

“You’re her best friend, you should know.” Arawn ran his eyes across Osiris, his shoulders growing stiff. He turned to nudge Pele who looked up from the lighter she was flicking on and off. Her short bright red dyed pixie cut clashed strangely with her purple contacts. “You know where Ivy is?” He asked. Pele regarded him for a moment before replying,

“Nope.” The golden Roman numeral for six shimmered faintly on her hat as she glanced around Arawn at Osiris.

“Even if she doesn’t show up we outnumber Avalon ten to one.” She said confidently. Eris stood up slowly from where she was crouched on a concrete block, her raven black hair fell in perfect waves down her back. She shifted her dress up further showing her upper thighs.

“It’s time dear.” She said directing the coy remark at Osiris who was busy staring at her plunging neckline. She slid a slender hand around his waist and standing on her tiptoes kissed him on the cheek. He cleared his throat letting his fingers linger on her ass before sliding away from her to stand in front of his gang.

“Last chance to surrender, since you have absolutely no chance of defeating us.” Osiris yelled at Avalon directing the last part towards Tyr.  Tora formally known as the eighth general stepped forward she was tiny her height was only five feet, but she was a skilled opponent. She peered through Smokey grey curls at Osiris, smiling faintly.

“Are you afraid of fighting us Aamir, big guy like you?” She asked. Tyr watched as Osiris glared vengefully at Tora who only smiled.

“Little bitch.” Njirana screamed as he leapt forward towards Tora. She only danced backwards laughing,

“It’s no wonder you are the ninth of us Nij, so hot headed.” Tyr took one last look around before charging forwards. Osiris held his fighters back urging the recruits to prove their worth. With gusto people poured forth to meet the fighters of Avalon. Tyr took one look at the crowd and his fighting took over. He threw himself roaring into the fray. The rest of Avalon, top fighters and recruits alike charged in after him. Tyr began to feel the effects of exhaustion as wave upon wave of people fell yet more kept coming. He turned throwing up his hands to block the downward swing of a block of mortar. He braced himself for the bone jarring pain to follow, but it never came. Rubble rained down on him as the dust swirled up around someone who had landed in front of him. She looked up from her crouch as the chaos around her came to an abrupt halt, as enemy and friend alike turned to gape at her. She stood slowly her deep blue eyes piercing. Turning to face Tyr she threw back her head causing auburn hair to swirl around her. She was tan and close to five foot six. Her ripped jean shorts barely covered her butt. She straightened the short leather jacket that only slightly hid the bright red bra displaying a healthy amount of cleavage. Flexing fists covered in black leather half gloves she took a step forward in worn street converse.

“Finally.” Osiris muttered to himself. He watched as she stalked towards Tyr. Osiris smiled, Tyr wouldn’t stand a chance. Calypso turned to wink over her shoulder at Osiris and the rest of his generals, before she reached Tyr. On reaching him she grabbed the back of his neck and pulled his mouth to hers. Tyr reached eagerly for her waist pulling her against him. Osiris’s mouth dropped open and he took several steps forward his fists clenched and shaking. Beside him Arawn muttered,

“Oh shit.” Calypso turned giving Tyr’s hand a reassuring squeeze,

“Let’s lay down some rules shall we?” She said her voice ringing strongly through the abandoned lot. “Number one: The only person allowed to fuck Tyr is me.” Beside Osiris, Arawn swore again. “Number two: don’t go crying to your mother’s when you lose, grow a pair and take your spanking like men.” She said narrowing her stunning eyes at Osiris, who gritted his teeth and ran at her with a cry of rage. Calypso could barely contain the grin that flashed across her face as she slid under Osiris’s arm and skidded to a halt right under Arawn’s nose. He turned sweeping his bright ginger hair away from his face. His golden eyes caught her blue ones, “What gives Ivy?” He muttered, using her birth name. She flashed him a smile, pulling off one of her gloves. Her gaze hardened as she pealed back his messy hair to reveal a darkening bruise spreading across his cheek. “Who?” She asked quietly. Arawn mumbled something unrecognizable and shoved her out of the way slamming his fist into the guy who had come up behind her. He staggered and fell, Calypso grabbed the strings of Arawn’s hoody pulling him to her,  she spun around him her foot connecting squarely with Njirana’s nose. He collapsed clutching at his face as she bore down on him. Muscles flexed in her bicep as she grabbed his hair and pulled his head back. “Did you hit my best friend?” Her voice was soft and deadly, her eyes crystal shards. Nji gulped trying to scrabble away from her. “Well?” she spat at him. He pointed over in the general direction of Asgard fighters and then started to scream for help. Calypso shook her head in disgust, and slammed his head into the pavement effectively knocking him out. She dropped him dusting off her hands, she turned back to Arawn. “What are you doing Alex, fighting for these assholes?” She asked him also using his birth name. He shook his head rubbing his temples,

“I’ve been with Aamir, for so long it’s hard to leave so many memories behind.” Calypso grabbed his shoulders, bringing her forehead to rest on his.

“He’s not the same; he’s turned into a psycho. You have to let go of him, please.” She begged. Alex gazed across the mass of fighting watching Osiris move from place to place. His skills were incredible. He sighed,

“Fine, I guess you’re right.” She stood upon her toes and placed a gentle kiss on his bruised cheek.

“Let’s go kick some ass.” She grinned and threw herself away from him into a backwards hand spring, her foot slamming into a piece of mortar inches from Tora. Arawn watched as Tora brushed rubble from her silver hair and smiled gratefully up at Calypso, who placed a hand over her heart and with the same hand high fived Tora. The Avalon symbol, meaning friendship; Tora with a renewed smile on her face redoubled her effort. A silver streak moving through the chaos, she made her way towards Atlas who was besieged by seven people. Calypso close behind Tora slammed into Atlas’s attackers scattering them like bowling pins. Atlas grunted as he lifted some guy over his head and threw him in the opposite direction. Tora turned swiftly upper cutting one person who fell immediately as Calypso sent another attacker away with a broken nose. Atlas heaved the last of his attackers casually over his shoulder, and ruffled Tora’s hair.

“Thanks for the help you two.” He glanced at Calypso grinning, “I always knew Jace wasn’t dating a loser.” He said using Tyr’s real name. Calypso laughed and patted Atlas on the shoulder. With another startling grin the light gleaming in her eyes she spun away from them making a beeline for Osiris who was causing a lot of problems.

Submitted: December 15, 2017

© Copyright 2021 MadMaudie. All rights reserved.

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